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Talking About Holidays (Past Simple)

Where did you go for your last holiday? How was it?


Where did you go on holiday?

What did you see there?
Where did you stay?


I went to Paris with my husband.

We saw the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.
We stayed at The Royal Hotel.

Follow-up Questions

How was it?

What were they like?
Was it good?


It was wonderful.
They were really interesting.
Yes, it was. It was very comfortable.

Sounds like
1) Where did you go? //weardija//
2) What was it like? //wozzi//
3) How was the weather? //howuz//

Practice i Use the information to practice asking and responding. i.e.


Hawaii - great
A) Where did you go?
B) I went to Hawaii.
A) How was it?
B) It was great.
England - nice
Bali - relaxing
New Zealand - incredible
California - fantastic
France - interesting
India - exhausting

Practice ii Use the information to practice asking and answering questions about things
on your holiday. i.e.
the hotel/comfortable comfortable/quiet
A) Was the hotel comfortable?
B) Yes, It was. The hotel was comfortable and/but quiet.
a. the people/kind kind/friendly
b. the food/good delicious/expensive
c. the weather/warm warm/sunny
d. the prices/reasonable very reasonable

e. the public transport/reliable reliable/old

f. the beaches/quiet crowded/noise

Exercise i Match the words on the left with the phrases on the right. i.e.

We went
I saw
We ate fish
They stayed
She made
We watched
He had


Big Ben
many new friends
a great time
a fantastic musical
and chips
to San Francisco
with some old friends

Exercise ii Complete the sentences below using the past tense i.e.

I ________ to the beach every day while I was on holiday. (go)

I went to the beach every day while I was on holiday.
1. We ________ some wild monkeys. (see)
2. I ________ a lot of delicious food. (eat)
3. My children ________ friends with some others. (make)
4. My husband ________ a new suit. (buy)
5. We ________ up late everyday. (get)
6. I ________ too much money. (spend)

Exercise iii Choose the correct form for each statement. i.e.

How was/were your holiday?

1. What was/were the weather like?
2. The hotel was/were really nice.
3. There wasnt/werent many people.
4. It was/were very relaxing.
5. How was/were the restaurants?
6. Were/was there a swimming pool?

Listening Angie and Tony are talking about the summer holidays.

Tony: Hi Angie. Did you have a good summer?

Angie: Hi Tony. Yes, I did. I went to The Bahamas with my family. It was fantastic.
Tony: The Bahamas? Thats great! Where did you stay?
Angie: We stayed on a small island in a really nice family-run hotel. It was ever-so
Tony: How long did you stay?
Angie: We were there for five days and six nights. Every day we relaxed by the pool or on
the beach while the kids played. We visited some famous spots on the island, too. It was so
Tony: Was the food good?
Angie: Yes, it was. Everything was fresh and the dishes were amazing. We ate like Kings.
Tony: Nice. Id love to visit The Bahamas one day.

Where did Angie go for her holiday?

What was the hotel like?
What did they do every day?

Application Discussion/activity.
Think about a holiday you have been on. Interview your partner about their holiday and be prepared to
tell the class about it. Consider the following questions to help you:
Where did you go?

Who did you go with?

How long did you stay?

What was the weather like?

How was your hotel?

What did you do every day?
Was the food good?
Were the people friendly?