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March 2015 Newsletter


President Eric Tarrs
WVPTA Spring
Conference Reminder
WVPTA Golf Scramble
Call for Nominations
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Insurance Updates
WVPTA Spring
Conference Poster
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Practice Committee
From the Desk of SSIG


President, WVPTA
What Are Your Professional Goals?
West Virginia represented well at CSM this year. At least two WVPTA
members were recognized for their work and accomplishments at a national
level. Mark Gibson, PT, DPT, OCS was awarded his certification as an
orthopedic specialist. Heather Bowles, PTA was privileged to present her
poster on a case study involving a middle school, concussed female hockey
I had the privilege of seeing both of them at CSM. While none of the work was
mine, I took great pride in the fact that West Virginia continues to produce
national recognition in the practice of physical therapy. Without a doubt it is
in no small part related to the guidance and professional development that
participant membership in the WVPTA provides. The path has been well
worn, and the WVPTA even provides guides for the journey.
When you look at the leadership with regards to the WVPTA board members,
committee chairs, and committee members you will see PTs and PTAs that
have gone above and beyond in the field of PT. Aside from volunteering in a
leadership role, many have multiple degrees, specialty certifications,
advanced practice certifications, tenure at a university, serve in high level
administration, own businesses, and any combination of all of the
above. What Ive witnessed as a common denominator amongst all of them is
that none of them have appeared to seek a designation or recognition as a
pinnacle. Rather the accolades and accomplishments have been a byproduct
of their pursuit of excellence and that they have surrounded themselves with
people of like mind and drive.
So here is my advice with regards to your professional goals in or adjacent to
physical therapy. As you consider your goals, look for the reason you pick
that goal. The reason rather than the goal is what will help keep you focused
on action. Surround yourself with people who are blazing or have blazed the
trail. More likely than not, if practicing in WV they are WVPTA
members. Many of them are Association volunteers who have been there,
done that. They will all be convening the weekend of April 25th at your
Spring Conference. In fact they have designed that conference so that PTs
and PTAs in WV have a corvette of a vehicle for obtaining professional
development. I hope to see you there.


Education Committee Chair
The WVPTA Spring Conference will be held on April 24-26, at
Stonewall Jackson Resort in Roanoke, West Virginia. The
conference is titled "Is Your Toolbox Up To Date" and will
feature a variety of neuromusculoskeletal sessions that can
update your toolbox across settings!
We are so excited to announce that Lambert's Vintage Wines
out of Weston, WV, will be joining us for wine tasting at our
welcome event Friday evening! Please plan to attend this social
event to share wine and networking with WVPTA friends. Visit
their website,, to learn
more about one of the best wineries in the state!
Our Annual Golf Scramble will be held on Friday, April 24th at
11:00 am with registration beginning at 10:00 am. Sign-up in
teams of four and pay only $50.00 per person. Individual prizes
and group prizes will be awarded! Register online now at


WVPTA Annual Conference
Stonewall Resort
April 24-26, 2015
WVPTA Annual Golf Scramble
April 24, 2015 (11am)

Visit our website today to learn more and register, We have
a great weekend planned and can't wait to share it with YOU! Questions? Call our chapter office at 304-733-6484.


Public Relations and Publications Committee Chair

As mentioned above, the WVPTA will be hosting the Annual WVPTA Golf Scramble at Stonewall Jackson Resort on
Friday April 24th, the same weekend as the Spring Conference. We are very excited about several of the
sponsorships weve been able to team up with this year, including: BB&T, Hurricane Chevrolet, Advantage Toyota,

the WV Golf Association, Dutch Miller, SNAP Fitness, and more!

Some of the prizes offered at the tournament include:

1. A chance to win a free Chevy Camaro with a par 3 hole in one

2. Free memberships to SNAP Fitness
3. 4 Free WVGA VIP Cards to a winning team, etc.
The current price for each player is $50, which includes lunch for the day! You can
register your team online at This price will increase after April1st, so register your team quickly! If you
have any further questions, contact Brandon Beacom at
Cant wait to see you on the course!!


Nominating Committee Chair
2015 WVPTA Elections are underway! Please take a moment to visit our website at to cast your vote. Once logged in you will be directed to the
candidate biographies and the ballot. The ballot will be open until midnight on
Thursday, March 26, 2015. Please take a moment to elect our association leaders.
If you have any questions, concerns or need assistance voting, do not hesitate to
contact Gretchen Pfost, Nominating Committee Chair, at or
Molly Watson, program coordinator, at
Thank you for your time and continued support towards growing the WV chapter.


