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Dr. Mike Murdock - Wisdom for Extraordinary Success (Day 1-Port Harcourt, Nigeri
a 2011)
God rules His universe with His mouth. Everything God does, He does thru conve
Important thing to understand is the power of conversation. Most important part
of a conversation is
When you can manage your day, you can manage your life.
Nobody else is responsible for keeping you inspired. You are responsible to fi
nd in God's world what inspires
you. You find what inspires you, and put it in front of you. You take out of y
our life what doesn't inspire you,
and put in your life what inspires you, what motivates you. If you can keep you
r inspiration, your motivation
there's nothing you can't do because God is in you.
Proverbs 4:7 ... Wisdom is the PRINCIPAL THING
Until you set a goal, you don't know what you should study, you don't know how t
o use your mind.
When you say yes, you have to say no to something. Every yes necessitates a no.
It's the only way you know
what deserves for a yes in your life.
Your goals are your distinctive difference from others. Your goals reveal your
assignment. Something God assigns
you to on the earth.
The only cure for a painful past is a picture of your future. God is always tal
king to you about your future. If you don't
have a picture of your future, you will ALWAYS GO BACK TO THE PAST. You have t
o have a picture of your future.
There is a difference in people who fail and the people who succeed... the peopl
e who fail keep looking at their past.
The people who succeed keep looking at their future. God doesn't run your futu
re by calendar, God CONTROLS your future
by DECISION... YOUR DECISION. Divine desire is not Divine decision.
The purpose of wisdom is to distinguish between God's decisions and your decisio
Your words control divine reactions. God reacts to my words, not my thoughts. (
Example the theif at the cross and the people
repented at Ninevah) Your words control divine behavior. God reacts to me depe
ndant upon my words. God waits for my
words to know how to move in my life.
Make sure you put before you what you want in you and in your future.
Your decisions create your life. The Lord can control the outcome of your decis
"if" is mentioned over 300 times in the word. "if' is a conditional word.
Prayer is NOT THE SEED for money. There is a difference between a 'God experie
nce" and the "Principles of God'
The person of Jesus creates your peace; his principles create your prosperity.
The person of Jesus prepares you for eternity.
The principles and laws of God prepare you for the earth. Preparing for eternit

y is easier than preparing for the earth.

Psalm 112:1-3 says
God's love for you
has no power. love
The whole bible is

HOUSE., not a man that loves God.
doesn't double your salary, and love unreceived is love that
has to be received before it works.
a book about RECEIVING.

Sowing is based on God's worth, reaping is based on our faith. We sow to God kn
owing that He is worthy, but we reap based on our expectation
that He will reward us as receivers. Every law has a different fruit.
Law of Protol: Every environment has expectations of behavior. Every environme
nt has a code of conduct. (Example: Joseph changing gear
before meeting pharaoh)
Your future will require more than your present required. Your future has a dif
ferent expectation than your present.
Your present knowledge got you to now, but the knowledge from here on out will t
ake you to your future. You are where your present knowledge
has taken you. There's a difference between the laws of God and God experience.
I can experience with God that transform me, but then I have
to learn His laws.
Law of focus- Joshua 1:7-8 focus is permitting something to master you. What
ever keeps your attention becomes your master. And focus is choosing
what masters me... the vision of my life, the mission of my life.
The ministry you serve that's the anointing that grows in your life. Two ways t
o get an anointing from a man of God is: servanthood and seed.
and servanthood is seed.
We never live what we're taught, we live who we believe. We live the part we be
lieve. Nobody lives the way their taught. They live the part they chose
to believe.
Success happens proportionate to correction, and is proportionate to correction.
confrontation can be a seed for healing. When you run from correction, you
run away from success. Right creates its own reward. If you are right with Go
d and right with men, you can have confidence.
A mentor is a shortcut to your future. Experience is the slowest way of learnin
g. It's not enough to want to go the right direction, you got to want to get i
nto your
future. A mentor is not a cheerleader, he is a coach. A mentor is not your be
st friend, your best friend loves you the way you are. Your mentor loves you to
o much
to leave you the way you are. Your mentor is comfortable with your future, your
best friend is comfortable with your past.
You will never have a money problem in your life, only a wisdom problem. Wisdom
is the ability to see/discern DIFFERENCE. Age does not produce wisdom.
Time is not in the success equation and time is not in the wisdom equation. Un
til you ask a question, all your knowledge is accidental and probably unrelated.
Answers are the employees of questions. Decisions are very easy to make when yo
u ask enough questions.
Your mind is your greatest investment...your mind is your garden. It's where you
grow the fruit of your future.
Remember, God never leaves any man unrewarded so you don't want to leave anyone
in your life unrewarded.
You will succeed at the level of your mentorship.

