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Part (A)
Introduction of the Organization
Domino's Pizza is committed to working within the new Food and Health Dialogue Guidelines to
continue to provide healthier products for our customers at PAPATOETOE in New Zealand. As
an ongoing commitment Domino's will continue to focus on reducing the sodium and fat content
of our protein, dairy and bakery ingredients.
In every Domino's store uses fresh, high-quality vegetables, meats and flour to ensure that
continue to offer customers the freshest pizza possible.
Pizza dough, including thin'n'crispy, classic and deep pan dough, is made fresh in store daily. It
also committed to delivering genuine value to all their customers and they work hard to make
sure that their customers get a fair deal every day of the year
Domino's is committed to providing healthier product choices for our customers. It has already
introduced significant changes across in menu with more than half of its ingredients reduced in
saturated fat and more than a third of our ingredients now having lower levels of sodium.
This Outlet of Dominos is located at 16 Saint George Street, Papatoetoe, NZ. It has got various
branches in NZ which are ready to serve their customers to satisfy them.

Job Title:-Store Person/Checkout

My job title at Dominos was a team member and more so an advertiser. What I did was passing
out flyers. I went door-to-door passing out flyers, answering phones, and putting boxes together.
It was hot and busy, and I felt like it was an experience for me because I actually got to see if
thats what I like to do, talk to people which is good because I talk a lot. I would say it was pretty
fun. It was kind of strict; it was no play, I want the job done, straight-type situation.

Part (B)
1.1 Organisational scanning method applied identifies opportunities for continuous
improvement and productive change. Range opportunities linear, non-linear, incremental,

Environmental Scanning
This was done by personal observations, customer feedback and information provided by other
indirect stakeholders including competitors, shareholders and other employees.

SWOT Analysis
A SWOT analysis
The SWOT examination aim to propose the contribute government of the countries growth with
a tool to charge their past contribution in the countries procedure as fit as to assess the option for
the modes operations to bear on after the conclusion of the in progress growth in upcoming
The SWOT study is not heading for at the country course itself, as enough opportunity for
assessment of the procedure by Governments drive be provide at an additional summit of the
older height costing meeting.

SWOT Analysis of Dominos

1. Huge popular brand name and high brand loyalty
2. High number of products
3. Hygienic food and quick service
4. Leader in online & mobile ordering.
5. Strong brand equity supported by heavy advertising & marketing campaigns.
6. Global franchise operations - more than 3,500 in over 50 countries
7. Efficient and effective supply chain management enables it maintain its goodwill and promises

1. High fat and high calorie food not good for health conscious people 2.Franchise management.
3. High staff turnover due to lack of training and development.
Opportunity:1. Improve efficiency and home delivery service
2. Introduction of new flavour additives and pizza toppings that are region specific can be a good
stride for Dominos.
3. The distribution network should be further strengthened so as to ensure market penetration in
the existing markets at maximum optimum levels.
4. Growing presence in emerging markets, particularly in India, China.
Threats:1. Intensive competition from a fragmented number of small competitors
2. Changing consumer habits towards healthier food choices.
1. KFC
2. Pizza Hut
3. McDonald's
4. Subway
5. Burger King
6. Smokin Joes
7. TacoBell
8. Papa John's Pizza

PESTEL Analysis
PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological)
Political issues include regulatory frame work operating in judicial system which may distress
the business in diverse ways. In NZ, there isnt as such factors that might embrace dominos
business. While factors like, laws on business employment, pollution and taxation apply on the
organization which it should follow according to rules.
If the countys economy is better so the GDP of the country will be good, it is the initiative for
business as the per capita income increases people will spend more money. According to
dominos survey, it came to know that mostly people spend more and visit more often, during or
start in on of months. Moreover, rise in inflation rate, leads to increment of cost of raw material
which also leads towards higher prices for goods and vice versa.
Dominos is a multinational and it is basically inaugurated from America, therefore, the
organization is snowed under by dominos western culture. There are different social forms of
society which consists of, upper class, middle class, middle upper class, and lower class.
Moreover, every single nation, state has their own cultural norms, beliefs, religion, values which
might affect the organization worldwide.
At the present time, technology is improving, so as baking and heating ovens will be of new and
efficient technology and will provide efficient service. Due to these innovative technology there
are many latest ways of publicizing likewise, through internet; telemarketing through which
organization can advertise their products in much more rapidly than ever before. Computer based
customer data that is MIS (managing information system) helps in collecting customer data,
daily transactions, future forecasting and decision making. New vehicles will make their service
more efficient.

