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Did you know that the day will come when the Presidents will beseech the Man Christ
Jesus to come into their Nations?

The Man Christ Jesus teaches us that the zeal is good but we must use science. The zeal without
science is dangerous because sometimes we may find unnecessary persecution.

With regards to his sheep, God himself teaches us in John 12:32-34 that: “And I, if I be lifted up
from the earth, will draw all men unto me". “All” refers to the "elected", to the "many", his "sheep".
Verse 34 says: “who is this Son of man?”

The Jewish Apostles did not understand that Jesus of Nazareth had to die in order to implement
the plan: remove sin, destroy the devil... That Son of man is not Jesus; since we are called to not
know him in the flesh, although we honor his sacrifice through with which we are complete,
perfect, and free of the law and the devil. But Jesus died and now that same spirit that was in
him, it is now in the Man Christ Jesus; the same spirit that now teaches and comforts us.

The difference is that God changed veil, Paul confirms it in Romans 14:9 “For to this end Christ
both died, and rose, and revived…” Why does he say “and revived” if he rose, he is alive? Yes,
but with a glorified body. To revive means: TO TAKE ON A BODY AGAIN.

That Spirit never dies, it is God himself, how can he die? What dies is the veil, not the

That spirit has already arrived as a thief in the night, as the Comforter and transformer in the
manifestation of the Man Christ Jesus, and with his arrival, the TRANSFORMATION will soon
arrive where God will govern.

Governing the earth is not easy, look at Solomon who asked for wisdom to do so (1 Kings 3:5).
How will the Man Christ Jesus govern the earth? With a glorified body he will have wisdom and
will remove all these unfair presidents, the whore will be removed from the middle; there shall be
a cleansing on earth where all the wickedness of all the sons of perdition shall be removed.
Hospitals and asylums will disappear, as there shall only be perfection.

Science says: "Things that eye have not seen nor ear has heard, nor has risen to the heart of any
man are what God has prepared for those he loves." The day will soon arrive when the presidents
will beseech God himself to come and visit their countries, bringing with him prosperity and the
solution to all their problems.

We declare that your eyes are enlightened to know that the Man Christ Jesus, God himself, is the
only Shepherd, Savior, and Comforter of the Church.

Dear reader: As sheep we declare that we guard our mouth to confess correctly confess.

God is on Earth. Investigate: