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iWriteMORE - Holiday Programmes (June
Preparatory Writing Workshops for Primary 1 - 5 (as of Y2015)
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Our holiday workshops are back again!

Come join us for our iWriteMORE holiday workshop for an introduction to the entire narrative writing process ,
learning the skills necessary for them to be independent and confident writers.

As students move up the levels, the writing topics also gradually increase in difficulty level through the difference
in writing formats.

As such, we understand that regardless of the level, writing is a challenge for students due to the different and
varied difficulties faced at every level.

;Because of this, we offer a range of preparatory writing workshops for students to enter the next level, betterequipped in their understanding of the writing requirements.

We believe that for beginning writers in Primary 1 and 2, learning how to plan the flow of a story is most
essential . Being able to write a story with a good sequential flow will pave the way for a better-organised
story as they progress up the levels. Beginning writers learn to be more independent writers who are aware
of the basic structure of a composition like how and what to start and end a story with as well as the required
vocabulary.Also, the inclusion of necessary details is focused on as the young students start to evaluate their
ideas and consider the necessity of details - what should and should not be included in the story and why.

The new format composition topics for Primary 3 and 4 place more emphasis on the brainstorming
segment as well as students' ability to minimise the story gaps due to the sequence of pictures which are
less-connected as compared to the previous format. .As such, the workshop starts with the the brainstorming and
story flow to ensure students see the possible conflicts before working on a logical narrative flow.
Then, the narrative writing structure is emphasized as the students are brought through each and every one of
the narrative writing component required to form a story. From the idea generation to the execution, every step is

Covering themes based on the new format, the P5 writing workshop focuses on the use of advanced
writing techniques to create mark-scoring content , crucial to enhancing the conventional storylines produced
by most students. Brainstorming is the key here as students are geared towards writing beyond what majority of

During the course of the workshop, the basic writing structure is covered along with the advanced writing
techniques. The structure addresses the detailing of every story - what should be included, what should NOT be
included and how best to express details.

For all levels, the suitable vocabulary and grammatical components are also incorporated to advance the writing

P5 & P6 Schedule: 17/6 - 19/6
P3 & P4 Schedule : 8/6 - 10/6
P1 & P2 Schedule : 2/6 - 5/6

To register, contact us at +65-63385657 or email at

*Excludes $15 administrative and material fees

Miscellaneous resources
at-Writing-Level-4-Unit-2.pdf (writing tips on narrative essays)

4. (English for students idioms)

%20Passage.pdf (PSLE Cloze passage)