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From Creation to Creator

From Creation to Creator


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From Creation to Creator
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First Edition : Isha Fest, September 2006

If you are rooted in that dimension which is
the source of creation; if one part of you is creator,
another part of you is creation, you can play
with creation whichever way you want, but
it will not leave a single scratch upon you.
- Sadhguru .

making him a visionary humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader of the world today. In this regard. he has been able to touch millions http://ishadownloads. Also an author. He is an embodiment of the sages of the past who served as beacons of inspiration and guidance for entire civilizations. As someone who belongs to no particular tradition. poet. allowing them to cross their limitations into a higher possibility. at the same time. he is acutely aware of current realities. Sadhguru's wit and piercing logic provoke and widen our perception of 1 . Sadhguru's guidance and powerful scientific methods are totally relevant to the modern individual and institutions.Introduction Sadhguru is a self-realized and profound mystic of our times. and internationally renowned speaker.

com . In the Presence of the Master series are discourses and answers to an intricate array of questions. firmly establishing the spiritual process within. by disciples and seekers amidst the challenges of life. or straddling a BMW motorcycle on the expressway. the seeker is liberated from the pain of ignorance. and yet it can also stir them into a state of confusion. Sadhguru's multi-faceted personality can have a profound and enriching effect on anyone who comes across him. Engulfed by Sadhguru's presence.of people. he shatters any preconceptions that one might have of a mystic. moving them towards realizing the ultimate potential within. At home in blue jeans as much as he is in a loincloth. or walking barefoot through the mighty Himalayas. 2 http://ishadownloads.

In this volume. 'From Creation to Creator'. unraveling the very mysteries of existence. Sadhguru effortlessly tackles challenging subjects like creation. life and death. 3 . http://ishadownloads. spirituality. .

That which is the source of your creation is obviously within you. Isha means that which is fundamental. http://ishadownloads. So formless Divinity is referred to as Isha. it is called Isha. So this is called Isha Yoga because it is a means to access that dimension which is the source of your creation. or that which rules the existence is formless. we normally refer to as the Divine. That which rules the existence or that which is the source of existence. that which is the very source. When this source of 5 .From Creation to Creator Question: Sadhguru. What is it that rules everything in the existence? It is the source of creation. what does the name Isha represent? Sadhguru: The word Isha literally means that which rules.

the same dualities are mauling you. this is okay. but will this work on the streets of New York City? This is okay. as you are right now. It has added color to you. you are subject to all the dualities of life. It has brought life to you. but will it work when I am racing with the rats? All these things are coming simply because you have been mauled by the dualities of life. but will this work with my family? This is okay. At the same time. subjecting you to so much pain and suffering.So Isha Yoga is a method to turn inward and access that dimension which is the source of who you are. If you exist on the level of creation. Only because of duality. 6 . at the same time it has taken a toll on you. Only because of duality there is you and me. Repeatedly questions are coming up. the whole game of life is happening.

which is non-dual. they become wounded. Now once you are rooted in the non-dual and play with the dual. if one part of you is creator. as people age. which is the source of creation. they have so many http://ishadownloads. but it doesn't take a toll on you. Whether somebody is successful or a failure. another part of you is creation. you can play with the creation whichever way you want. But being rooted in this. you play with the dualities. You can play with it and enjoy it whichever way you like. you root yourself in that dimension which we are referring to as Isha. but it will not leave a single scratch upon 7 . the dual has no impact upon you.From Creation to Creator The very purpose of Isha is your basic experience. But right now in the simple process of living. if you just take off their top layer and look at them. rich or poor or whatever. If you are rooted in that dimension which is the source of creation.

