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Marys Little Remnant

Catholic Lay Order

302 East Joffre Street
Truth or Consequences, NM 87901-2878

Catholics Cannot Serve in USA Military or Take USA Pledge of Allegiance

To Whom It May Concern:
Marys Little Remnant is a Catholic lay order and is not associated with the so-called Catholic
Church in Rome, which has not been the true Catholic Church since the apostate Second Vatican
Council in 1965. To learn what we believe, see our Saint John the Baptist Website at or send to the above address for brochures. According to the true
Catholic faith, Catholics are banned from joining the USA military for the following reasons:
1. The USA Military Oath is heretical because it places ones faith and allegiance in the
heretical USA Constitution, which denies the Catholic faith. And it is heretical and traitorous
to swear to defend the non-Catholic USA above all else and thus to fight against the pope or
a Catholic nation or a Catholic army if the non-Catholic USA orders it.
2. The Pledge of Allegiance is heretical for the following reasons: a) To the Republic for
which it stands is heretical because the Republic stands for the heresies of equality and
liberty for all religions and all men and the separation of the Catholic Church from the State;
b) Libertyfor all is heretical because God does not give true liberty to men guilty of
original sin or mortal sin. God gives true liberty only to Catholics in a state of grace; and c)
one nation under God, added in 1954, is heretical because the United States is not under
the true God, the Catholic God, but instead is under Satan and fights against the true God.
The evil popes are the guiltiest for allowing so-called Catholics in the USA to take this heretical
pledge. They should have fought for another pledge that Catholics could take, such as I pledge
allegiance to the USA and all its non-sinful laws; but my primary allegiance is to the Catholic
God, the Catholic Church, and the papacy. Catholics first allegiance must be to the Catholic
God, the Catholic Church, and the papacy or they become schismatics and heretics. Less
acceptable would be I pledge allegiance to the USA. Even though this does not include the last
parts of the best pledge, those parts could be assumed because no one gives blind obedience to a
ruler or country and it does not say one gives his ultimate allegiance to the USA.
3. The USA military has women ruling over men as a general rule, and this is the heresy of
feminism and against Gods natural law and order.
4. By mandate of the USA military, homosexuals are allowed to enter and remain in the
military; and this is grossly immoral and thus against Gods natural law and order.
Hence any USA military member who wants to become a true Catholic and thus have a hope to
save his soul must reject, condemn, and terminate his membership in the USA military. And the
military is bound to give him an honorable discharge based upon his religious beliefs, just as it
does with other religious groups, such as the Mormons, Amish, and Jehovahs Witnesses.
Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi
Superior of Marys Little Remnant
September 2011