WV Chief Delegate
Sadly, this is my last newsletter article as the Chief Delegate for the West Virginia Chapter. I have greatly enjoyed
my service to the Chapter and the profession as a member of the APTA House of Delegates. It is my experience that
you do not fully understand the inner workings of the APTA until you serve as a delegate. Even if you do not plan to
serve as a delegate, I would encourage all members to sit in the gallery of the HOD. I promise that it will be an
educational experience. After the WVPTA Spring Conference, Kelly Terry DPT, ATC, ACCE will step into the role of
Chief Delegate and Ralph Utzman PT, PhD will serve as the second delegate. An alternate delegate position is on the
current election ballot. Please be sure to vote. I would also like to recognize Bryanna Ordiway as our PTA Caucus
Chair. She has done an excellent job of keeping her eye on issues related to PTA practice. Our Chapter will be well
represented by these dedicated individuals at the 2015 House of Delegates on June 1-3, in National Harbor,
Our e-mail boxes are full of discussion threads related to numerous proposed Reference Committee motions (RCs).
The following represents a brief summary of some of the current motion concepts being discussed:
1. Physical therapist and procurement of primary care practitioner status

2. Plan to promote to external stakeholders the value of

standardized elements as part of the Electronic Medical
Record (EMR).
3. Adopt an APTA position on bullying in the workplace
4. Prevention and wellness
5. Enhanced use of diagnostic tests and interventions
related to the movement system
6. Plan to address role and education of the PTA and use
of other individuals in delivery of PT services
7. Population health priorities to guide APTA work in
areas of prevention, wellness, fitness, and disease
8. Delivery of value-based physical therapist services
9. Changing the House of Delegates position statement on
medical necessity
10. PTA members serving in non-officer positions on the
11. Physical therapists role in diet and nutrition
12. PTA members serving as Chapter delegates
13. Life members serving as Chapter delegates [cosponsored by the WV delegation]
14. Changing the term of office for the Board members
15. Sections having a vote in the HOD
We anticipate that Packet I will be available in the near
future and we plan to review some of the items from
Packet I at the WVPTA Spring Conference. I hope you will
join us on Sunday morning for coffee and a lively roundtable discussion of the proposed motions. I am sure that
Kelly and Ralph would love to hear your thoughts related to these motion concepts.
If you have questions/comments before or after the Spring Conference please feel free to contact Kelly Terry
[], Ralph Utzman [], or myself [].

WVPTA Payer Relations Committee Chair
PEIA There continue to be problems with HealthSmart not being able to find the PT referral in their system when
it is sent with the initial evaluation as they require. They then deny the claim. Several staff from HealthSmart have
told us it is a training issue and they are working on it. Ted Cheatham, Director of PEIA has been made aware of
the problem. This will continue to be monitored.

BrickStreet- The problem with the

new Jopari System appears to be that
some clearinghouses do not interface
with Jopari. Even if they do there will
be a problem sending the daily notes
that are required. There is a short
payment delay if claims are sent paper,
but this seems to be working well.
Medicaid Some clinics have received
notification from Medicaid that
beginning April 1st the cards that will
be issued will be good for a year. This
does not mean that the benefits will
remain the same. Patients can move
between programs without getting a
new card. It will be necessary to go to
the WVMMIS website and print a letter
of credible coverage to scan in your
system. On the website click on
member then add the patients name,
DOB, and the last 4 digits of their SS#
to access their information. It is also
wise to call to verify coverage and get
the name of the individual you spoke
Medicare The Medicare Access to
Rehabilitation Services Act (H.R.
775/S. 539), legislation that would
repeal the Medicare therapy cap, was
introduced in the House and Senate.
Congressman Charles Boustany (RLA), Congressman Xavier Becerra (DCA), Congresswoman Marsha
Blackburn (R-TN), and
Congresswoman Lois Capps (D-CA)
were the lead sponsors in the House,
and Senators Cardin (D-MD) and
Collins (R-ME) were the lead sponsors
in the Senate. As Congress continues to
work on a long-term solution to fix the
sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula
and prevent a 21% reduction in
Medicare payments, APTA also is
working with congressional
committees to include repeal and
reform of the Medicare therapy cap in
any SGR legislation. In the 113th
Congress, a permanent solution to this

