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This document will highlight details regarding the test duration, format and associated guidelines so that
you are prepared and aware of how to attempt the test. It is recommended that you also view the Test
day video on the CAT 2014 website and peruse the FAQs section on test related questions.

Test Duration
The test duration is for a total time of 2 hours and 50 minutes (170 minutes). PWD/DA candidates with
scribe requirements will be allowed an extra hour. All candidates will start the test at the same time.
Candidates are to remain at their seats for the entire duration of the test even if they complete their
test early. The Submit button will be enabled only upon completion of test time.
If for any reason, the candidate has to leave the testing hall, he/she will not be allowed to re-enter the
hall. In such circumstances, the test would be considered incomplete for the candidate.
At no point during the test, the candidate should touch the keyboard. Doing so will lock the terminal. All
answer choices should be made using the mouse.

Test Format
The medium of the test is in English language for all candidates. The test has 100 multiple choice
questions across two sections. The two sections are:



Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation


Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning


Candidates may attempt any section first. The questions can be answered out of sequence too. And the
candidate can also toggle between sections and attempt questions. An on-screen timer will mark
remaining minutes for the test. Three (3) points will be awarded for each correct answer; one (1) point
will be deducted for each wrong answer. There is no penalty for questions that are left unanswered.

A panel on the right-hand side will display the status of your questions in four colours that indicate the

Green Answered questions (eg: question 3)

Red - Unanswered questions (eg: questions 4 & 5)
White - Questions not viewed ( eg: questions 6 32)
Violet - Marked for review (eg: questions 1 & 2)

Note: Those questions for which you have answered and you mark for review will
have a tick mark (eg: question 1). Those questions you simply mark for review
without attempting to answer it will not have a tick mark but will simply be
marked in violet colour (eg: question 2)

While answering the questions, you can use the following options:

Save & Next: Saves your answer and moves to the next question.
Clear Response: Clears the already selected answer for the given question only.
Mark for Review & Next: Marks your question in Violet for review so that you
can return later to confirm your answer selection. You will also be prompted
at the time of submitting the test, if any questions are marked for review.

You can also view other details related to the test on the bottom of the right panel of the screen such as:

Question Paper: You can view all the questions in the test.
Profile: You can view your profile information.
Instructions: You can view the test related instructions.
Submit: Allows you to do the final submission of your test.

Note: The Submit button will be enabled only upon completion of test time i.e. 170 minutes.

CAT 2014 Candidate HelpDesk

The FAQs, online guides, videos and website updates are designed to enable self-service. You are
requested to use these tools which can help answer most of your queries. In case you still require clarity,
the CAT Candidate Helpdesk is available by phone, Monday to Saturday from 9:00AM to 6:00PM @

1800-2100-151 (Toll free).

Please note, the help desk will be closed on Sundays.

CAT CENTRE 2014 wishes you all the best!