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Class : XI MIA 2
ENGLISH EXERCISES Conditional Semtences
A. Read this tect carefully then anwer the questions
Six men have been trapped in a mine for seventeen hours. If they are not
brought to the surface soon they may lose their lives. Gowever, rescue operations
are proving defi=ficult. If explosives are used, vibrations will cause the roof of the
mineto collapse. Rescue workers are therefore drilling a hole on the north side of the
mine. They intend to bring the men up in a special capsule. If the drilling runs wel3
they can reach the six men in time. Meanwhile, a microphone is lowered down into
the mine so as to enable the men to keep in touch with the rescue workers. The
rescuing team doesnt tell the men how difficult the rescue is. If they tell the six
men about it, the men will lose their hope.

What will haooen if the rescue team doesnt help them soon?
Is the rescue effort easy? Why?
Why doesnt the team tell the men how hard the rescue effort is?
Underline the entire if sentences in the text?
Put the underlined sentences into this table
If the are not brought to the surface soon They may lose their lives

6. What conclusion can you draw from the table above?

7. Look at the sentence : if they are not brought to the surface soon they may
lose their lives.
a. Is it possible that the rescuer team help the six men? When?
b. Is it possible that the six men will die? When?
8. The sentence can be rewrittern:
a. If the rescure team can bring the six men to the surface soon,
b. If the rescure team cannot bring the six men to the surface soon,
B. Put the following sentences into the correct form od conditional type 1
If I (have) time, I (go) shopping this afternoon if I have time, I go shopping
this afternoon

I am sure you (enjoy) the film if you (see) it.

If we (leave) now, we (not be) late.
What (she/do) if she (fail) the exam.
If you (need) any help, (you/tell) me?
If Didin (not apologize) to me, I (not speak) to him anymore.

C. Fill in the blanks with the suitable word from the box
Are feeling
Can lend
May go
1. If you need any more money, I can lend you some.
2. If the weather is fine tomorrow, we may go for a picnic.
3. Just ask me if you need any help.
4. If anyone phones for me while out, tell them Ill be back at 4 oclock.

5. Go to bed now if you are feeling tired

D. Complete the clauses in column A with the suitable information in
column B. More than one anwer is possible
1 If I found a burglar in my home
A. Id break a window to get in
2 If I saw someone shoplifthing
B. Id run to my neighbors for
3 If I found a lot of money
C. I might not tell anybody
4 If the teacher gave me an A by mistake
D Id probably call the phone
on the test
5 If I locked myself out of my house
E. I guess I might spend it
6 If I didnt like a meal I got in a
F. I wouldnt pay for it
G I might tell the salesclerk
H Id point our the error
Answer :
1 and B
2 and G
3 and F
4 and H
5 and A
6 and C
E. Match the situation in column A with suitable suggestion in column B.
More Than one answer is possible
1 My aunt gave me acigarette lighter A. You should have spoken to him
. for my birthday. But I dont smoke
about it
2 I saw a classmate cheating on an
B. I would have told her that Id prefer
. exam. So I wrote her a letter about
something else.
3 A friend of mine often smells bad.
C. I would have spoken to the teacher
. So I put some deodorant in her
about it
4 I hit someones car as I was leaving D. I would have waited for the owner to
. a parking lot. Luckily no one saw
come back.
5 The teacher borrowed my favorite
E. You could have exchanged it for
. book and spilled coffee all over it
something else.
You could have warned her not to do
it again.
G. You could have left anote for the

1 and B
2 and G
3 and A
4 and D
5 and C
F. Decide whether these sentences belong to Type1, Type 2 or Type 3

If you dont bring an umbrella, Ill lend you one. ( )

Where would you go, if you had plenty od money? (
He said he would come if he got permission from his uncle. (
If the word were flat, would life be easier? ( )
If you had worn thicker clothes, you wouldnt have felt the cold so much. (
6. The world would end if there were two suns. (
7. I would have been a genius if had been born with several brains. (
8. I wiil die of thirst unless you give me a glass of water. (
9. If you do that again, I will surely punish you. (
10.If I were you, I would nominate myself for president. (

Replacing IF
if can be replaced by words or phrases with a similar meaning. The most common
As long as
provided (that)
assuming (that)
Supposing (that)
on condition (that)
On the assumption (that) with the condition (that)
IF and When are interchangeable when the statement of the conditional clause is a
fact or a general issue (also known as zero conditional)
If you heat ice, it melts.
When you heat ice, it melts
IF is used for something that, according to the speaker, might happen.
We can spend the afternoon on the beach if the weather is fine.
WHEN is used for something that, according to the speaker, is going to happen.
I will clean up the kitchen right away when Im back from work.
IN CASE OF can be used to shorten an if clause as shown below:
If there is a fire, leave the room.
In case of fire, leave the room.
While IF expresses a condition (1), IN CASE is used to express a possibility
1) I need painkillers if Im in severe pain.
2) I need painkillers in case Im in severe pain.

G. Rewrite the sentences with IF

1. You may stay in the room as long as you can sit still.
If you can sit still you may ___
2. My father promises to take us the party provided that we behave ourselves.
My father promises to take us to the party if ___
3. I will tell you something on condition that you promise to keep it a secret.
I will tell you something____
4. It will happen again unless you are more careful next time.
It will _____
5. We should have the password for this program. Otherwise we cannot run the
H. Join the following pairs of sentences, using the words in brackets
1. I cannot help you. Yo tell me the truth. (unless)
2. You may eat the cake. You wash your hands first. (on condition that)
3. We do not mind lending you some money. You return them immediately.
(provided that)
4. We have a map. We will not get lost. (as long as)
5. You should find the key. We cannot open the door. (otherwise)
6. Applicants will be called f6r interviews. They pass written test. (only if)


I. Rewrite the sentences using UNLESS

Lion usually do not attack if they are not hungry.
If you do not ring the bell the servant will not open the door for you.
You will have an accident if you are not careful.
If he doesnt start at once he will be late for the train.
I will not be able to work if I dont have a quiet room.
J. What will happen? Write sentences using IF or WHEN
1. Mr. Noalan is going to Sydney. Hell send his sister a postcard.
2. Fred might win some money. He want to buy a plasma TV.
3. Do you mind? I am going to close the window.
4. John is still in high school. He is going to graduate next year. He wants to go
to college.
5. Be carefull. You will fall.
6. I probably come home late tonight. You have your dinner first.