WVPTA Spring Conference Poster Presentations

Sunday, April 26, 11:00-11:30 am

Mountwest Community and Technical College

1. Sarah Delaney
Title: Adrenoleukodystrophy
2. Promise Carter
Title: Multiple Sclerosis
Wheeling Jesuit University
1. Caterina Abraham, PT, DPT, MPH; Anne Attia, SPT,
Jessica Border, SPT
Title: Effects of a community engagement activity on an
adult with Cerebral Palsy: A case study.
2. Haley, Rhonda, PT,DPT, GCS, ATC; Lewis, Adam, SPT;
Ludewig, Michael, SPT; Makler, Luke, SPT; Palicka, Ross,
Title: The Impact of the Appalachian Region on Gait
Speed: An Investigation into Variances among College
Track Athletes
West Virginia University
1. Katherine Beverage, SPT; Desire Dennis, SPT; Ashley
Smith ATC, SPT; Duane Scott Davis PT, MS, EdD, OCS;
Dave Kerns MS, ATC; Corrie Mancinelli PT, PhD, GCS
Title: Factors of Power in Male Division I Collegiate
Football Athletes: A Case Report
2. Garrett Fetty SPT; Kelly Nixon SPT; Mike Shearer SPT;
Trent Walker SPT; Nathan Wells SPT; Kimeran Evans PT,
DPT; Corrie Mancinelli PT, PhD, GCS
Title: The Effects of a Ridged Insole on Gait Parameters in
Older Adults: A Pilot Study
3. Rebecca Frashure SPT; Kristi Hardesty SPT; Alexandra
Hauser SPT; Jennifer Moore SPT; Dina Jones PT, PhD
Title: Psychometric Properties of the CHAMPS
Questionnaire in Appalachian Older Adults at Risk for

policy was nearly accomplished, with

provisions to repeal and reform the
therapy cap included in Senate SGR
legislation. APTA, along with other
therapy stakeholders including
patient, consumer, and provider
groups support inclusion of repeal of
the therapy cap in legislation to
reform the SGR. Congress must take
action before March 31, 2015, to
prevent cap limitations to patient
access for over 1 million beneficiaries
needing rehabilitation.
It is important that PTs contact their
legislators and ask for their support of
this legislation and also the Locum
Tenes Bill HR 556. This bill will allow
a non-Medicare certified, but qualified
provider, to fill in for 60 days in an
Align Network Many workers
compensation carriers are using the
Align Network. They are being paid
by the carrier in some instances up to
4 weeks before they send the check to
the providers. West Virginias prompt
payment law stipulates that clean
claims should be paid within 30 days
of their receipt by the carrier. This
will be discussed with the carrier that
may not be aware that Align is
holding their money and not paying
providers for 4 weeks.

4. Golden, Dennis SPT; Moore, Eric SPT; Kovach, David

SPT; Rodriguez, Joseph SPT ; Mancinelli, Corrie PT, PhD,
GCS; Utzman, Ralph PT, MPH, PhD; Rice, Tracy PT, NCS.
Title: The Ability of the BERG Balance Scale to Predict Falls
in Individuals with Peripheral Vestibular Disorders
5. Kayla Schrader SPT; Julie Streets SPT; Chris Unger SPT;
Lauren Ward SPT; Chelsey Woodford SPT; Jean McCrory
PhD; Krystal Thomas Whitesell PT, DPT, WCS; Corrie
Mancinelli PT, PhD, GCS
Title: Validity of the ADT Protocol in Measuring Balance
Dysfunction in Young to Middle-Aged Women
6. Mandich, MaryBeth; Biesecker, Rachael; Cortopassi,
Loren; Dante, Ryan; Hazelwood, Andrew
Title: Effects of a Brief, Home-based Constraint-induced
Movement Therapy Program in Children with Hemiparesis
7. Madison Boggess SPT; Elizabeth Marshall SPT; Chelsea
McComas SPT; Patricia Michael SPT; Allison Owens SPT;
Mary Beth Mandich PT, PhD
Title: The effect of a new approach to feeding on
neurodevelopmental outcomes in infants born less than
32 weeks gestation
8. Anna Pepe SPT; Jaime Weckesser SPT: Anne K. Swisher
Title: Establishing Normative Values for Maximal Cycle
Ergometer Testing in Adults with Cystic Fibrosis


