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A Adura to Ori (and a comment)

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Iwonran Olukun
Abara le kokooko bi ori ota
Difa fun Ore Apere
Omo atakara sola
Nje ibi ori gbe ni owo
Ori je won o ka mi mo won
Nibi ori gbe nni ire gbogbo
Ori je won o ka mi mo won
Iwonran Olukun [Ifa babalawo]
cast divination oracle for Ori-Apere
It is certain that Apere is the quintessence
of well-being.
Wherever Ori is wealthy, let mine be included.
Wherever Ori has many children, let mine be included.
Wherever Ori has all good things of life, let mine be included.
Ori wo ibi ire
ki o gbe mi de
Ese wo ibi ire
ki o sin mi re
Ibi ope agunka ngbe mii re
Emi ko mo ibe
Difa fun Sasore
Eyi to ji ni Kutukutu owuro
Nje ti o ba tun ku ibi to dara ju eyi lo
Ori mi ma sai gbe mi de ibe.
Ori, place me in good condition.
My feet, carry me to where condition is favorable.
Where Ifa is taking me to, I never know.
Cast divination oracle for Sasore
In the prime of his life
If there is any condition better than the one I am in.
at present
May my Ori not fail to place me there.
Ori mi gbe mi
Ori mi la mi
Gbemi atete niran
Gbemi atete gbeni ku foosa

Ori nii gbe ni

Ajawo, kii se oosa.
Support me, my Ori.
Make me prosperous, my Ori.
Ori is humankind's supporter before deities.
Osunkoya's comment
Where Ifa is taking me to, I never know.
This is really somewhat blowing my mind
The prayer says where Ifa is taking me to I never know, I must admit when I first started
praying to Ifa etc, I had no clue as to what this meant, but over the last 2 days especially
yesterday this has resonated deep within me. When I first came to Ifa I knew nothing
(not like a know anything now) but have learned a little more than when I started out.
Yesterday I thought about this. I should say more accurately as I thought about events in
my path that this came to my thoughts. I am growing, and now am in a place thanks to
my Godmother Iyanifa Fayomi Falade Aworeni of learning, but what is blowing my
mind about this particular part of the verse is what it says.
Where Ifa is taking me to I never know.
I had no clue that I would be where I am today, but what it is saying to me is, how I get
there or how I got there. I had no idea that I would be where I am or how. I knew Ifa
said this and that concerning my destiny, but how I would get there was somewhat
blurry. Now I see. a yr ago I would not have thought this. I am learning of destiny, How
I came to meet my Godmother, and How I came to meet Baba, how my Ori is moving in
my life concerning my destiny. This may sound hard but I do not mean it as such. Ori is
concerned about my destiny, and will make it possible, but along the way thru no cause
of your own (my own) I see as it seems people that have been wounded people I know.
but they were a part of my destiny. I see them wounded not because of something I have
done, but I just see things that take place in their lives as I go thru my journey. What I
am saying is I would myself (in this life) not have chosen the route to see people get
hurt etc. But my Ori allows me to see. but it is all in my path to destiny, I am learning
that Ori is concerned and will again bring me to places perhaps I did not want to go to
fulfill my destiny
Where Ifa is taking me I never know
so I am learning or trying to learn and maintain (hopefully good character. Seeing and
learning, why because of my destiny. Anyway hope this wasn't to much of a ramble