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9+ years of CBM Experience in Pakistan.

Why choose Prescon over others?
We are third party.
We own our tools.
We have technological

collaborations with
Condition Assessment
companies in US and

Choosing the Service

The purpose of this article is to highlight what
client should ask before awarding condition
monitoring job to any contractor.

Largest libraries of

standards, IEC, IEEE,

We understand the

Your industrial asset is important for the financial

viability of your industrial project. So evaluating
the service provider becomes really important.


Service provider ought to be third party or what

we call independent testing services company.
All the manufacturers who provide relay testing
or transformer testing services for example have
their interest sometimes in selling you a product
or sometimes for securing a services contract on
the pretext that they know more about their
equipment. Beware of this trick.
A third party contractor has the advantage of
working on all makes and models, have larger
databases of test results.
The team matters. Your service provider should
have people who understand the operations and
maintenance of the equipment, the operating
environment in Pakistan and all practical constraints. So check if they have industrial experience esp in the top management. Prescon
brought Condition Assessment in Electrical
in Pakistan in 2006.

We dont do testing of
the equipment as
others call it. We

perform condition
assessment and
remaining life analysis
which is really what
you need. The
numbers are all
around you working in
the plant. We give
numbers the
We share our

Tools owned. How many times we check if the

company owns their tools or they rent esp the
major equipment used in condition assessment.
It matters the most. Why? Well, rented equipment is not well maintained. Repeatibility is compromised if each time the service provider will
bring different make model of the tool.
Calibrations. Tools should be calibrated.

analysis capability. As we say regularly, we

dont do testing, as others think it is, we provide condition assessment services. At

Prescon, we will advise you what to do next, if
our assessment issues a warning. We value
trending more than limits.


Only Prescon owns special tools like Partial

Discharge, SFRA, Leakage Reactance, etc.

thoughts with you

honestly and openly.
We dont cheat. If we
doubt our test results,
we repeat the tests at
our own cost. We get
feedback from our
global pool of
experts .
Diagnosing your tools
since 2006. Hundreds
of breakers, motors,
transformers and generators evaluated.

We reciprocate your trust. We are your Power Partners.