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Cadbury dairy milk is made from real chocolate. Its ingredients include
cocoa, butter and there is a glass and half full cream dairy milk in every
200 grams in every dairy milk chocolate. Cadbury buys 65 million liter of
fresh milk each year to make Cadbury dairy milk chocolate. Cadbury’s
offer such product. The wide variety products offered by the company

5 Star

5 Star Chomp

5 Star Crunchy

5 Star Fruit & Nut

Bournville Almond

Bournville Hazelnut

Bournville Raisin & Nut

Bournville Rich Cocoa

Dairy Milk

Dairy Milk Crackle

Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut

Dairy Milk Roast Almond

Dairy Milk Silk (Milk Chocolate)

Dairy Milk Silk Fruit & Nut

Dairy Milk Silk Orange Peel

Dairy Milk Silk Roast Almond

Dairy Milk Silk Caramello

 Dairy Milk Shots  Dairy Milk Shots with Friends  Perk  Perk with Glucose Energy  Temptation PRICING .

Therefore maximizing the returns involves identifying right price level for each segment. The strategy used by Cadbury’s is for matching the value that customer pays to buy the product with the expectation they have about what the production is worth to them.Second P of marketing is not another name for blindly lowering prices and relying on this strategy alone to increase sales dramatically. . So every customer segment has different price expectation from the product. and then progressively moving through them. Cadbury’s has launched various products which cater to all customer segments.


hire the hottest strategies on the block.000 retailers. But getting their means managing wildly different terrains-climate. but once built.PLACE Marketers and finance manager need a new term to evaluate their business: Distribution Equity. This helps in maintaining consumption in summer when sales usually drops due to the fact that the heal effects product quality and thereby off takes. It takes much more time and effort to build. swamp prime television with best Ads. Beside use of TI tom improves logistics. television has already primed and population for consumption. The fundamental axiom of Indian consumer market is this: You can set up a state-of –the-art manufacturing facility. you would be know of selling your products. India – 1 billion people. transport and communication network. value system. Looking at the low penetration of the chocolate. Cadbury’s distribution network has expanded from 1990 distributors last year to 2100 distributors and 4. Own distribution network consist of clearing and forwarding (C&F) agents & distribution stockiest. the brand that sells more is the one that reaches the highest number of customers.28 million sq. Once the stock product reaches retailers. distribution equity is much tougher to erode. The other reason is arch rival Nestle reaches more than a million retailers. 155 million household has over 4 million retail outlets in 5351 urban markets and 552725 villages. language. In a product and price parity situation. km. This increase in distribution is going to be accompanied by reduction in . spread cross 3. Cadbury is also attempting to improve the distribution quality. To address the issue of product stability. a distribution expansion would itself being incremental volume.50. the prospective customers can have access to the product. Why does the company need distribution equity more anything in India? With technology and competitive pressure slash in it is becoming increasing difficult for marketers to retain a unique product differentiation for ling period. Buyers are paying for distribution equity not brand equity and market shares. The cardinal task before the Indian market is managing is to shoe-horn its product on retail shelves. but the end of it all. Cadbury’s distributes the product in the manner stated above. And your brand equity isn’t going to help when it comes to tackling these issues. and the marketer who can get to the to the consumer ahead of competition will give a hard – to – overtake lead. life style. This network of distribution can either contact wholesalers and which in turn retailers or the distributors can contact to the retailers directly. it has installed visi colors at several outlets.

they believe that selling confectionery is it like selling soft drinks. Strategy. At Cadbury. Cadbury dairy milk is used press and electronic media to motivate the potential and inspires the actual customers to purchase the product of Cadbury. Promotion is an important element of marketing mix because if it is not well planned then company is unable to increase it sales. As well as outdoor and radio costs. The company gives discounts on different occasions. To inspire the Childs to purchase the Cadbury chocolate the company made such type of ads. oneself conscious. Cadbury’s marketing costs. pleasure – seeking child within himself – a graft these feeling onto the Ad campaign like “Khane Walon Ko Khane Ka Bahana Chahiye” for CMD and “Thodi Si Pet Pooja – Kabhi Bhi Kahin Bhi” for Perk have been sure shot winner with the audience. at 18% of total costs. Whirl with the new launched temptations with the slogan “Too to Share” the communication resolves around the reluctance of a person who’s got their hand on a bar of temptation to let anyone else to have a bite. To encourage the youth class the company hires the superstars for advertisement of the products which inspires the all type of consumers who want to eat sweet. In order to encourage them to purchase dairy milk chocolate the Cadbury used different promotional tactics. . PROMOTION The purpose of promotion is to communicate directly with potential and actual consumers. The company is looking to reduce this parity level. Thereafter it was the job of the advertising to communicate customer the wonderful feeling that he could experience by rediscovering the careful. is much higher than Nestlé’s 12% or even pure sugar confectionery major Parry’s 11%. ad agency contract has created communication for cinemas and even ATM machines for the brand.

com.cadburyindia . just in time of Diwali gifting market. Ad since any discussion today would be incomplete without mention ‘e’ word. Éclairs has got potential for much wide distribution.bourvita. and up market retail outlet offer to guest and customers. researching and improving the newer products that haven’t taken off. as well as expand the It’s a combination of spiffing up its key brand.Milk treat has also been launched in a module bar form. www. . in a small sweets that airlines. Ad spend in 2010 was about 14% of sales and the management said that plans to maintain as spend at this level in the current year also. Beside three company website (i. hostels. the management plans to tap this new channel of marketing. that the company has launched. wwww.cadburygift. it had also entered into various marketing relationship with other portals. etc…. supported with high ad – spends that Cadbury will see it emerges stronger after the current slowdown. specially targeted during festivals and events such as Valentines day .