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GE Power & Water

Water & Process Technologies

Support Services
for the Automation and Control
of Water and Process Applications

It Starts with Listening for Customer Value

Automation and process control are critical to the water and process chemical applications that support industrial
production. These technologiesintegral to the processes of raw water preparation, steam generation, cooling,

GEs Water & Process Technologies Engineering Support Services for automation

process water and wastewater treatment as well as hydrocarbon processingenable your plants

and process control is a team of skilled professionals. Organized into two functions,

unit processes, helping to ensure safer, more effective and efficient production.

Owners and operators of industrial plants share a common set of objectives:



production may continue, throughput or yield is constrained and/or there

is an increased energy demand for each unit of production.



Optimizing your water or process application can improve efficiency, reliability,

and productivity while reducing the total cost over time without impairing



The Engineering Support Services Group, Chemical Product

production, experiencing catastrophic production loss, or compromising

personnel safety and environmental compliance.

combines experience with expertise to provide end-to-end project solutions. Together,

role in bringing value to our customers.

environmental regulations.

Avoid impairment to production operations. In those circumstances, while

Applications Engineering and Field Services Engineering, Engineering Support Services

and in conjunction with GE Account Managers and support personnel, they play a critical

Priority one is to assure a safe workplace and compliance with ever-tightening

Prevent loss of production due to unexpected or forced outages.

Engineering Support Services:

Your Go-To Source

Applications Engineers, and Account Managers converge to ensure


Safety and

all technical aspects are considered to fully service our customers

needs. Through leveraging both GEs Application Engineering Team
and GEs Field Services Engineering Groups, GE has the overall
solution to your chemical automation and process control needs.

Optimization strategies from GE include:

No matter what your current state of optimization, GE can help you improve:
Chemicals Usage Applying the proper amount of chemicals at the proper time and consistent
application with minimal variation ensures performance and the confidence to engage in other
improvements that contribute to lowering total operating cost.

Water Use and Consumption As freshwater becomes increasingly scarce and expensive, we
understand your need to use less. GEs solutions enable less use of freshwater or lower cost
alternative sources.

Opportunity Crude Stocks For petroleum refiners, the ability to utilize lower cost crude feedstocks
and manage the technical challenges associated with them, translates to higher operating profits.

Employee Productivity Employee productivity is essential to success. Freeing up plant personnel

enables them to be more productive and accomplish other highly valued tasks.

GEs chemical measurement, feed, and control system solutions are fundamental to realizing your gains from
higher levels of optimization.

Application Engineering: The Problem Solvers

As industries adopt more automation to increase reliability, optimization and safety, management faces new challenges in

GEs Application Engineering team utilizes the following key services to connect people and ideas that deliver high-value solutions.

acquiring these increasingly sophisticated systems. With extensive expertise and experience in chemical feed and control
systems gained from serving a wide range of industries around the world, GEs Application Engineering team helps customers

Concept Design: Preparation of system concept diagrams, cost estimates,

tackle their toughest challenges.

and functional descriptions.

To meet new performance criteria, customized chemical feed and control systems must be precisely designed and built
to meet the specific needs of each application. You can rely on GEs application engineering team to:
Deliver best-in-class solutionson time and on budget

Custom Skid-Mounted Systems: Pre-piped, pre-wired and shop-tested skids and control panels

Bring global experience to each solution design

that meet all application requirements and simplify installation requirements to minimize cost.

Apply more than 150 years of combined field experience to understand the subtleties of your unique application,

All fabrication is held to strict quality protocol that exceeds industry standards.

and what it takes to create the system best-suited to your specific needs
To accomplish this, they:
Provide equipment systems and software engineering or consulting
Manage large, complex automation projects, freeing your engineering staff to focus on its core priorities

Engineering Drawings: All systems include a full set of drawings that can be revised and
finalized before construction to ensure customer needs are met. As built drawings are
provided during commissioning.

Develop plant-specific automation solutions when needed

Manage project cost and quality control when third party contractors and fabricators are involved
Save you time and money with field-proven experience and designs

Control Software Support: Our senior software application engineers have specialized domain
expertise to develop the right control strategy for your applications. In addition to standard control
strategies like PID, TPC, On/Off and proportional, custom software is available for complex,
one-of-a-kind control solutions.

