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Gov 2.

0 add-ons and resources

Free tools that extend your Microsoft platform
with the latest social features

Discover new ways to bring the promise of Gov 2.0 to life by extending the Microsoft platform and products
you already have. Here you’ll find links to free add-ons and resources designed by Microsoft and the Web 2.0
community for Windows, Windows Live, Microsoft Office SharePoint Services, and Windows Mobile.

The following are publicly available links, which include terms of use, to various Microsoft and Microsoft-related software, tools,
and documentation, for use and access by the U.S. government. These links may be revised from time to time.

Windows add-ons Windows Live add-ons and plug-ins

Find new ways to open a vibrant dialogue with citizens and Sign in for free e-mail, messaging, social networking,
among agencies. These add-ons enrich Windows with Web- blogging, photo sharing, and more—free essentials that you
based communication, collaboration, and connection. can download at Then check out
these additional services for Windows Live.
Live Mesh
Sync, share, and access the information you care about— Bing Search
wherever you happen to be. Find local listings, directions, traffic, movie listings, and more.

Microsoft Photosynth Drupal Publisher for Windows Live Photo Gallery

Take a group of photos, and create a synth—one big, Easily post your photos on a Drupal-powered Web site.
interactive, 3-D viewing experience that you can share.
ipernity plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery
Microsoft Tag Share your photos and videos on the ipernity Web site.
Create a tag for your print media that your audience can scan
wirelessly to gain fast mobile access to information online. LiveUpload to Facebook 2.0 for Windows Live
Use Windows Live Photo Gallery to tag the people in your
Microsoft Thumbtack photos, and then upload them to Facebook—with tags intact.
Collect lists, notes, and all the stuff you want to save or share
from around the Web. LiveUpload to YouTube for Windows Live
Take your best shots from Photo Gallery and Movie Maker
Microsoft Vine straight to YouTube.
Keep tabs on family, friends, activities, and major events in
your community with this location-based dashboard. Picasa Web Publisher for Windows Live Photo Gallery
Post your photos to a Picasa Web account.
Publish your digital photos, videos, and other content to more
than 75 social networks through Pixelpipe. Publish on Flickr for Windows Live Photo Gallery Share your photos and organize them into sets on Flickr.
WorldWide Telescope
Use your computer as a virtual telescope to see imagery from Publish on SmugMug for Windows Live
the best ground and space-based telescopes in the world. Share Photo Gallery and Movie Maker images on SmugMug.

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Windows SharePoint Services add-ons Windows Mobile downloads
Discover new ways to enrich the blogs, wikis, and other social Download free applications for Windows Mobile, and use your
features you may already use in your existing SharePoint phone to stay connected while you’re on the go. more
intranet sites and portals. Of the many available add-ons,
Bing Mobile Search
here are a few that support Gov 2.0 scenarios. Find local listings, directions, traffic, movie listings, and more.
Enhanced Blog Edition
Enhance the built-in blog in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.
Facebook for Windows Mobile
Stay in contact with your friends and manage your profile.
Enhanced Discussion Board Edition
Add user photos and more to the discussion board.
Live Mesh for Windows Mobile
Sync photos and documents between your phone and PC.
Community Kit for SharePoint
Get best practices, templates, Web parts, and source code.
Live Search for Windows Mobile
Find local listings, directions, traffic, movie listings, and more.
Facebook Kit for SharePoint
Add Facebook Connect social features to SharePoint sites. Windows Live for Windows Mobile Get your e-mail, read the latest news, and even check traffic.
Nuage Tag Cloud for SharePoint us/windowsmobile/default.aspx?ocid=WMDownloadsPC
Lets you tag elements and build a tag cloud. Developer platform add-ons and tools
Podcasting Kit for SharePoint Want to build your own applications that use the latest social
Listen, watch, and produce your own podcasts. tools and run on Windows-based clients, servers, and mobile
or embedded devices? Here are some great places to start.
SharePoint Tool Basket .NET Framework Developer Center
Add document ratings to SharePoint sites.
Microsoft DeepZoomPix
SharePoint Facebook/Smoelenboek WebParts
Create an employee directory with photos. Microsoft Silverlight
Silverlight Slideshow and Picture Library
Create a Flickr-like photo viewer in SharePoint. Microsoft Web Platform Installer Downloads

Visual Studio Express and SQL Server Express

Open Government Data Initiative for Azure Services

Learn more about Gov 2.0 at Microsoft Platform
Discover more ways to put government where the
people are using social technology. Open source code libraries Participate in an open source community to get tips, find new
tools, and share your code.
 CodePlex:
 SourceForge:
 Google Code:

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