You are not able to separate what is right and what is wrong. They are just managing to cover it and go on bravely in the world. Only somebody who is utterly gross. like a brute he goes through life. 8 http://ishadownloads. Any sensitive human being is bound to be wounded when he knows only the dualities of life. These wounds have happened simply because whichever way you look at it. but anybody who is sensitive to life is bound to be mauled by the dualities of life. if like an animal. he can go through it but he will not know the subtleties and the beauty of . always. Because you are not able to separate what is good and what is bad. He can go trampling through life without knowing too much pain. but there are too many wounds. you can't come to terms with the dualities of life. You are not able to separate what is evil and what is beautiful.wounds within them. when he does not know the other dimension.

not understanding the fundamentals of reality. there is a dimension in you which cannot be touched by these dualities. even within yourself? Is it possible? You must deceive yourself to believe that everything is okay. But you will go insane after sometime because the very people who propagated such philosophies went insane. Everything is not 9 . If you do a cover up job. If you sink a little deeper into your experience. committed suicide. Everything is okay. People are trying to teach you such philosophies: 'I am okay. it feels good. they broke down. You are okay. http://ishadownloads. We are not seeing how to do a cover up job. everything is not okay. Either with yourself or with the world.' Initially it all looks nice. but after some time it will collapse. because you are trying to deceive the reality. became neurotic. People like Dale Carnegie and others.From Creation to Creator Are you able to draw a clear cut line between anything. Just trying to deceive yourself that everything is okay.

So always Indian spirituality uses lotus flower as a symbol for spiritual processes. The more stinky it is. the better it grows. filth is unavoidable. a lotus flower grows best wherever the slush is really thick and stinky. This little lotus seed transformed by this stinking slush into a fragrant flower.If you are rooted in that dimension. This stinking slush becomes a wonderful flower with such beauty and fragrance that you cannot believe it is the same slush. still you can go through it gracefully. wherever you are placed. whichever way you step into your . Isn't that the reality? 10 http://ishadownloads. Whichever way you step in the world. Why a lotus flower is used as a symbol is. somewhere you will step into it. Indian spirituality has always used a lotus flower as a symbol. If you are sincere with yourself. you cannot avoid filth. even if you are placed in hell. because once you live in the world of duality.

From Creation to Creator Only somebody who is blatantly lost in his moralistic nonsense believes he is pure-minded. he knows a part of him is utter filth. What is filthy and what is sacred is always together. Otherwise some people get allergy towards the filth and go to the Himalayas. So once you are sensitive to this. on the first day you will be dazed http://ishadownloads. Nobody can avoid 11 . It will just eat you up. One must learn how to convert this filth into a fragrant flower. one must be like a lotus flower. transact with this world. If one has to be in this world. the beauty of the creation is that the ugly and the beautiful are always together. be involved with this world and still go untouched through this world. that doesn't mean they are free from it. Wherever you go. looking at himself. That is the very nature. Only moralistic fools have closed their eyes to it. Life is made in such a way. it will just destroy you. even if you climb Mount Everest. Anybody who is sincere.

If you are responding to it consciously. On the first day you are probably just dazed by the elevation and the lack of oxygen. Or you will try to run away from the filth. isn't it? The filthier the situations you live in. Some people think anyway the world is filth. but by day two the whole world will be there with you on Mount Everest. but responding to life consciously. they try to run away. the wiser and more beautiful you can become. now filth is tremendous manure. if you are not reacting. By day two your mind will come back and the whole world's filth will come back to you on top of Mount Everest. Some people develop . if you are willing. let me also become filth.and feel all pure and wonderful. When you decide not to run away from the filth and not to become filth. you will become filth. if your intelligence is functioning. filth becomes a great 12 http://ishadownloads. If you are reacting to filth.

to bring out the most wonderful fragrance in you.' This man is free. 'I don't want to go to heaven. wherever you put me.' I see huge hoardings in United States ‘All Christians are going to heaven. Gautama the Buddha repeatedly 13 . http://ishadownloads. I want to go to heaven.From Creation to Creator manure to produce a wonderful flower out of you. why? Because somewhere you made a hell out of yourself. So let me go to hell. Are you missing out?' [Sadhguru laughs] Everybody wants to go to heaven. so I will go and do something there. So let me go to hell. You say people are suffering there. isn't it? 'I want to go to heaven'. Gautama said.' Everybody was talking about 'I am doing all kinds of spiritual sadhana. ‘I don't want to go to heaven because anyway I am beyond all suffering. anyway I have made myself in such a way that I cannot suffer. this is how I will be.

