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Apr 10, 2014 | In-Product View

After you click General from the left pane of the Project preferences dialog,
the parameter options are as shown.

Define parameters:

Under Tolerances:
Parts identifying during positioning - an admissible deviation in
dimensions of 2 parts which are to be treated as identical during
Contact of welded parts - an admissible distance between edges
of the parts during detection of a contact line (used while welding the
Arc display accuracy - a number of straight segments (with
respect to a round angle - 360 degrees) into which a created arc is
Automatically create groups for the assemblies - if this is selected, the
elements joined by means of workshop connectors (bolts or welds) are
grouped automatically while these connectors are being inserted

Automatically update connections - if this is selected, then after the

structure geometry is modified, the existing connections are adjusted to
new structure dimensions. Selecting the option is recommended for small
structures (and fast computers); for a large structure model, the operation
of updating the structure may be very time-consuming
Create assemblies from loose parts - if this is selected, all parts that do
not belong to any assembly will be ascribed a new position type called
Assembly (during automatic generation of assemblies). If this is not
selected, the position type of parts not belonging to any assembly will not
be changed
Simplified modeling of connectors - if this is selected, all connectors
are displayed in a simplified way; it decreases computer memory use,
particularly for large structures.
Simplified modeling of parametric structures - this option applies to
railings and spiral stairs. If this is selected, a parametric structure model is
generated in a simplified mode (without machinings and welds). It
improves the performance of the program by quicker generation of a model
as well as by reduction of a file size and the memory usage. If the option is
cleared (a default setting), railings and spiral stairs are generated with
details. Parametric structures in a model can be regenerated many times
to full or simplified mode (see also: Options available in the menu for
details of the Regenerate to full mode and Regenerate to simplified
mode options).
Under Nomenclature of assemblies, you can select names of
assemblies created automatically in the software
Text - an assembly name will consist of any user-defined text
Main part name - an assembly name will consist of a name of
main element (for example, HP14x102)
Family + main part name - an assembly name will consist of a
family name and a main element name (for example,
Nomenclature of plates
Overwrite prefix - if this is selected, a name defined in the field
overwrites the default prefix for plates (the name created
automatically when defining a plate)
Families settings - click this to open the Family manager dialog.