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Department of Infrastructure Engineering

High Rise Structures (CVEN90024)

Finite Element Modelling Assignment

Partial floor plan of a high rise building is presented in Figure 1a indicating typical structural elements
supporting the floor.
As the structural engineer in charge, you are required to perform a preliminary FE analysis of the indicated
floor panel and the band beams as an independent structural system. In your analysis, you are to assume
that both the panel and the band beams are simply supported at the core and perimeter beam locations.
The idealised structure that is to be analysed is presented in Figure 1b.
Note that in reality the floor is continuous to the north and south, rigidly connected to the core and
partially restrained by perimeter beams.

Available Data:
Floor Panel
Thickness: 230mm
Clear span: 4.5m
fc = 32MPa, E = 30100 MPa, = 0.2
Band beam
Dimensions: 900 x 500 mm
fc = 32MPa, E = 30100, = 0.2



Figure 1: (a) Floor panel layout of a high rise building; and, (b) Idealised structure

For your analysis, you are to consider a super-imposed dead load of 1kPa and a live load of 5kPa in addition
to the self weight of the elements.
Your results should include the following design load combinations:
a) W1 = 1.2G + 1.5Q
b) W2 = G + 0.4Q
c) W3 = G + 0.7Q
d) W4 = G + 0.7Q + kcs (G + 0.4Q), where kcs is the creep and shrinkage factor which can be assumed to be 2.
Your brief report of no more than four (4) pages long, should show details of the analysis runs (eg
description of the mesh and modelling strategy, and graph of stress variation and deflection at the critical
section), which can be obtained from screen-dumps or other suitable method, in support of your findings.

Department of Infrastructure Engineering

Due date:
By 11:59pm, on Thursday, 26th of March 2014 via Turnitin on LMS (individual submission).

The link for Turnitin submission can be found on the LMS site for this subject under Assignments 2015
content area.
Please save your file with the following format: FEM Assignment Surname
Please identify each page of your report with your full name and student ID
Some hints on Turnitin submissions:
1. The report has to be typed and submitted in Microsoft Words or pdf formats in order for you to be able
to submit it via Turnitin. Please note that Turnitin will not be able to accept scanned copy (or photograph)
of your report, i.e. if you are going to submit your report in pdf, you will have to save it as a pdf from
Microsoft Words.
2. Do not include a cover (or title) page. There have been issues with submitting reports through the
system with cover page in the past (i.e., the first page needs to have a written text).
3. If this is the first time you are submitting via Turnitin, please give yourself plenty of time to submit. You
can keep on overwriting your files before the due date.

FEM is worth 4% of the subject mark.