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Refurbishment Order

A special order, which you use for the refurbishment of repairable spares, and for which the order type
must be specially selected.

You use the refurbishment order to contract a work center to restore a certain number of faulty repairable
spares to full working order at a certain date.
The order can refer to the following types of repairable spare:

One or more individual repairable spares (combination of material and serial number, for which
an equipment master record can also be created, if necessary)
One or more non-individual repairable spares (material)

The repairable spares scheduled in the order are brought from a uniform initial condition to a uniform end
condition. You can distinguish between these conditions using batches or different valuation types.
In the order, you document the individual phases of refurbishment:

1. In the section Quantities, enter the total number of repairable spares which should be refurbished
for this order, and then choose Continue.
The total quantity of repairable spares specified is automatically entered in the first line of the
component list for the order.

2. In the section Refurbishment, enter the following data:


The plant and storage location from which you want to withdraw the repairable spares to
be refurbished
The plant and storage location to which you will return the repairable spares to be

If a batch management requirement and valuation category have been defined in the material
master record, you can also ent er the batch and valuation type here
3. The total quantity of repairable spares entered in the refurbishment order is now reserved for this
order in the specified storage location.
4. A material master record must be created in the system for the repairable spares.