These are the two ways to live. the external upheavals of life have no impact on you deep down . You handle life to the best of your ability and that is all there is. this is how you will be. So Isha means to become a creator. One part of you at least is in touch with that dimension in you which is the source of creation. what does it matter? Wherever you go. Either you create your situations or situations make you. Some people are being created by situations. and that is the whole empowerment of being a human being. Once you are there. where the hell you go. going 14 http://ishadownloads.that's why you want to escape to heaven. but some people are creating the situations in which they live. Question: Can I walk a path of spirituality devoid of yoga also? Sadhguru: What is spirituality? Generally we think spirituality means going to the temple. isn't it? If living here itself is a big heaven within you.

husband.' That is not spirituality. church or mosque and praying is not spirituality. Your body is physical. So what is spiritual? Right now your whole experience of life is limited to the physical. church-going or mosque-going people. Dear God protect me. You have emotions about it. Everything that you are experiencing is physical.From Creation to Creator to the church. Dear God give me this. 99% of the 15 . that sense organs cannot perceive anything other than the physical. your wife. isn't it? It is in the very nature of things. all that they have been taught and all that they are doing in their lives is 'Dear God save me. but they are still physical. the world around you is physical. it is limited to the physical. child. going to the mosque and praying to God or whatever. http://ishadownloads. Even your mind is physical. Going to the temple. this. Dear God give me that. So when your experience of life is limited to sense perception. that is physical. that is just simple basic survival.

a method. I can throw this flower at you. It is a flow of electrons. Spirituality means. The simplest possible way to put it: if your experience of life transcends the physical. isn't it? The electricity which is empowering this microphone is also physical. on the level of your emotion. this microphone is a physical thing. If I want. if I want. and something other than the physical is happening. It works on you on the level of your body. Similarly as your body is physical. I can throw a thought at you. that you begin to experience something which is beyond the physical. very subtle. on the level of 16 http://ishadownloads.For example. So everything that is in your experience is . then we can say you are spiritual. on the level of your mind. Now in what way is yoga connected with spirituality? Spirituality is just an aspiration. Yoga is the technology to get there. but physical. It is still physical. very subtle. your mind is also physical. it is still physical.

So these are the only four realities which are a living experience for you right now. because these are the four dimensions in which you exist.From Creation to Creator your energy. So if you want to go from here to somewhere. but your body is a reality. So God is not a reality. http://ishadownloads. What kind of God you believe in is just what kind of social situations you have been brought up in. These are the only four vehicles you can use to transport yourself to another place. God is not a reality in your life. these are the only four tools with which you can go. and the energy which empowers all this is a reality. So for these four dimensions. it is just a belief. Every dimension is a reality within you. isn't it? Whether your God has two hands or four hands or an elephant head or cat head or tail or whatever. it is your imagination. your mind is a 17 . your emotion is a reality. we have four basic yogas. is just according to the social and cultural influences upon you. See.

If you use your energies to transform yourself and reach your ultimate nature. no heart. your yoga should be a combination of these four things. hands. If you use your emotion and reach out to your ultimate nature. energy. this is called as Bhakthi Yoga. yoga of transforming energies. If you use your physical action and reach out to your ultimate nature. heart. Now if you want to progress somewhere. we call this Karma Yoga or yoga of action. energy? Is there anybody who is just one big heart and not other things? Each human being is a unique combination of these four things. Is there anybody who is only head.If you use your intelligence and reach out to your ultimate . we call this Gnana Yoga. What this means is: your head. These are the four dimensions of you. there has been so much stress 18 http://ishadownloads. So these are the only four ways. we call this Kriya Yoga. hands. yoga of devotion or emotion. Why for ages.

