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This term paper containing some important facts about Unemployment Problem in
relation to our economic development. This aimed particularly for those who will take English
This research paper encourage me to do the researching in further reading of books,
newspapers and magazines in order to collect ideas about unemployment in our country. I highly
recognized the help of my parents, aunt and grandpa who give such inspiration and guidance in
completing this research paper. This research paper is whole heartedly dedicated to all students
and instructors of my beloved institution, Sto. Rosario High School especially Mrs. Erlinda
Abriam, English School teacher of mine who enlighten me to share my own ideas and motivate
me to finish this research work. And also to my friends and classmates of this subject.
Hope this research paper may contribute a proper understanding by implementing the
necessary requirements needed to the progress of this nation.

Krisel Joy F. Taloza



Unemployment is not a static condition, but one that varies with the participation rate itself.
Technically, the measures of unemployment is determine by house to house survey.
Similarly, a tendency on unemployment rate to retain steady as unemployment rises may testify
only to an increased numbers of persons who has been attracted into the labor force.
Unemployment is really hard to solve, especially in the previous. The Philippines is considered
as underdeveloped country due to several reasons, for instance our country is rich in natural
resources but lacks in proper doing we have low purchasing power, low income, low
consumption and many others.
As of now, the government is trying to solve this problem by putting up vocational schools,
reducing high birth rate and many others. This will maintain our economy to have better task for
the people. Over population is one aspect of unemployment because there are many unemployed
persons who have no job but they are willing to acquire a job.

Statement of the Problem
This term paper is primarily, aimed to discuss unemployment problem affecting our national
income because of low production, low purchasing power, lower consumption, and low income.
Specifically, answers to the following problem are sought:
1. What are different causes of unemployment?
2. What are different types of unemployment?
3. What are the measures to relieve unemployment?
Statement of the Hypothesis
The researcher is guided by the following hypotheses:
1. The cause of unemployment is the lack of government programs which offers available
2. The different types of unemployment are seasonal and casual unemployment.
3. The measures to relieve unemployment are the maintenance of our economic

Scope Delimitation of the Study

This term paper is focused on the unemployment problem of the Philippines. The government is
trying to solve this problem, by implementing such activities or programs in order to lessen or
decrease unemployment rate. Through the help of this program the lives of the people would be
People work in order to earn a living and its satisfying their human wants. The government
should take part in this kind of problem by building up the necessary requirements needed so that
more persons can acquire jobs especially those who are out of work. In order to obtain higher
income, there should be planning, and management among the employees and employers.