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1. The typical lifetime of a excited state of atom is 10-8 sec. If the energy difference between the
excited and ground state is 1eV, calculate / , where is the frequency and is the
uncertainty is frequency of emitted photon.

[6.6 x 10-8]

2. Bullets each of mass 10-3 Kg, take 1 second to reach the target. Considering the bullets as mass
points, find the order of magnitude of spread of successive shots at the target under the best
(2 /m)
3. Wave form of a particle is = Ce- x 0 < x < + . If the probability of finding the particle in
region 0 <x< is , what is the value of C? (C = (2/)1/4)
4. Think about the following:
a) When a wave is incident on the boundary between two media, it generally splits into a
reflected wave and retracted wave. This implies that incident wave group becomes two
groups. How would you visualize incident electron wave (de Brogile wave) on a boundary of
electron potential?
b) A moving free electron can be defined by its Broglie wavelength. Can you do the same for an
electron moving under the influence of a potential?
c) Discuss the waves associated with the moving electrons in a CRT.
d) Wave function (say in string) in classical sense is displacement of various elements of a
string at various times; in quantum mechanics can you describe wave function in a similar
spirit? Discuss Borns interpretation of wave function.

In your class, you would be solving SE for various ideal potentials. Notice that for all the
bound state problems you chose your wave function as Sin (wt kx) or Cos (wt kx),
whereas for other problems your wave function is more general, of the form e -i (wt kx).
Discuss the reason for these choices.

5. In an experiment of photon interaction with a target material, 0.3 MeV photons are used. Assume
the target to be a plain Cu sheet of unit atom thickness. The photons are expected to lose energy

Photo electric effect

Compton effect
(a) and (b) both
(b) and (c) both
(a) , (b) and (c)

6. If the uncertainty in the location of a particle is equal to its de-Broglie wave-length , the
uncertainty in its velocity is(a) v
(b) v/2

(c) v/h
(d) h/v
7. . If you try to pick an electron with a pair of forceps,
(a) it will appear to move faster
(b) it will appear to move slower
(c) it will be unaffected
8. Probability density 2 is zero for a particle in a box of length L at L = ; implies that the wave
function is zero at L =
(True/ False)
9. The PE effect talks about energy quantization BUT not momentum- why?
10. When electromagnetic waves of energy E get scattered from a target, would you expect to
observe the Compton effect more readily when the target is composed of atoms with high atomic
number or when it is composed of atoms with low atomic number? Explain.
11. Let E()d be the radiation emitted / second by a black body in the wavelength range between
and + d. Make a qualitative plot for E() Vs. for T = 200K. Also reply to the following:
At T = 100K for the same body
At T = 200K for another body with same surface area as that of the black body but absorptance +
At T = 200K for another black body with double the area of this black body.