what is the point in pushing a man into the sea of duality where he can't even keep himself afloat? http://ishadownloads.From Creation to Creator on the presence of a live Guru is simply because of this. It is because each one of you is a unique combination of these four dimensions. it will not work. Question: 19 . He needs a unique combination. That is why there is so much stress on a live Guru. towards the end of it. that a yoga that I apply for this person. We are mixing different combinations for different people. we are not mixing the same combination for each person. Though people are all sitting together in the same hall. otherwise it won't work. You will see as a program progresses. so that he mixes the right concoction for you. if I apply to that person. So that is what is being done here. people will share as if they have been in different programs.

what is the option that you have? Believe me or disbelieve me. and logically sensible. [Laughter] But in what way will it transform 20 http://ishadownloads. If I make the story sufficiently elaborate. One marble fell this way and it became planet Earth. One day God had nothing to do. that is the question. you don't want to believe it.Sadhguru: Now why creation. If you believe me. you would believe the story. Another smaller marble became moon and many other marbles he lost control of and they became whole galaxies. You just have one more story to tell at the next dinner party that you have. when I tell you a story. That is all the option you have. Now this is a ridiculous story. isn't it? If you disbelieve . what will happen? Nothing will happen. But if we had more time. Anyway. what will happen? Nothing will happen. Another marble hit it and shot up and it became sun. So he was playing marbles. I could tell you a story as long as Mahabharata and then you would believe it.

Simply because they believe things http://ishadownloads. All the fight in the world is just one man's belief versus another man's belief. can you stop them from fighting? Anyway. so stupid that today the fight in the world. will you become wiser? See right 21 . they have become utterly stupid. It is just one man's belief versus another man's belief. just because people believe these stories. That many people believe somebody else's story. don't believe this. isn't it? Now this many people believe my story. this. Initially they say we are all brothers. they are saying it is between good and evil. but tomorrow when these people insist their story is right. The fight in the world is not between good and evil. we are together.From Creation to Creator your life? In what way does it take you any closer to reality than you are right now? If I tell you stories. and other people also insist their story is the real reality. they will fight. that.

but don't go by the stories. But it doesn't get you any closer to reality as such. just enjoy it. but if you are looking for . Now these stories. they are very entertaining. Why are you not sincere enough to simply see that you do not know? If you see 'I do not know'. If you just believe something that somebody told you. if you are looking for going beyond your limitations. what will you do? You will seek. if you are just looking how to decorate your life.that they do not know. they are of no consequence. It just makes you believe one more story. culturally rich. Let's enjoy the culture. It puts you to sleep. then culture is useful. 22 http://ishadownloads. If you are just looking for color. So let's not destroy the culture. it quells you. because nobody can live with 'I do not know' for too long. if you are looking for liberation. Don't believe or disbelieve the story.

when things go wrong at least. now I have a way. So right now in some way you are entangled. http://ishadownloads. it makes no difference. I have a clear cut path as to how to go beyond this. it is just another story. If it does not appeal to your mind. Even if the story that I am telling is actually true.From Creation to Creator When it comes to creation. I have a method. Not everybody maybe. You believe God to be a demon or the demon to be a 23 . instead of asking why. because after all it is just your belief. but at least quite a lot of people feel like they are drowning. If it appeals to your mind. I can only tell you a story. instead of asking 'why creation'. right now you are a part of the creation. if you see. you will believe it. Now if you ask me how to go beyond this. if you ask how to transcend creation. So stories won't transform people. and like you said you are entangled and stuck and drowning in the creation. you will not believe it. as far as your experience goes. But if you ask me why.

He is the most wonderful and he is the most terrible. it is a device. It is a tool. For an Indian. but now you just made it into a story. The whole aspect of Shiva has been created with enormous care and understanding. It has all been created like this. Shiva's personality has been created like this: He is the most beautiful and he is the most ugly. Openly in countries in the west. you will accept the whole creation the way it is. he is the highest of the highest. It is not to be believed. He is the destroyer. Suddenly it is no more 24 http://ishadownloads.Shiva is called the Mahadeva in India. It has all been created like this. but he is the highest . His friends are all demons and freaks and goblins and all other kinds. It is to be used as a tool and a device in your life. some people are going about campaigning he is a demon. but he is the very basis of creation. because if you can accept this one man. especially in United States.

