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Content for Business Proposal (BP)

1. Table of content
2. Executive summary for BP/BP Synopsis
3. Introduction
4. Purpose of BP
5. Companys background
6. Owners background
7. Management/organization planning
8. Marketing Plan
9. Production/Operation Plan
10.Financial Planning
11.Project execution schedule






Preparation of BP
Introduction of Company
1.1Companys name
1.2Type of business venture
1.3Product/services offered
1.4Business location
1.5Date of commencement of business
1.6Industrys background and market trend
1.7Future scenario
Objective of BP
2.1To seek financial assistance from third party
2.2To plan for new business execution
2.3Guideline for business management
Companys background
3.1Companys name
3.3Type of business
3.4Main activities
3.5Date of commencement
3.6Business registration certificate
3.7Initial capital
3.8Name and address of shareholders
3.9Name of bank/Account number
Owners background/shareholders
4.1Name, address, telephone and email
4.2Academic qualification
Organization/management planning
5.1Companys goal and strategies
5.2Companys organizational structure/chart
5.3List of management staff
5.4List of positions
5.5Responsibilities of each position
5.6Emolument/salary for each position

Marketing planning
6.1Market Research/analysis
6.2Customer, product and services analysis

6.3Flow of market analysis related to business venture

6.4Measuring market size and potential of proposed location (1-2 years)
6.5Product/services characteristics and advantages to the proposed
6.6Identify potential customer for the product/services
6.7Competition for the product/services
6.8Sales forecast
6.9Potential market share for product/services
6.10 Overall marketing plan
6.11 How to face competition?
6.12 Business advantages compare with competitors in terms of quality,
price, location, image etc
6.13 Product/services strategies
6.13.1Pricing strategies
6.13.2Price determination
6.14 Distribution strategies
6.14.1How distribution is being planned
6.14.2Cost involved
6.14.3Short term and long term sales plan
6.14.4Promotion strategies
6.14.5Promotion techniques
6.14.6Marketing budget
Production/Operation Planning
7.1Product/services produced including the quantities
7.2Production process (if concerning manufacturing)
7.3Production capabilities
7.4Production planning
7.5Total production
7.6Maximum production capabilities
7.7Stock inventory
7.8List of raw materials (if any)
7.9List of workers/staff involve in production/servicing
7.10 Machine or tools operators
Financial Planning
8.1This section is to determine the feasibility of the assumption made
related to the market, sales and other cost involved. The assumption
must be realistic and can be used to forecast the success to the
proposed business.
8.2Project implementation cost
8.3Source of funding
8.4Own capital
8.5Bank loans
8.6Sales and purchase
8.7Cash flow pro-forma (monthly and yearly 3-5 years)
8.8Income statement pro-forma (3-5 years)
8.9Breakeven analysis
Project Implementation Schedule
10.0 Summary/justification
10.1 To promote the business proposal and to make the parties
concerned confident with the proposal.