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Reno, NV 89523
775-747-2466 | |

patients to achieve their health status goals across wide variety of chronic health issues. Minimizes costs by leading
initiatives with hospitals, physician practices, and health care insurers, with deep insights into rapid and
simultaneous changes in health care marketplace. Powerfully builds on longstanding expertise in acute care clinical
nursing and broad nursing management experience, plus integrates in modern care coordination strategies to
maximize effectiveness of value-based care clinics, hospitals, and accountable care organizations (ACOs).
Clinical Care Coordination and Disease Management Care Coordinator / Educator Expertise:
Registered Nurse | Clinical Assessment | Disease Self-Management | Patient Tracking
Quality Management | Motivational Interviewing | Patient-Centered Health Care
Clinical Nursing and Clinical Nurse Management Expertise:
Acute Care | Tertiary Care | Triage | Trauma | Chronic Disease Management | Preventive Medicine
Transitional Care | Large Team Leadership | Coaching | Mentoring | Training | Clinical Teaching
Resource Allocation | Process Improvement | Cost Management | Revenue Capture
Emergency Nursing | Occupational Health Nursing | Geriatric Nursing | Cardiac | Pulmonary
Diabetes | Depression | Arthritis | Chronic Pain Management

Telecommuter Health Coach Consultant | Telecommuter Clinical Care Manager

Consultant and Care Coordination Educator, Reno, NV | American Health Holding, Inc. (Aetna), Reno, NV |
Hometown Health Plan, Reno, NV | Alere, Reno NV
In response to modernizing demands of new health care environment established extensive knowledge base in
health care coordination, and disease management model for patients, physicians, and inter-professional team.
Provided care coordination expertise in multiple organizations, refining strategy and preparing for new
standard in health care marketplace. Recruited for disease management / care coordination / health coach
consultant roles on behalf of health plans to maximize health outcomes for patients with proper self-care and
primary care while minimizing unnecessary use of tertiary and emergency care. With telephonic support
simultaneously managed case load of up to 350 patients.
Provided Integrative Nursing and Care Coordination to Patients with Wide Variety of Clinical Needs
Evaluated patients nutrition, exercise, and self-care practices to improve their financial, nutrition, and
family circumstances in relation to their health issues. Provided follow-up calls to continue coaching and
strategizing with patients over longer term.
Managed patients dealing with top 5 chronic illnesses (cardiac, pulmonary, diabetes, depression, and
arthritis/chronic pain management) and other comorbidities. Engaged patients on self- management.
Coordinated caseload of adult patient base, typically 65+ years old with chronic illnesses and tobacco
Accessed device monitoring patient data and medical records according to HIPAA guidelines to
minimize reliance on patient memory and accuracy.

Silvia D. Devescovi, RN, BSN | 775-747-2466

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Built Trust of Patients in Care Coordination Model

Built rapport with patients, via personalization and individualization of practice, in <20 minutes, helping
them to self-determine positive change with motivational interviewing skills.
Strategized to review and follow up on each patient to maximize the success of each.
Established plan for monitoring and following up with complex patient case load daily, developing
calendar and timeline that met patient needs and adhered to corporate demand and quality standards.
Distinguished among those patients needing connection from those needing clinical care; treated all
issues equally, separating patients medical and interpersonal needs.
Coached Patients to Self-Directed Health Care Improvement
Helped patients develop strategies for self-sustenance, appropriate use of primary care, and satisfaction
in their lives and health situation.
Provided options for alternative resources for those with limited income, developing creative options to
help patients acquire proper food, medication, transportation, and other needs related to their health
care situations. Developed resource guide of referrals across country.
Provided rapid interventions when patients weight or blood sugar data, transmitted automatically and
electronically, triggered potential change with patients medical treatment plan (Alere).
Initiated Disease Management Program with patients 65+, growing program to 100 members in <4
months. Focused on patients managing high-risk heart failure/cardiac illnesses. Coordinated
management of current, chronic, and comorbid health concerns (Hometown Health).
Exceeded All Quality Measures Related to Patient Management and Cost Containment
Maintained quality of every call at 98%+ (standard 90%92%), as evaluated by quality managers adhering
to standards set at federal and state levels, protocols required by URAC, NCQA, and HEDIS/ACO for
accreditation, and unique company requirements.
Upheld productivity levels of 80%90% (standard 70%).

Weekend Administrator/ Liaison / Educator (Washoe Village Care Center, now-Renown South Meadows
Medical Center, Reno, NV): Determined appropriate placement for residents among 5 levels of care. Led
teams of clinical and non-clinical staff administrative leadership over facility operations.
Nurse Manager, Trauma and Emergency Services (Trinity Medical Center West, Rock Island, IL):
Managed operations and clinical services, 31,000 patients/year, in 15-bed Level II trauma center,
emergency services, and minor treatment area. Led team of 14 RNs and 16 technicians (radiology,
paramedics, administrative personnel, and more). Designed and executed on fiscal and capital budgets
that supported $4.7M annual revenues and $1.3M expenses.
Nurse Manager (MedPartners Physician Practice Group, San Bruno, CA): Managed clinical operations and
created systems for 7 multi-site physician practices. Supervised and coached 6 RNs, 3 LVNs, and 26 medical
assistants (including 4 lead RNs and 3 lead LVNs, 2 advice RNs, and 1 utilization review MA). Effectively
recruited and hired 11 of 35 positions.
Acute Care Clinical Nurse, 21 years: Provided expert hands-on clinical care to neonate through geriatric
patients in wide variety of hospital and clinical patient care settings with organizations including
Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Palo Alto, CA; Kaiser Permanente, Walnut Creek, CA;
Columbia/HCA (San Leandro Hospital), San Leandro, CA; United States Postal Service, San Jose, CA; and
Overland Park Regional Medical Center, Overland Park, KS.

Bachelor of Science, Nursing, Avila University, Kansas City, MO.

Nevada Registered Nurse (RN) License, Current.
California Registered Nurse (RN) License, Current.
Certified, American Heart Association Basic Life Support.