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Management Information Systems

Question Bank

1. Explain system entropy and suboptimisation with reference

to system concept.

2. Define Information. Describe attributes of Information in


3. Explain how would you develop and implement MIS in

medium sized Production Company. How will you ensure its

4. Define MIS and explain MIS Pyramid.

5. Programmed and Non programmed decisions.

6. Write a brief note on Value of Information.

7. Organization structure and MIS.

8. “Management of a business in fact is the efficient

Management of Information”. Discuss.

9. Discuss the concept of control in the System Design. What

are the essential elements of control?
10. Write a brief note on Human behavior and Decision Making.
Why user-machine interaction is considered very desirable
for an information system.

11. Adams Chemicals is a company engaged in the

manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. The company
manufactures a total of 20 Medicines; five of them are in
liquid form. At any time the company has raw material,
work-in-process and finished goods Inventory.
The Company is facing grave problems in managing the
Inventory. Suggest a Complete system of material
management indicating problems areas and also Design
appropriate solutions.

14. Mr.Ramkrishnan is the Personnel Manager of Amco Ltd.

Because he is dealing with human resources, his department
comes into contact with other departments of the company. The
personnel department has also been equipped with computer
facilities recently. The M.D. of Amco Ltd. Is displeased with Mr.
Ram Krishnan, as he finds that there is total lack of control in the
personnel department. You are expected to educate Mr. Ram
Krishnan regarding: -
a) Process of Control a need for feedback Loops.
b) The role computer can play to control the system.
c) Other factors which you feel are necessary to streamline
the system. Make assumptions and use hypothetical
information wherever necessary.

15. You are appointed as a consultant for installing management

reporting system for Kinetic Honda Ltd.The Company is engaged
in the manufacturing of two wheelers of various capacities namely
200cc, 500cc and 800cc. According to the organization chart the
shop supervisors have to report to the shop superintendent. All
shop superintendents to factory manager and all managers to the
Managing Director.
Suggest various reports at each of these three levels giving report
name, frequency of reports and key information in each report. Out
of these reports give one format of Exception report for each level
of Management.

16. What has been the impact of information technology on the

work relationship? activities and resources of managers?
17. Explain Marketing information system with its components.

18. How can transaction processing system play a strategic role in

gaining competitive advantages for a business?

19. Discuss the role and reporting alternatives of Management

Information Systems.

20. What is the difference between the ability of manager to

retrieve information instantly on demand using an MIS and
capabilities provided by a DSS.

21. What strategic role can information technology play in

business process reengineering and total quality management?

22. What potential security problems do you see in the increasing

use of the intranet and extranet in business? What might be done to
solve such problems?


25. How can information technology support a company’s business

processes and decision making and give it a competitive
advantage? Give examples to illustrate your answer.

26. How does the use of the Internet, intranets and extranets by
companies today support their business processes and

27. Why do big companies still fail in their use of information

technology? What should they be doing differently?

28. How can a manager demonstrate that he or she is a responsible

end user of information systems? Give several examples.
29. What are some of the toughest management challenges in
developing IT solutions to solve business problems and meet
new business opportunities?

30. Why are there so many conceptual classifications information

systems? Why they are typically integrated in the information
systems found in the real world?

31. Suppose you are a manager being asked to develop e-business

and e-commerce applications to gain a competitive advantage
in an important market for your company. What reservations
might you have about doing so? Why?

32. How could a business use information technology to increase

switching costs and lock in its customers and suppliers? Use
business examples to support your answers.

33. In what major ways have information systems in business

changed during the last 40 years? What is one major change
you think will happen in the next 10 years?

34. How could a business leverage its investment in information

technology to build strategic IT capabilities that serve as a
barrier to entry by new entrants into its markets?

35. What strategic role can information play in business process


36. How can Internet technologies help a business form strategic

alliances with its customers, suppliers and others?

37. Information technology can’t really give a company a strategic

advantage, because most competitive advantages don’t last
more than a few years and soon become strategic necessities
that just raise the stakes of the game. Discuss.

38. MIS author and consultant Peter Keen says:” We have learned
that it is not technology that creates a competitive edge, but the
management process that exploits technology.” What does he
mean? Do you agree or disagree? Why?

39. Why is there a trend toward cross-functional integrated

enterprise systems in business?
40.What are the 13 tools for enterprise collaboration essential
for any business to have today? Which of them do you feel
area optional, depending on the type of business or other
factor? Explain.

41. How could sales force automation affect salesperson

productivity, marketing management, and competitive

42. How can Internet technologies be involved in improving a

process in one of the functions of business? Choose one
example and evaluate its business value.

43. What are several e-business applications that you might

recommend to small company to help it survive and succeed
in challenging economic times? Why?

44. Most businesses should engage in electronic commerce on

the Internet. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Explain your position.

45. Are you interested in investing in, owning, managing, or

working for a business that is primarily engaged in electronic
commerce on the Internet? Explain your position.
46. Why do you think there have been so many business failures
among” dot-com” companies that were devoted only to retain

47. List and explain the e-commerce success factors.

48.If personalizing a customer’s website experience is a key

success factor, then electronic profiling processes to track
visitor website behavior are necessary. Do you agree or
disagree with this statement? Explain your position.

49. All corporate procurement should be accomplished in e-

commerce auction marketplaces, instead of using B2B
websites that feature fixed-price catalogs or negotiated
prices. Explain your position on this proposal.

50. Are the form and use of information and decision support
systems for managers and business professional changing and
expanding? Why or why not?

51.Has the growth of self-directed teams to manage work in

organizations changed the need for strategic, tactical, and
operational decision making in business?

52. What is the difference between the ability of; manger to

retrieve in formation instantly on demand using an MIS and
the capabilities provided by a DSS?

53.In what ways does using an electronic spreadsheet package

provide you with the capabilities of decision support system?

54. Are enterprise information portals making executive

information systems unnecessary? Explain your reasoning.
55.Can computers think? Will they ever be able to? Explain why
or why not

56.What are some of the most important applications of AI in

business? Defend your choices.

57. Whatare some of the limitations or dangers you see in the

use of AI technologies such as expert systems, virtual reality,
and intelligent agents? What could be done to minimize such

58.Planning is a useless endeavor, because developments in e-

business and e-commerce and in the political, economic, and
societal environments are moving too quickly nowadays. Do
you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

59.“Planning and budgeting processes are notorious for their

rigidity and irrelevance to management action.” How can
planning be made relevant to the challenges facing a

60.What planning methods would you use to develop business/

IT strategies and applications for your own business? Explain
you choices.

61.What are several e-business and e-commerce strategies and

applications that should be developed and implemented by
many companies today? Explain your reasoning.

62.How can a company use change management to minimize

the resistance and maximize the acceptance of changes in
business and technology? Give several examples.
63. “Many companies plan really well, yet few translate strategy
into action.” Do you think this statement is true? Why or why

64.What major business changes beyond e-business and e-

commerce do you think most companies should be planning
for in the next ten years? Explain your choices.

65.How should a business store, access, and distribute data and

information about their internal operations and external

66.What role does database management play in managing data

as a business resource?