Activities and processes:

Dominos Key to Success
Ordering a pizza, pasta or dessert from improved menu has never been so easy. With a click of a
button, customers can select from menu, add drinks and sides, pay with cash or credit and watch
as their order is made right before their eyes. With signicant focus on the technology side of the
Dominos business, have seen some impressive results over the past 12 months. New Zealand is
now averaging more than 23% of orders placed online.
Brand loyalty has also grown signicantly with club member database. Each month tens of
thousands of people join to receive special Dominos offers and communication direct to their
email box. With a database reaching into the hundreds of thousands, weekly Electronic Direct
Mail (EDM) pieces have given us the opportunity to target offers to a stores local area, resulting
in greater loyalty. The growth in our e Club database has also enabled Dominos to drive the
creative look and feel of EDMs including personalized CEO letters and themed pieces around
new menu items and signicant calendar events.

Greater integration across all media channels for the new menu launch in February 2009 helped
increase Dominos presence in online advertising which resulted in great proling opportunities
for online ordering capabilities. All Dominos banner advertising, including the successful Choc
Lava Cake banner, includes a click through function enabling customers to place an order
immediately after seeing an online banner.

The Dominos websites in New Zealand have undergone vast improvements in the way
promotional products are communicated to customers.
The most visually-tantalizing of these promotions are the over the page animations for Choc
Lava Cake and Sticky Date Pudding with sauce running down the page when people enter the
sites. Creative ideas such as this have helped drive relevant product sales and ticket averages for
online ordering.
Over the next few months Dominos will launch a dedicated iPhone application for online
ordering. As our customers and the broader New Zealand market adopt new technologies,
Dominos is committed to ensuring we remain at the forefront with new innovations. The iPhone
application will provide customers with greater freedom to order their favorite Dominos meal
wherever they are. This New Zealand -rst for the pizza industry will help drive online business
and cement the position as the leading innovator.

In 1999, Dominos Pizza became the first pizza delivery company in the world to offer nationwide internet and interactive television ordering. Delivered pizza can be ordered via website
( or via any of the UKs major interactive TV services.
National Hotline
In 2004, Dominos launched a National Hotline, enabling customers to order pizza from their
nearest store, without having to remember individual store numbers.
By dialing 087 12 12 12 12 from a landline, or a previously registered mobile, customers are
connected to their nearest store. If their number is not registered, Dominos Pizza technology will
triangulate the customers co-ordinates and ask whether they would like to order from their
nearest store or request the post code for the store they would like the delivery made to.

b) (ER 1.2) Outline the key people in the organisation that have participated in, and
contributed to the search for, beneficial change characterised in the strategic intent.
Dominos Pizza staff members are an all-inclusive, fun, energetic and friendly group of
people. We strive for teams of happy, motivated and dedicated staff with a passion for
providing the best possible service to our customers.
Members core beliefs are:

Treat people as youd like to be treated.

Produce the best for less.

Measure, manage and share whats important.

Think big and grow.

Incentivise what you want to change.

Set the bar high, train and never stop learning.

Promote from within.

We are not ordinary, we are exceptional.

A Domino's Scooter Rider is often the only point of contact our customers have with the
store. Therefore, they must have great customer service skills and a safe driving record.
Scooter Rider responsibilities:

Delivering pizzas and other products to customers

Providing quality customer service at the door

Attending to customer concerns

Wearing correct Personal Protective Equipment

Riding safely at all times

Additional responsibilities (if required):

Assisting with customer service in store

Assisting with food preparation

General cleaning duties


An In-Store Team Member performs duties of both a Customer Service Representative
(CSR) and a Pizza Maker and is responsible for providing quality customer service as well as
making our delicious pizzas with pride.
Customer Service responsibilities:

