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OpenFOAM ® & HELYX-OS for Industrial CFD Applications Training Course For Whom? ■ The training

OpenFOAM ® & HELYX-OS for Industrial CFD Applications

Training Course

HELYX-OS for Industrial CFD Applications Training Course For Whom? ■ The training is intended for engineers

For Whom?

The training is intended for engineers in- volved with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and related flow and heat transfer problems in industry


Getting started to use the OpenFOAM ® framework

Learn to use HELYX-OS as a front-end for OpenFOAM ®

OpenFOAM ® and HELYX-OS for Industrial CFD Applications


The training OpenFOAM ® and HELYX-OS for Industrial CFD Applications is a 2-day training course

This OpenFOAM ® /HELYX-OS training course is to

achieve the following goals:

Getting started and become familiar with the OpenFOAM ® framework, commonly used solvers and relevant industrial examples

Learn to use the open-source Graphical User Interface HELYX-OS as the native front- end for OpenFOAM ®


During this 2-day training, the attendants will be

introduced to the open-source CFD technology

OpenFOAM ® using HELYX-OS. The most com-

monly used CFD solver capabilities of Open-

FOAM ® will be explored, combined with an in-

depth look in the structure of the Computational

Fluid Dynamics Library, which forms the base of

all OpenFOAM ® fluid flow solvers. The open-sour-

ce native GUI HELYX-OS, developed by Engys Ltd.

will be used extensively.

Using hands-on practical sessions, you will learn

to setup, run and post-process cases which are

relevant to realistic industrial applications. We

will be using the standard mesh generator avai-

lable in OpenFOAM ® throughout the training. Ad-

ditionally, the enhanced mesh generator develo-

ped by ENGYS and provided with HELYX ® will be

demonstrated as a valid meshing technology on

par with commercial CFD for industrial applica-


Interactive training

The training is a good mix of short presentations

provided by the trainer, illustrated by means of

digital slides including theoretical and practi-

cal background as well as hands-on cases and

examples. The participant will use HELYX-OS to

pre-process, model and solve relevant industrial

applications in OpenFOAM ® related to different

engineering fields like incompressible/compres-

sible flows, heat transfer and multiphase flows.

An overview of the post-processing capabilities

will be described as well as using Paraview, the

general vizualization tool used from within Open-


For Whom?

The training is intended for engineers involved in

fluid flows and heat transfer problems in industry

that are considering the use of OpenFOAM ® . The

participants will be introduced to fluid dynamics and corresponding CFD methods and solvers that are available in OpenFOAM ® . The front-end software package HELYX-OS will be introdu- ced and extensively used to model and analyze industrial case studies in different fields like incompressible/compressible flows, heat trans- fer and multiphase flows among other topics. Basic theoretical background on flow and heat transfer mechanisms is preferable. The course language is English.


The participants will learn to model, solve and post-process relevant industrial applications using OpenFOAM ® and HELYX-OS. You will also obtain experience in using HELYX-OS to use the standard mesh generator available in Open- FOAM ® . After completing the course, the partici- pant will be able to:

Understand the basics of Computational Fluid Dynamics Model and mesh generation of complex geometries using OpenFOAM ® and HELYX- OS Use OpenFOAM ® solvers on industrial applications related to a variety of fields like fluid flows, heat transfer and multiphase problems among other topics Post-process the results from within Open- FOAM ® and HELYX-OS and using the visuali- zation toolkit Paraview

The trainer

The experienced consultants of Dynaflow Re- search Group (DRG) will conduct the training. The DRG trainers aim for effective practical tech- nical solutions based on a good understanding of the theory behind these problems. All technical consultants work with these technical issues on a day-to-day basis in their client work. They have up to 10 years’ experience in using OpenFOAM ® are constantly challenged to translate theory into practical solutions.

Duration and group-size

The duration of the training is 2 full days (± 8-9 hours per day). The minimum group-size is 6 participants and the maximum group-size is 10 participants. The training will be organized at the DRG office or upon request at the customer lo- cation.


The training will cost EUR 1.200,= per person excluding VAT. Training material and a bootable USB disk will be provided containing a working HELYX-OS/OpenFOAM ® installation together with working examples.


If additional information is required, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +31 793615150.

Program outline


Meshing, steady state and porous media

Course Overview

HELYX-OS Overview/Methodology/Work-


Theory: snappyHexMesh Process Case Studies: Meshing strategies and cases

for snapping and layer addition

Theory: Steady-State solvers (compressible and incompressible) Case Studies: Steady-State cases

Theory: MRF and Porous media in Steady

State Cases Case Studies: MRF and/or Porous Media

flows (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors, pressure drop in monolith reactor, filters)

Theory: RANS Models and Application (k- Epsilon, SA, k-omega, v2f) Case Studies: Conical Diffuser or turbulent jet cases

DAY 2 More advanced features

Theory: Transient Solvers (PIMPLE)

Case Studies: URANS or DES Flows

Theory: Thermal Transport and Buoyant Flows Case Studies: HVAC/Thermal Transport/ Heat transfer cases

Overview of Paraview and Walkthrough of methodology i.e. concept of paraview filters and object inspector Case Studies: Running and post processing full cases

Overview of batch processes in OpenFOAM ®

(i.e. Workflow with OpenFOAM ® integrating HELYX-OS for meshing and command line solvers/utilities afterwards) Case Study: Meshing a geometry and Execu- ting a multiphase solver

Dynaflow Reseach Group

“Dynaflow Research Group (DRG) is a world wide well respected consultant. We help our clients solve their most complex and critical technical issues”

Consulting services

We provide engineering consulting services in all aspects of design and analysis for the Petro- che- mical industry. Our work often requires a multi- disciplinary approach where we combine exper- tise in fluid flow behaviour, dynamic oscillations, FEM and stress analysis with sophisticated analy- sis software to predict system performances.


DRG has been developing software for many years which, has resulted in several commercially available software packages such as BOSfluids ® , BOSpulse ® , Jive and Hades. We also provide tech- nical consulting services, and develop numerical software that can be used in computer simulati- ons and other types of scientific computations.


DRG offers a wide range of training courses such as software training, fiberglass training, dyna- mics and stress training. Most of these training courses are offered on a regular basis during the year. We also develop customized training programs with our customers fit to their specific needs.


DRG conducts research on different aspects of pipe-system design and pressure vessels. Most of this research is done in close collaboration with Paulin Research Group and their Houston test facilities ( Dynaflow Re- search Group provides support to clients with their R&D to help them continuously improve their products.

Topic specific brochures: • Consulting Service Series • Software Product Series • Training Series Visit

Topic specific brochures:

• Consulting Service Series

• Software Product Series

• Training Series

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