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Xun nh

250 Kim Giang, Hong Mai H Ni

Contact: 01653095300
Email Id :
Recruitment position: Software Engineer
Education Detail

Have studied about software engineering at HaNoi University of Science and Technology
( from 2009 to present).
Intership at the Terra Book Company at the first semester of the fourth year.

Intership at the Septeni Technology Company in the last year.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: JAVA , C, C++ v PHP

Operating Systems: Windows, Ubuntu (Linux)

Tools & Technologies: Java Programming, PHP & MYSQL Programming, Android

Programming, GWT (Google Web Toolkit) Programming, C Programming.

Databases: MySQL, Oracle Database.

Others: Socket Programming, Multithreading, OOP, UML

Projects Detail
1 Multi-Platforms Chinese Chess
Duration : Second Semester of the last year (Thesis)
Team Size : 1
Role Played: Developer, Designer, Tester.
Skills Used: Java, GWT, GAE (Google App Engine), PhoneGap, HTML, CSS, Node JS
Project Desciption :
The game was designed with 2 game modes as Single Player and Two Player Online. Player
can play with computer (AI) in single player mode. In Online Two Player mode allows
players to log in, invite other player to play the game. Storing players data using the Data
Store service of GAE. Node JS Server recognizes the connection and exchange of
information between clients. Then the application is running on multiple platforms such as
(Android, IOS, ...) using PhoneGap.
2 Employees Management System at School of Information and Communication
Technology HUST.
Duration: First Semester of the third year.
Team Size: 3

Role Played: Developer, Designer.

Skills Used: Java, MySQL, OOP, UML
Project Desciption:
This system provides the basic functions of employees management as the management of
personal information (name, date of birth, email, ...) includes add, edit, delete, search for
information , in addition to providing functional management salary, teaching, scientific
3 Teaching Management
Duration: Second Semester of the third year
Team Size: 4
Role Played: Developer
Skills Used: PHP, MySQL and HTML, CSS
Project Desciption:
The system provides functions according to users privilege .For teachers, the system
provides the functions of teaching management as adding, editing, deleting lectures, course
documents, monitoring submission training of students. For students and a user, the system
provides the functionality to submit assignments, view assignments, download lectures,
learning materials
4 Education inspection
Duration: First semester of the fourth year.
Team Size: 2
Role Played : Developer, Database Designer.
Skills Used: Android, Java.
Project Desciption:
The system provides functions according to users privilege . For Inspector, This Application
shows buildings diagram, Inspector can choose a building that to inspect. Immediately,
application displays information the status of the room such as studying, no studying. For
studying room display detailed information about teacher, course, In addition, Inspector
updates inspection information to database, report about the teaching of Teacher. For user
another they also have the above functions except the function of inspection information


Reading materials in English about information technology, communication in English at

intermediate level.
Being able to work independently, teamwork, working with high pressure, hard to learn.

Word, excel.

Good oral, written & presentation skills

A high tolerance of stress and enjoys responsibilities

Quick learner with good grasping ability

Achievements and activities

Class Secretary.

Scholarship in the First Semester period 2011-2012.

Participating in the activities at the school.


Participating in the project with members of the company.
Get support from managers and colleagues.
Study group management skills and effective time mangement skill.
The implementation of a large project from the stage of requirement analysis until
completion of project.
Participating in the activities of company such as arts, soccer, volunteer, ...

Persional Infomation

Date of Birth: 06/12/1990

Gender: Male

Number of Identity Card: 091659267

Date of issue : 03/02/2009

City: Thi Nguyn

Degree: Engineer