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Term IV
Course: Brand Management
Course Faculty: S Radhakrishnan
30 Hours
20 sessions
Given by PGDM office
Mail id:
+91 93426 93633 (to be used only in exceptional circumstance)
Objective of the course:
A brand is the most powerful asset that is owned by an enterprise. It is also the
cornerstone of an Enterprises competetive strategy. The management of its equity
requires a good understanding of what makes its equity work and how to build on
that equity. Knowing to build, presupposes knowledge of what to build and how to
measure what is being built.
The course aims to equip students to understand real choices in front of brands at the
market place juxta posed with theoretical frameworks for assessing brands. Meanings,
symbolisms and a deeper understanding of positioning and core values of brands at one
level and a grasp of brand management operations at another level would be
expected. A customer-centric view and management-centric view of brands would be
looked at closing with a look into conteporary issues confronting Brand Management.
The course pre-supposes:
A formalised understanding of basic concepts related to marketing management,
marketing research and philosophy of financial management. It would be enlivening if
the student is passionate about business of brands and takes a keen interest in brands
and business around him/her.
Class Format:
Interactive lectures, some exercises and case discussions as they happen around us
would be used to drive the learning outcome. A brand audit exercise will be done to
instil operational understanding of brand management. The important aspect is a high
level of class participation. It is likely that we may have some other industry experts
visiting as an evaluator or, as a faculty for a session.

Broad topics would be:

Introduction to Brands & Brand Management.
Understanding, Identifying Brand Positioning and Values
Planning and Implementing Brand Programs.
Choosing Brand Elements to Build Brand Equity, designing programs to Build Brand
Equity. Integrating Marketing Communications to consolidate Brand Equity. Leveraging
and scaling other Brand Associations to Brand advantage.
Measuring and Interpreting Brand Performance.
Developing a Brand Equity Measurement and Management System. Sources of Brand
Equity: Capturing Customer Mindset. Measuring Outcomes: Capturing Market
Building and Sustaining Brand Equity.
Designing and Executing Branding Strategies. Introducing and Naming New Products
and Brand Extensions. Managing Brands over Time, geography and Market Segments
Current branding issues and Perspectives
The work and the evaluation process:
There will be:

Two Assignments/tests
One Minor Project
One Major Project
Class participation


Recommended Text
1. Strategic Brand Management, 3/e by Kevin Lane Keller, Ambi M.G.
Parmeswaran and Issac Jacob, Pearson
Also look at reference text for other perspectives

The New Strategic Brand Management: Jean Noel Kapferer

Building Strong Brands: David Aaker
Journal of Brand Management; Journal of Product and Brand Management
Reimagine: Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age: Tom Peters

You may also look at these:


Other periodicals that will help you:
Fortune, Business Today, Business World, Impact, Brand Equity [TOI], Catalyst
[Business Line], Strategist [Business Standard], USP, Pitch and Brand Reporter,
---About: Radhakrishnan S
S. Radhakrishnan (Radha) has over 25 years of experience as a result oriented
marketing, branding and advertising professional. He has run businesses, established
new businesses and consolidated businesses.
He was with the Mudra Group for over 20 years and was till recently, President,
Gutenberg Networks, DDB Mudra Group spearheading and growing the specialist SBU
within DDB, the first Asian hub, offering globally benchmarked communication
production solutions and services. [Omnicom Group, NYSE listed]
Radha has held leadership positions and strategized for brand business and
advertising having spearheaded headed DDB Mudra across 4 offices as its President for
many years. He has worked across various categories. Brands across categories include
Peter England, McDowells No.1, Signature Whisky, DSP Black, Henko, Van Huesen,
Monsterindia, Compaq, Hercules Cycles, MK Switches, Prestige, Dhara, RmKV and
Paragon, amongst others. He has been closely involved in many brand launches. Many
brand campaigns have become case histories and globally awarded.
Radha has intimate knowledge of advertising processes. Contributed on key Global
pitches as part of the DDB team. Expertise: With a focus on Marketing &
Communications: Business Planning, Brand Planning, Brand Strategy, Marketing
Programs and Channels. Brand knowledge domain: Durables, FMCG, Retail, Lifestyle,
Technology ie B2B and B2C. Have launched/re-launched brands across categories.
Worked very closely with client management teams/ entrepreneurs to build brands.
An ardent advocate of technology adoption; and recognised for business insights.
Radha is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, NIT Trichy and SCSVMV University