But now you just believe the story. But if you applied it the way it was intended. What happens http://ishadownloads. what happens after death? Sadhguru: Some things you will know only by experience. you would revere the ugly and the beautiful the same way. if you just see the evil and the good. see no change. If you chant Shiva or Rama or whatever 25 . the beautiful and the ugly. [Laughter] You want to know? It is best you know it only by experience. everything is a part of him. it would have transformed you tremendously. isn't it? That would be very transforming. do not apply the device to your life. it has lost its transforming impact upon you. Question: Sadhguru. If you really use Shiva as a device to transform yourself.From Creation to Creator transforming. nothing changes.

isn't it? Now you must make an effort to turn inward and go deep into yourself. still you know the same thing. not as a person. When you shed your body you don't have these things. the possibility of knowing it then doesn't arise. So when you do not even have the capability to know life which is kicking within you this moment. as life? No. even after this body falls apart. 26 . because right now you are better equipped. this is the moment. where will you get the capability of knowing what will happen after death? So if you want to know the process of life. do you know what is happening right now with you. to know the very fundamentals of who you are. Right now you still have your intellect and discretion. But if you do not know it now. if you know the basic fundamentals of who you are completely now. you just function by your tendencies.after death? If you want to know what happens after death. If you know this.

and you have the discriminatory power to see what is what. But actually we can say. Only that person who is willing to die can live totally. Why can't we talk about death in a positive way in our culture? Sadhguru: If you avoid death. Right now. One who tries to avoid death will naturally end up avoiding life. knowing what happens later will be very simple. one day the process will be complete. slowly you are 7 27 . if you avoid death.From Creation to Creator So when your intellect is on. you are living. you will avoid life also. “What is happening with me right now? What is the nature of who I am right now?” If this becomes a living reality for you. Because what you call as life and death are not different. then you http://ishadownloads. Being born in India. but I think it is totally unacceptable in our society. this is when you must see it. Question: I know that my father is going to die soon and I would like to talk to him about it.

the mind will work like this. Only when you remind yourself of your death. Right now you are going about doing 28 http://ishadownloads. suddenly one day they are gone. No spirituality will come. who was life like you. they are everything to you in your life. Gone. when you remind yourself. 'I will also die one day'. You know. And you know the same is true with you. Wherever you look.don't know anything about your culture. this is it. he doesn't seem to be there. suddenly just evaporates. This person who was so alive. Because this very culture springs from being reminded of your death. you will turn spiritual. Once you cremate him. maybe he is just . fantasies will come in your mind. When they fall dead. maybe he will sit up now. Somebody is around you right now. when you become aware. as much alive as you are. now a search comes. Only when you realize. If you think of God. maybe some miracle will happen'. you know. you think 'oh. Just gone.

When you think God. one day you will be gone. This is a brief 29 . You must tell your children always that this is not an endless game. very casually. you seek. you must remind them consciously all the time. http://ishadownloads. Once you are conscious of this. then naturally you will want to know what the hell this is all about. only when you are reminded of your own death. you are not a seeker. not as some great doom that is going to come. Only when you become conscious. Death is not doom. you will become a seeker. So not just the old people in your house. Then spirituality begins. You are just looking for more foolish nonsense in your life. Only when you think death. an easier way to get things. Death is just a natural process of life. You are going to be dead one day.From Creation to Creator your act. you turn spiritual. more greed. just like that. also the very young children in your house.

