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ISSN 2337-6384

JP3, Volume 1, No. 1, Pebruari



Khurnia Zulianti
(Mahasiswa Jurusan Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris FKIP Unisma)

Abstract: This research was classroom action research was used in the cycle; this cycle
consists of four phases, namely planning, implementing, observing and evaluating, and
reflecting. The researcher used whisper games as a technique to improve students
speaking achievement. The subject is class B of the second grade student at SMKN 01
Batu. There are 24 students in class B. To record the teaching learning process, the
researcher used the observation checklist, test, and reflection. The use of whisper game
as a technique in teaching English speaking was improve the students speaking
achievement on class B of the second grade student at SMKN 01 Batu with result and
the students can reached score 8,5. It means that the implementation of whisper game
have positive result and improves the speaking achievement of students.
Key Words: Whisper Game, Speaking Achievement.

The objective of teaching and learning
English in Senior High School is to give
student basic knowledge related to things
available in the student surroundings by
paying attention to their progress and the
appropriateness to the condition. However, it
is better if teaching English should have been
begun from child in order to be successful in
learning English.
In this globalization era, English plays a
prominent role in the world, where most
people use English as a means of
communication. Meanwhile, in Indonesia,
English is considered as a foreign language
(Bustami: 1990: 18)
English language is a compulsory
subject that is taught from elementary school
until senior high school in Indonesia. One of
the language skills that should be mastered by
the students at SMKN 01 Batu is speaking.
Many students find difficulty in speaking
English. Some factors are their fear of making

mistakes, being laughed by their friends and

lack of confidence of their own abilities.
Therefore, a teacher should help the
students in solving this problem by
motivating them to speak. For this reason, the
teacher can use effective methods that
encourage students to take part actively in the
class. The teaching learning process is not
only involving the teacher and the students,
but also between the students and the other
There is a method that can be used by
the teacher to improve the students skill in
speaking English. It is doing some games
which are interesting and inviting the students
to be curious. The teacher can search many
games from many sources as his guide in
teaching English skills, especially speaking.
According to the reasons above, I decided to
compose this paper by giving its title:
Improving speaking achievement of second
grade of SMKN 01 Batu using whisper

ISSN 2337-6384

JP3, Volume 1, No. 1, Pebruari

Speaking is an activity used by

someone to communicate with other. It takes
place very where and has become part of our
daily activities. When someone speaks, he or
she interacts and uses the language to express
his or her ideas, feeling and thought. He or
she also shares information to other trough
In SMKN 01 Batu, there are four skills
of English course; they are speaking, reading,
writing, and listening. Speaking is one of skill
subjects that is also the one of important
required subject to reach at least the
standardized score or goals. But some of
students in SMKN 01 Batu still face the
problem in learning speaking subject
especially in third grade. The standard
minimum score is >70, but the mean score of
the student in third grade is 61 (see appendix)
so their scores are still lower than the standard
minimum score.
In this case, the students must study
hard to master it and the teacher should create
a good atmosphere in class. However, it is
contrary to the real situation in class.
Speaking activities do not work in class
because many factors prevent students from
speaking English with their friends. They are
afraid of making mistakes, of being laughed
at by his or her friends and of having lack of
confidence in their ability

there were 2 classes in third grade. They were

A and B class. Then the researcher decided to
choose B class because the speaking
achievement of class B was worse than class
A. The researcher not only got information
from the teacher explanation, but also found
the information directly in the class. The
students at class B have problems, they were
not enthusiastic to study English, difficult to
memorize vocabulary and pronounce English.
It made the students less motivated. For the
data reference the mean of the students score
was 65 (see appendix). But in fact the
minimum mastery learning standard at
SMKN 01 Batu was 70. Based on these
findings, the researcher interpret that the
students of second grade need a suitable
media as a technique and plans of action was
setting up to take an improvement speaking
achievement at students in SMKN 01 Batu by
using Whisper games.
This segment discusses the research
finding. It discusses the using of whisper
games in improving the students speaking
achivement. The improvement of students
speaking achivement by using whisper games
especialy for Senior High School was
effective and it is a good technique in
teaching learning English. Paul (2003:58)
says that most childrens love games, and
games is one aspect of the English class that
most children learn with genuine feeling and
take home with them. The technique of games
in learning English makes the students easier
to memorize vocabulary and pronounce
English. This fact can be proved by following
the process of teaching English. Finally the
students successfully completed the test with
the high score. It shows the whisper games
were really effective to improve the students
speaking achievement.
A teacher in teaching English with
games should plan the activities in the class
and prepare the suitable one in giving games
to the students. In this research the procedure
are firstly the teacher devided the students
into group, give the instruction and the rule of
games, and then the teacher gives the example
of pronunciation of word or sentences, next
lets the students repeat the word and then start

In this study, the researcher conducts
classroom action research research design
because the researcher wants to improve the
speaking achievement. The researcher used
whisper game as a technique. The population
of this research is the second grade students at
SMKN 01 1 Batu. The second grade is
divided into two 2 classes, class A and class B
and each class consists of about 20- 25. The
researcher chooses B class that consists of 24
Before doing the research, the
researcher took the pre- observation on 10th
May 2012. The researcher got information
from the English teacher of second grade that



ISSN 2337-6384

JP3, Volume 1, No. 1, Pebruari

to play the games. The objective of using

whisper games during teaching and learning
process at second grade students in SMKN 01
is improving the students participation in
English lesson, especially in speaking.
Because the games as a technique in teaching
English gave a lot of benefit and good effect
for the teacher and make the students more
interest in study English. Finnaly the students
at second grade in SMKN 01 Batu can
improve their achiveament by using whisper

b. To other researchers, it is better to

continue this research in order to the next
research will be more useful for students
and teachers in teaching English by using
games for Senior High School, because
by using the games can improve the
students speaking achievement.


In this study, the result of the analyzed
data can be concluded that the improving
students speaking achievement of second
grade at SMKN 01 Batu by using whisper
achievement. It was signed that 70% students
participation active. It means that teaching
English speaking skill by using whisper game
was successful, it was shown by the score
average reached 80.5.
Finally, this technique implied that it
could be used by the teacher for speaking
class to develop and improve the students
speaking achievement with any other activity
and style based on the students interest. By
using whisper game, teaching speaking was
The advantages of using games to teach
English have been proved can improved
motivation, the researcher then suggests:
a. To the English teacher, teaching English
for intermediate should use media that is
matched with the material that is taught
and the suitable technique because they
are important to help and improve the
students speaking achievement.


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