Practice Committee Chair, WVPTA
The Practice Committee became very busy in the months of January and February
with reading, amending, researching, and meeting to review the language from
the West Virginia Athletic Trainers Association for their proposed licensure bill.
The input from each was invaluable and assisted in the significant progress the
Practice Committee made while working with the WVATA through frequent
emails, a telephone conference call, and face-to-face meetings with the president
and other members of the WVATA. This is the perfect time to introduce all of
those members and, in doing so, personally thank each of them for volunteering
their time at a moments notice to perform the duties of this committee.
The members of the Practice Committee are:
Trevor Swan PT, CEEAA: (Work settings - acute care and outpatient) Trevor
brings many years of experience in the WVPTA to the Practice Committee. He
accepted the invitation to be a part of this committee because he is passionate
about what our profession brings to the table for patient care and because it
provided a means to uphold our professional responsibility to advocate for our
profession, our patients, and our unique role in patient care.
Jamie Tridico PT, DPT: (Work setting - outpatient; she is a practice owner.)
Jamie brings the skill set of a practice owner and many years as a physical
therapist to this committee. She accepted the invitation to be a member of this
committee to become involved with the WVPTA, to have an opportunity to
promote of awareness of our profession within the state and among other
organizations, and to venture into new areas of physical therapy.
David R. Hanna PT, DPT, MS, ATC: (Work settings - pediatrics and outpatient; he
is the athletic training program director for West Liberty University and an
adjunct professor for the doctor of physical therapy program at Wheeling Jesuit
University.) David brings a unique perspective to the committee as he is an
educator for both physical therapy and athletic training curriculums. He
accepted the invitation to be a member of this committee due to his roles in both
physical therapy and athletic training, as a way to help protect the public, and to
work with licensure language and scope of practice wording within both
Diana Whitwer PTA: (Work setting - outpatient) Diana brings the perspective of
the physical therapist assistant to the Practice Committee. She accepted the
invitation to be a member of this committee because she works alongside athletic
trainers in the clinic and feels that an athletic training licensure bill is an
important step in recognizing the academic preparation of the athletic trainer.
Chris Unger ATC, CSCS, SPT: (Student physical therapist) Chris brings to this committee the interesting viewpoint
of a certified athletic trainer who is currently in physical therapy school. He accepted the invitation to be a
member of this committee because he wanted to become more involved in the WVPTA state organization and be a
voice in the current discussions in the state regarding athletic trainers licensure.
Rhonda Haley PT, DPT, GCS, ATC: (Work settings - skilled care and long term care; she is a Director of Clinical
Education for the physical therapy program at Wheeling Jesuit University.) I was asked to chair this committee last
year by the WVPTA President. I am able to bring to the committee the perspective of a physical therapist that

completed an internship program to gain education and certification as an athletic trainer. I accepted the invitation
to chair the committee because I was interested in serving the WVPTA and this role provided me the opportunity
to become educated on the processes for developing licensure language, to connect with other WVPTA members
throughout the state, to promote our physical therapy profession for the protection of the public, and to have a
professional relationship with members of the WVATA.
The make-up of this committee includes: (1) individuals from various geographical areas around the state; (2)
many professional designations including PT, PTA, Student Physical Therapist, and ATC, as well as CEEAA, MS,
CSCS, and GCS; (3) experience in the work settings of pediatrics, acute care, skilled care, long term care, and
outpatient clinics; (4) members who own a business, direct the clinical education program for physical therapy
students, and serve as an athletic training program director; and (5) six very hard-working individuals who
volunteered countless hours in a short amount of time to work closely with each other and another professional
organization within the state.
The WVPTA is very lucky to have Trevor, Jamie, David, Diana, and Chris as active members within the association!!
If you run into any of them, give them a big pat on the back!!

From the Desk of SSIG

The SSIG has been working throughout the winter months to prepare for upcoming officer elections at WVPTA Spring
Conference! Officer applications have been distributed to all schools and students have applied for the positions of
president, vice president, secretary/treasurer, and core ambassador. Elections will be held during the SSIG business
meeting at 2:00pm on Sunday of the conference. All students are encouraged to attend and voice their vote! There will
also be a course on Saturday evening specifically for students regarding residency and fellowship opportunities. In
addition, another PT Pub Night for Morgantown PT students, faculty, and local clinicians tentatively scheduled for
Thursday, April 2nd at Primanti Bros. so mark your calendar and be looking out for further announcements confirming the
date, place, and time!

We would like to give a special thank you to our WVPTA partners and spring conference exhibitors!