isn't it? Suppose I go on telling you death is wonderful. it goes on in a grand way. really it must happen to you. or people try to celebrate it. it liberates you. your emotions will glorify it. naturally. Anyway. nor can you bring it down by your gloom. you don't have to enhance it by your celebration. People try to avoid it. If you are just aware of it. If you are . Then you become like those UFO cult followers. everything is the way it is and it is too beautiful. you just have to join the celebration. You don't have to avoid it. You don't have to celebrate.Either people try to fall this way or that way. isn't it? It is a misunderstanding that you try to celebrate life or death. The intricacy of life. You trying to celebrate death will become death-orientedness. It is just fantastic. you don't have to celebrate it. You know those UFO cults in some of the western countries? 30 http://ishadownloads. If you celebrate it. That is the problem.

a rich man built a house. Don't distort anything. do not celebrate it. This is because they are thinking. isn't it? Simply see it as what it is. “You must give your blessings to us. then you die.” So the yogi raised his hand and said. Death is a natural process of life. When they build a new house. once a certain yogi was invited to a new house. The yogi went. we welcomed you and treated you like a king and fed you like a pig. He said. that is better than this. then let your children die. he ate well. they welcomed him like a king. do not become gloomy about 31 . You know. ”Let your father die first. he sat. Then they said.From Creation to Creator Some commit mass suicide. just see everything the way it is. and now when I ask for a blessing. they served him well. they did everything for him. It happened. they want some spiritual person to enter their house. you say first http://ishadownloads. ”You fool. So they invited the yogi.” The man got wild.

would it be good? Or your children die before you. then I should die. then you die. He said. then my children should die?“ The yogi was surprised. ”What is wrong? Is it not in the natural order of things that first your father should father should die. then your children die. isn't it? That means everything has gone well for you. then your children should die? Suppose you die before your father. then you should .” 32 http://ishadownloads. would it be good? The best thing that can happen to your life is. first your father dies.

non-political. and the U. Middle East. and spirit serve as an example of an inspired humanity. It is enabled by thousands of active volunteers from Asia. Set up as a non-profit. compassion. Europe. or 33 . but transmits inner sciences of well-being to multitudes of people across the world. it has also pioneered several projects of immense social value. whose dedication. http://ishadownloads.. Isha Foundation functions through over 150 centers worldwide. religion. and non-religious organization.Isha Foundation Sadhguru's tireless efforts towards bringing human well-being to all serve as the inspiration behind Isha Foundation's activities. the Foundation does not promote any particular ideology. In addition.S.

a multi-religious temple and meditation shrine.ft meditation hall. and the architecturally distinctive Spanda Hall and garden a 64.000 years. and is the first of its kind to be completed in over 2. Dhyanalinga Dhyanalinga is a powerful and unique energy form created from the distilled essence of yogic .000 sq. and realize their full potential under the guidance of a Master. Dhyanalinga is a meditative space that does not 34 http://ishadownloads. improve their relationships. It houses the Dhyanalinga.Isha Yoga Center The Isha Yoga Center is located on 150 acres of lush land. The center provides a supportive environment in which people can shift to healthier lifestyles. by Sadhguru. Also located at the Yoga Center are the Isha Rejuvenation Center and Isha Home School. at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains. seek a higher level of self-fulfillment.

These programs are designed by Sadhguru and are a rare opportunity for self-discovery under the guidance of a realized Master. or worship. enhanced mental calm and clarity. prayer. These programs establish optimal health and vitality.ascribe to any particular faith or belief system nor does it require any ritual. initiated in Au g u s t 2003. An array of programs is conducted regularly by the Foundation worldwide. ARR aims at p r ov i d i n g comprehensive and ongoing rural rehabilitation http://ishadownloads. and instill a deep sense of joy. Action for Rural Rejuvenation Action for Rural Rejuvenation (ARR) is Isha Foundation's social outreach program. They can be easily integrated into one's everyday life and embrace the human effort to reach inner awareness. Isha Yoga Programs Isha Yoga programs allow individuals to take tangible steps towards their inner 35 .