Meet and greet customers on the phone and in person

Attending to customer concerns


Processing payments both cash and EFTPOS

Pizza Maker responsibilities:

Preparing a variety of pizzas and other food items

Hygiene and food safety

General cleaning duties

Store Managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of the store and managing the
various team members. They must have excellent organisational and communication skills,
plus a great attitude.
Store Manager Responsibilities:

Creating rosters

Ordering stock and completing stocktakes

Managing the store during a shift

Food Safety Supervision


Cash control

Staff management

End of day paperwork

Safety and security

A Pizza Maker is primarily responsible for preparing our pizzas and other menu items in a
timely and correct manner.
Pizza Maker responsibilities:

Preparing a variety of pizzas and other food items

Quality control of pizzas

Hygiene and food safety

General cleaning duties

Additional responsibilities (if required):

Meet and greet customers on the phone and in person

Attending to customer concerns

Promoting menu items and special offers

Processing payments: cash and EFTPOS


A Customer Service Representative (CSR) is primarily responsible for providing quality

customer service to our valued customers both in person and on the phone.
Customer Service responsibilities:

Meet and greet customers on the phone and in person

Attending to customer concerns


Processing payments both cash and EFTPOS

Major Stake Holders
(ER 1.4).Describe who the major stakeholders are for your organisation and how your
organisation can communicate with stakeholders in a way that will benefit the change
process and create a positive climate of acceptance and support. (ER 1.4) Note Stakeholders
typically include customers, providers, owners, shareholders, managers, employees, employee
organisations and regulatory bodies (NZQA Explanatory notes).
1. Dominos Customers
Dominos Customers are the major stakeholders beacuse they buy the products and the amount
they buy depends about the amount of stock reqired in the shop. Their main interest in the
organisation is to buy good quality products at a reasonable price. The main centre of attraction
of customer of Dominos is taste of its products.
2. Dominos Dedicated Employees
Dominos Dedicated Employees are working with full of enthusiasm in the organisation and are
responsible for managing things in the store by fulfilling the customer needs.All managers
perform a range of functions, with the amount of time spent on each function depending on the
level of management and specific organizational needs. The managers also have to trained the
staff on different stations.
3. Dominos Store Owner

Dominos Store Owner invest their money and know how and because they have invested a lot
of money in the organisation, they want their stores to get return on their investment and to earn
profit as much as they can. Owners put their level best to provide best deals and services to
customers to make company profitable.
4.Dominos Suppliers
Dominos Suppliers Suppliers provide wide range of affordable products to the store which is
sold to earn profit. They also have to serve to the customers on time so customers could get their
chosen product on time so shop would help in maintaining effective and efficient services.
Without suppliers the business can not exist. Ths the owners have to mainan a good relationship
with the suppliers by odering the stock in advance and paying them on time.

ER 1.5) E Resource Allocation:

Market assessment
For the market assessment one should know the competitors stratergies that is used to investigate
what other companies do to earn more profit like introduction of new products e.g pizza hut.
Make a brief survey that which is most likely product in by the customers. Then company must
provide special offers with attraction of the menu items so that they can attract more customers
than other competitive stores products.
Innovative Idea Generation
To conduct managers meetings on how this opportunity can be met and how long it can be long
lasting so to earn more profit.

Part C
ER 2.1 Alternative change options and processes are evaluated, and selection is made and
justified in terms of feasibility, usefulness, and congruence with organisational objectives.