Custom skid-mounted systems like this boiler chemical feed and control system leverage extensive domain expertise.

The GE Application Engineering team members have a

proven track record of providing best-in-class solutions.

Field Services Engineering: Your Project Execution Experts

Before equipment is delivered to your site, GEs Field Services Engineering team is already playing a critical role in delivering the
solution. They have the real-world domain expertise and project management experience to carry your project from concept to
completion and beyond. Field Services Engineering will be at your site to manage all phases of project execution, including:





2 Commissioning
Site Preparation: With the project and schedules fully defined, and equipment systems designed and manufactured, Field
Services Engineering manages site preparation for commissioning.
Start-Up: Upon delivery of the equipment to the site, inspect all electrical and piping for proper connections, sizes, materials,
and material compatibility. Plant production and maintenance activities are taken into account to minimize disruptions and
expedite start-up.
System Verification and Calibration: During start-up, perform the following:

Site Survey

Site Preparation


Spare Parts

Installation Planning



Refresh Training

System Verification
and Calibration

Service Planning


Project Scheduling
Resource Planning

Verify control scheme to ensure the system is complete and operates per top level approved logic
Review software parameters such as signal ranges, control/alarm set points, and control algorithms; verify that
each control loop is using correct input signals and controlling the intended chemical or device for that loop

Planned Preventive
Maintenance Scheduling

Calibrate each device and document the results

1 Project Definition

3 Plant Handoff

Site Survey: Ensure that both your and GEs visions of the project are aligned. Documentation requirements, as well as

Training: Provide training on all components for plant operation and service personnel, including:

equipment conformance specifications and codes are defined. A walk-through of the application and proposed solution is

System operation overview

General system troubleshooting procedures

General operation procedures

Component calibration and troubleshooting

Individual component operation

Component replacement procedures

performed with all stakeholders.

Installation Planning Engineering: Ensure that all factors affecting cost, feasibility, and time to completion have been
considered. Roles and responsibilities related to equipment installation are identified and understood by all participants.
Project Scheduling: Define and communicate a

ensuring effective implementation

of your solution.

customized service plan, associated documentation, and obtains sign-offs.

project timeline and clear ownership of responsibility

Preventive Maintenance Schedule: Develop a preventive maintenance (PM) schedule identifying components that require

is developed to ensure on-time execution.

regular actions, along with suggested intervals for actions.

Resource Planning: Outlines other GE groups or

external parties that will be needed for successful

Service Plans and Documentation: After start-up, Field Services Engineering develops a

Field Engineers are experts at

Site Survey

Resource Planning

project completion. Field Services Engineering

will also work with your plant engineering and


maintenance personnel to complete installations.

GE can deliver turnkey installations through third
party contractors to meet customer requests.

Documentation and Technical Review: Provide all necessary electronic manuals and documentation to plant personnel and
sending control documents to appropriate locations. Compile and store project documentation, including:
Copy of the preinstallation review form

Calibration records

As built engineering drawings

Sign-offs from all intended parties

Spare parts lists

4 Ongoing Support
To ensure proper support of your installed equipment for the duration of its planned life, GEs Field Services Engineering develops
and implements a support plan in conjunction with your plant personnel. Coupled with the preventive maintenance schedule,
our support plan provides access to GEs wide range of aftermarket support services to help ensure that you get the support you
Project Scheduling

Installation Planning

need, wherever or whenever the need arises.

The Results You Wantthe Value You Need

You have defined your business goals. Now let GE help you realize the full potential of
your operations. Engineering Support Services is a suite of complementary skills and
technologies from GE that enable world-class automation and process control
capability for your plants water and process chemical applications. As your total
solution provider, GE has the expertise, experience, and customer focus to design
and deliver a tailored solution that helps you get the most out of your operations.
Your GE Account Manager will help you discover how GEs Engineering
Support Services teams can help you realize the benefits of our total solution
for achieving improved cost performance and value from your application.

GE Account Managers take the time to understand

your challenges, and listen for opportunities to
create value for you.

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