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Did you know that the Bible has two gospels? Therefore, there are two apostleship?

The Bible talks about two gospels, two apostleship. The Man Christ Jesus has divided this theme
in three parts:

A) The commission given to the Apostle Paul. Galatians 2:7-9 specifies the two gospels:
Uncircumcision (grace) and circumcision (the law). The law was given to Peter (which consists of
the rudiments of Jesus in the flesh before the cross), and grace to Paul (Jesus after the cross).
Two gospels, not four gospels, and the rest of the books are history (according to Luke 1:1)

Paul was sent to the Gentiles and Peter was sent to the Jews (Galatians 2:8-9). However, Peter
and the apostles did not honor this sign of comradeship because they ended up going to the
gentiles; and Peter was a hypocrite because he forced the gentiles to follow Jewish customs even
though Jesus told them “…do not go to the gentiles”. (Matthew 10:5), but the first Pope violated
the principle God’s project to bring the gospel of Paul to all the nations for the love of His name
(Romans 1:5), and anybody that impedes this is going against God. Today we understand that
Jesus Christ revealed this gospel exclusively to Paul (Galatians 1:11-12); for the Gentiles
(Galatians 1:6-9) and whoever preaches another gospel is ANATHEMA. The only one that
preaches today the gospel that was given exclusively to Paul is the Man Christ Jesus, and he is
bringing prosperity to the nations.

B) The effects of those two apostleship. Galatians 5:2-4 says that if we circumcise Christ is
not of benefit to us. That means that if a person practice the law, circumcision (the rosary, the
Hail Mary’s, baptisms, the first communion, praying to the virgin…) Christ does not benefit them,
because they are taking for granted the blood of Christ, they are separated and fallen from grace.
The law confuses and disturbs entire families (Titus 1:10).
But the other side of the coin is that now the Man Christ Jesus makes us reign in life with grace
(Romans 5:17), because he removed us from that lie, he predestined us and he rapture us in the
mind delivering us from the wicked and evil man of the circumcision.

C) Paul thought about the Hispanics. (Romans 15:24, 28-29) affirms that Paul wanted to go to
Spain and bring “the abundance blessing of the gospel of Christ”; but he couldn’t make it to Spain
but Peter and the apostles (evil and wicked men) did, wearing cassocks, with the inquisition, with
rosaries, with indulgences..

We declare that your mind is enlightened and understand that if we suffer with the Man Christ
Jesus, we will also reign with him and we shall see the Government of God established, and
many faces will pale when they see his body transformed.

Dear Reader: Only Dr. Jose Luis De Jesus, the Man Christ Jesus can explain the two
apostleship, and that’s why we now understand the truth of the gospel and the abundance
blessing of Christ. Blessed!

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