As Dominos continues to expand in the New Zealand and global markets, it must be able to
manage change effectively to continue its profits and growth. These changes come from both
Internal and External environment meaning that it impacts greatly on all stakeholders of the
business. To cope effectively with the changes, Dominos utilizes four strategies
Identifying the need for change
Setting achievable goals
Creating a culture for change
Applying change models
Identifying the need for change
Management teams at Dominos need to identify and recognize the need to adapt and change in
response to the companys vision, shareholder expectations and consumer taste.
An example of this in the internal environment is when Dominos managers identified the
structural need for change. Due to a small employee base in each store, there has been a move
towards a flatter business structure. This was successful in improving communication between
workers and management.
Furthermore, Dominos managers have acknowledged that consumer choice is constantly changing
in the external environment. To effectively manage this, they are regularly reviewing the menu
range and options to cater for changing market expectations.
Setting achievable goals
Dominos managers understand that change can best be achieved through setting achievable goals.
To do this, they have ensured that goals set for all levels of workers are attainable yet challenging.
This is done in order to gain a competitive advantage over others in the market.
This included installing new systems and procedures in Dominos internal environment with the
refurbishment of stores as part of their 2020 vision. Aimed to be applied gradually over the next
few years, it shows an achievable goal set by management to improve efficiency and renew a look
for Dominos.
Dominos managers have also taken on technology such as e-commerce in advance of competitors
suggesting they have taken a proactive rather than reactive approach.
Creating a culture for change

Successful change requires creating a business culture which is open to, as opposed to resisting
change. As the fast food industry grows and becomes more segmented, consumers in the external
environment are also becoming increasingly aware of the need to be informed. Thus management
has effectively created a culture of providing information to customers via ads, internet or
Managers have embraced these changes, seeing it as an opportunity for the business to prosper.
Applying Change at Dominos
Lewins unfreeze-change-refreeze model which integrates force field analysis may be applied to
Dominos approach for change.
In the force field analysis, driving forces for growth and globalization of Dominos include:
Access to large domestic + overseas market due to cultural change
Gain from economies of scale
Access to new resources
Applying a successful business model to other geographic localities
Restraining forces which resists growth + globalization of Dominos include:
Financial cost of entering global market
Risk of globalization making Dominos more susceptible to the cyclical nature of the
international business cycle
The need to adapt to greater legal and political influences and cultural diversity.

Demographic segmentation
In demographic segmentation, we divide the market into groups on the basis of variables such as
age, gender, etc; these demographic variables are so popular with marketers so that they are often
associated with the consumers needs and wants.
Here are the demographic variables have been used to segment markets.
Below 15 years - 0%

15 - 20 years - 20%
21 - 30 years 40%
31 - 40 years - 25%
Above 40 years - 15%
The companies target audience is the bachelors, youth and the professionals who have no
time to prepare food and to grab the food as fast as possible.
They targeted both genders.(mainly male because many males will not like to preapare
food when they are single).
Further segment the market based on economic groupings:
Income status
Upper Class 60%
Middle Class 35%
Lower class 5%









For this reason they come modified their menu and they added new dishes like peppy
paneer and pizzas are available in 3 sizes small, medium, and large.
Geographic segmentation
Geographic segmentation is basically using the spatial location to segment the market. In
Geographic segmentation calls for the diff geographical units such as states, regions, cities
and the south Asia is a one of the major geographic segmentation variables relevant for

marketers. Here markets are mainly divided into the rural and urban areas. Dominos intends
to penetrate completely within these markets by opening up 20-25 outlets per year in these
cities. Dominos has a young and enthusiastic team of more than 2,100 employees. Today,
Dominos has emerged as the leader in the fast food segment with about 65% of market share
of pizza delivery in New Zealand and have outlets more than any other corporation in the
business of food, not just the pizza business. All the Company outlets are corporate outlets
invested by the company and also managed by the company.
In Psychographic segmentation, buyers are divided into lifestyle, personality or values.
Lifestyle Business class, outdoor oriented.
Personality Ambitious, open to experience.
Occasions Regular, special.
Benefits Quality, service, delivery in 30 minutes or else free.
User status Regular user
Usage rate Medium
Loyalty status Medium loyal
Readiness stage Intending to buy
Attitude toward product Enthusiastic

The change is required to meet the excessive competition in the market: Due to Pizza Hut store,
there is a lot of competition in the market with that there is slower increase in profits so there is
need to develop radical strategies to make greater profit at faster rate. More profit in short time.
The Dominos needs to develop further to cope with competitors. This change will include add up
included facilities such as drinking water for people, entertainment activities and increasing the
opening hours of the shop. This will require the owner to seek advice and apply for the additional
facilities. It will be very useful because it will result in huge increase in profits which is the most
important organizational objective. This is feasible because the owner has enough capital to
invest in this expansion. In this the owner will have a specific and most important role to play.
He will have to apply and gain support of all stakeholders of the business. This could be radical

change for all stakeholders and involve a big risk but if it is successful then it will earn a big
profit in short time. The role of employees will be giving support and providing good ideas.

