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Manifesto for the protection of what is rightfully ours

We are the heirs of our History.

We are the product of our culture.
We are one more link in a chain that goes back for hundreds of years.
Why? Yes, why, then, must we stand by while we see our cultural heritage get
destroyed? Our buildings torn apart, our traditions mocked, our history being sold
to the highest bidder.
Our identities are not just our personalities. They have a deeper root, chained
to our traditions and our heritage. We are who we are because of our language,
our customs, our architecture, our institutions, our literature, our artistic
production, our songs, our stories. Cultural heritage is more than a vacant
term, it is more than the building we see in the corner. Cultural heritage is a way
of seeing the world.
If we let go of our traditions, we are telling the world we do not mind to be
We will not let go of what is rightfully ours.

If you are not willing to witness your traditions disappear, STAND!

If you are not willing to see your culture and the way you see the world taken
over by cultural domination, STAND!
If you refuse to let the world become culturally homogenous, STAND!
If you are against the marketization of culture, STAND!

Stand, and claim what is yours. YOU ARE the protector of your history. Making
sure it does not disappear is your task.

We must understand that protecting our heritage is protecting our identities. It is

not just protecting the past, but ensuring a more conscious future. So take

Manifesto For the people, not the buildings

Why are we to finance the wishes of the dominant culture? They decide
what is valuable, but expect us all to maintain it. They decide what is
worth remembering, while they let OUR story die.
Why must we endure the burden of sustaining the History of the few,
while we neglect the present of the many?
The so called Cultural Heritage is nothing but a way of ensuring the
traditions of the powerful remain dominant. Old dinosaurs, they reproduce
relations of power.
Does a hungry child on the street benefit from refurbishing an old
building? Do communities located outside of the central cities receive any
economic rewards from the taxes they pay in order to defend heritage?
Do you feel represented by the choices of the Cultural Heritage
Why pay taxes for something that will only be enjoyed by the rich and
No! To the pressure upon the poor to pay for the cultural production of the
No! To the fetishism of the Old over the New.
No! To cultural domination.
No! To bread and circuses.
No! To the rejection of new ways of expression.
Financing the past distracts us from looking towards the future. We
believe every resource available must be used to the benefit of the
people. We must stop facing backwards.

Demand cultural democratization! If we must sell, so be it. If we must

destroy, so be it. The FUTURE starts today. But only if we let go of the
burden of the past.