Isha Rejuvenation helps individuals to experience inner peace and the joy of a healthy body. Isha Rejuvenation Surrounded by thick forests. to bring vibrancy and proper balance to one's life energies. creating the opportunity for the villagers.000 villages. 36 http://ishadownloads. So far ARR has helped over a million . along with the sublime wisdom of various ancient Indian sciences and spirituality. in more than 1. in the southern states of India. to take responsibility for their own lives. yoga programs. such as free medical relief. It offers a unique and powerful combination of programs. ayurvedic and siddha treatments. nature awareness programs. and community games to the heart of the rural communities of India. The programs contain a synthesis of allopathic. including women and at the tranquil foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains. and restore and reach their ultimate wellbeing. scientifically designed by Sadhguru. and complementary therapies.

com 37 . With its prominent international faculty and Sadhguru's personal involvement in the curriculum. under the ARR initiative. designed specifically for the inner blossoming and the well-rounded development of the child. It does not propagate any particular religion.All the proceeds of Isha Rejuvenation contribute towards providing free health care to the rural villagers. but rather encourages the child to seek a deeper experience and inner understanding of the fundamentals of life. Focus is given to inculcating life values and living skills whilst maintaining the rigor of academic excellence as per national and international standards. http://ishadownloads. philosophy or ideology. Isha Home School Isha Home School aims at providing quality education in a challenging and stimulating homelike environment. Isha Home School kindles the innate urge within a child to learn and know.

Isha Vidhya is a visionary project by Sadhguru that aims to empower rural children with world class education. Isha Business Pvt. This opportunity is made available through its numerous products and services. yoga and vocational training. Ltd Isha Business Pvt. one in each taluk of the state. Ltd is a venture that aims to bring a touch of Isha into the homes and environment of the community. music. 38 http://ishadownloads. construction. arts.Isha Vidhya An initiative under Isha Education Outreach. The school adheres to matriculation syllabus with English as the medium of instruction along with exposure to . from architectural designs. The project envisions setting up of 206 schools over the next 5 years in rural Tamil Nadu. and ultimately enrich people's lives.

Coimbatore. All major airlines operate regular flights into Coimbatore from Chennai. All profits from this venture are used to serve the rural people of India. at the foothills of Velliangiri Mountains. rail and road. Mumbai and Bangalore. Regular bus and taxi services are also available from Coimbatore to Isha Yoga Center. a major industrial city in South India. through Isha Foundation's ARR initiative. Delhi. to designer outfits from Isha Raiment. How to Get There Isha Yoga Center is located 30 kms west of 39 . part of the Nilgiris Biosphere. landscape design. http://ishadownloads.interior design. furniture design and manufacturing. is well connected by air. handicrafts and soft furnishings. Train services are available from all the major cities in India.

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Poems by Sadhguru ² Sounds of Isha ² Nadha Aradhana ² Dhyanalinga by Sudha Ragunathan ² Dhyanalinga by Bala Murali Krishna ² Nadha Bhrahma (Mystical renditions in Sadhguru's own voice) http://ishadownloads. ² Encounter the Enlightened (also in French. Telugu) ² Mystic’s Musings ² Eternal Echoes ² Dhyanalinga ..Further Reading.. 41 .A Silent Revolution Music CDs (Audio) ² Eternal Echoes . Malayalam.

com . Inspire the World ² Good and Bad Divide the World ² Sexuality and the Divine ² Isha .Video Discourses ² A Guru Always Takes You for a Ride ² Dissolving Your Personality ² From Creation to Creator ² Inner Management ² Why Suffering? ² Women in Spirituality ² A Culture of Peace ² Inspire Your Child.Sacred Space for Self Transformation ² Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Mind ² Circus of the Intellect ² Enlightenment Life the Way it is ² A Taste of Oneness ² Leave Death Alone 42 http://ishadownloads. 43 .Sacred Space for Self Transformation ² Encounter the Enlightened ² Eternal Echoes All books and booklets.Audio Discourses ² A Guru Always Takes You for a Ride ² Dissolving your Personality ² From Creation to Creator ² Inner Management ² Why Suffering? ² Women in Spirituality ² A Culture of Peace ² Sexuality and the Divine ² Isha . cassettes and CDs (in English and Tamil) are available in all leading bookstores.

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