Analysis of changeAnalysis of the change options and the process involved in their implementation.

The change which has been recommended above is to improve organisation structure.
The organisation needs to make a different section for various families, friends and
profesional for to spend their time with products as well.


Cstomers can be entertained with music and could play pool games as they are playing so

they can spend more Money

Change in organisation structure is very useful for the organisation.

Strengthen positive factors, and remove or minimise adverse factors.

Develop viable strategies to strengthen positive factors, and remove or minimise adverse
factors. The strategies to overcome resistance to change must be based on the identified
reasons (ER 2.3 & pc 2.4). Note that the aim of these strategies is to build support for change

Dominos Incorporation should consider utilizing their intelligent advertising techniques to focus
on all the players or competitors in the market other than only focusing on one competitor,
Subways. Concentrating on one competitor may have serious consequences to the company
especially where established businesses like Macdonald may come up with ingenious strategies
that may affect the stability of the company and growth in general.
Dominos should improve their innovative strategies that they have adopted their online
marketing and selling. Pizza Hut performed better when compared to Dominos company in

terms of online rewards despite having invested almost the same amount of money in their online
services segment.
The current operating company hybrid model is estimated to be at 70% franchised while 30% of
the stores are owned. The number should be adjusted to reduce operational costs by increasing
the number of franchised businesses to about 85% in order to reduce the overall operational
costs. Fifth, Dominos Inc should focus on improving its brand image because this is one of its
strengths; this can be achieved through continuous strengthening and reinforcing their brand in
the market (Young). One vital factor that needs to be carefully taken into consideration by the
company is the highly dynamic socio-cultural change or the changing lifestyles of the people in
the United States and the across the globe as well. Their products should reflect these changes if
the business is to achieve continuity. Companies like MacDonald Incorporation concentrate on
cultural changes that occur and subsequently train their employees in order to meet the demands
of changing lifestyles .
Dominos Incorporation should focus its attention on online sales and utilize this effect to
redefine their own in-store dining strategies to match the growth in online sales as mentioned
above. The use of internet in the world today is increasing at a faster rate and the growth in
online sales of the company that have been noted can only be supported through taking a keen
look at the in-store dining strategies. Finally, the Dominos should look at available options in
their customer mix or churn: the company should actually reduce it in order to remain
competitive and realize its strategies and objectives as well.
Achieving goals requires a definite path that is clearly built on the strengths and focused on the
opportunities of the company.
The recommendations given above reflect on the current strengths and opportunities of the
company: they are aimed at overcoming any threats and the weaknesses that the company faces

Outline the advice and assistance provided to the participants within the change process to
maintain and enable individuals and groups to work autonomously. The outline should
include hindering effects of excessive advice and assistance. (ER 2.6)

Methods undertaken with the organisation to provide advice and assistance to the
participants within the change process1) To provide staff with training with the new organisational changes.
2) To communicate, involve, enable and facilitate involvement from people, as early and
openly and as fully as is possible.
3) To reinforce the value of successful change via promotion.
4) To provide a greater understanding of the change.
5) Add a suggestion box outside the store and impliment if it is feasible.

Methods undertaken to provide advice and support

Describe the ways in which advice and support will be provided to confirm joint
commitment to change goals, demonstrate trust in those carrying out the work, give
encouragement, and reinforce confidence. (ER 2.7)
Belief and Value statements:
Put Employee focus to put the mission, vision, and values into words that state their
impact on each employee's job.
Communicating with pleasure : All the employees have been understand the fact about
the politness of talking and communicating with peoples in organisation and customers,
which in terms enhance their output in terms of company profitness.
Active Participation: - Active Participation is key of success and that thing helps the
employees to earn respect in organisation as well as that thing motivate employees and
enhance the creativity skills.
Making Redesign and recognition of Organisation: The Organisation will need to
change or redesign the reward system to encourage the behaviours that is desired for the
organizational change, which is must for wellness of the enterprise.