Everything created on the earth has a divine assignment. Everything created sol
ves a problem. You are a walking solution for a proble. The problem you solve
decides your reward.
When you solve a problem, you create divine debt to you. Your assignment is deci
ded by God, but discovered by you.
Anger is the seed for change. Change happens proportionate to anger. Identify
your highest point of anger, that's a clue to something God created you, assign
ed you to correct.
When you find your assignment you find your reward system. Your assignment must
become your obsession. You will only succeed with an obsession. What's the on
e word that describes you?
Every man is given a theme for his life. Atheme... you discover it thru energy,
favor and opportunity. God talks thru opportunity... God talks thru favor, Go
d talks thru energy.
Example: God NEVER TOLD David to fight Goliath, he SAW an OPPORTUNITY FOR HIS G
Opportunity is divine conversation.
If you will walk in opportunit
y cause everything arrives from
Everything God sends you doesn't look lik
e what you asked for, it's hidden in opportunity.
God talks thru favor. God speaks thru favor. Never stay where there is no favo
r. Identify where you find favor.
Your assignment is GEOGRAPHICAL. You won't do well everywhere. Even Jesus didn
't do well in places, that's why he left Nazareth and went to Capernum. Success
is geographical.
You difference will be rewarded when you are geographically accurate. When you
are where you are assigned, nobody can compete with you.
We are not bread for the people. We are 'carriers' of the bread for the people.
Give yourself to God, and give God to the people because HE IS THE BREAD... TH
In ministry, be prepared for an adversay because until Goliath shows up, you are
Its the enemy that decides how you are received... an enemy is as important as y
our friend... a friend creates your comfort but an enemy creates your rewards.
The size of your enemies decides
the size of your rewards. When you ask God for a future, He will arrange an adv
ersary. Your enemy is not a wall, he is a door into your next season. When an e
nemy rises up against you, its God
announcing that your present season is coming to a close and promotion has just
been launched. An enemy exposes what's inside of you, reveals what's inside of
you. An enemy will give you in a day
what your friend can't give you in a lifetime.
There's seven reactions that are important in your ministry and your life... rea
ction to correction, reaction to greatness, reaction to a mistake, reaction to t
he Word of God....wisdom causes you to have
approriate reaction.
Wisdom is recognition of difference. Honor is rewarding
someone for their difference.

8-1-14 Dr. Mike Murdock - Wisdom for Extraordinary Success - pt 2

The difference in success and failure is in THE VOICE YOU TRUST.
Wisdom is the ability to recognize difference...difference from right or wrong,
difference in people, difference in a countenance.
Example: Joseph looked at the countenance of butler and baker.
A problem is

an invitation to a reward. Everywhere there is a problem, there is a job. And

everywhere there is a job, there is a future.
Until somebody has a problem, they do not know your difference. Until somebody
has a problem, you can't have a reward. Success is not a divine decision... its
your decision.
Wisdom is the scriptural reaction to a problem. Success is the obtaining of a
worthwhile goal. Success is an experience. Honor is the rewarding of differenc
e. Honor is a gift, respect is an attitude.
Wisdom will bring you to a reward. Wisdom is the recognition of difference. Ho
nor is rewarding someone for their difference. The wisdom is know WHO to honor.
Prosperity is the reward for honoring the right people.
Wisdom helps you know who qualifies for honor. If you fail in life its because
of dishonor.
The only person qualified to promote you is the person who gives you instruction
s... usually someone with divine authority over your life.
1. Your decision to build your faith... your faith is creating your world. Faith
is confidence in God. Why is this important to build faith? Its the only way t
o attract His Favor. God responds to faith and nothing else.
Doubt has fruit like faith has fruit (Joshua & Caleb with the 10 spies). D
oubt produces tragedy and Faith produces MIRACLES. Doubt is deadly to you. Th
e only thing God will work with in your life is FAITH.
Faith comes by hearing and leaves by hearing... faith comes when you hear Go
d talk/Word Faith leaves when you hear others who talk outside of God and His
Word. It is imperative that you work with your faith to change
your life and change your world. Important to listen/read the Word because
what enters you also exits you.
When His Word enters me, doubt leaves me. Y
ou don't study something you want to leave you become bonded with what
you focus on. So you focus on His Word, bring it into that purifies and dri
ves out the darkness and unbelief. Don't study your weaknessess, STUDY YOUR DI
God uses pictures to build our faith. Faith is the only way to gen
favor with God.
Numbers 23:19
2. Your decision to excel in your present assignment.... the obsession of God is
ORDER. Excellence is the HIGHEST LEVEL OF ORDER. Excel in your present assig
nment. Today is the seed for tomorrow. The excellence of today will not be rew
today, it will be rewarded tomorrow. Your assignment is ALWAYS TO A PERSON OR
A GROUP OF PEOPLE . How do you know to whom your are assigned... Whose pain d
o you feel? Whose tears affect you? Whose success creates joy in you?
Whose enemies you want to confront? Your assignment must become your obsession.
You build your appointments around your assignment, you build your day around
your assignment. Your assignment is GEOGRAPHICAL.
WHERE YOU ARE matters as much as WHAT YOU ARE; where you are determines the gif
ts that flourish in you where you are rewarded. Your assignment must become you
r total life.
Wherever you believe you are suppose to be working or plan to work, study the co
mpany so you know it does.
make 4 statements in interview to interviewer. Tell them .. a. you will never h
ave to repeat an instruction to me b. i complete everything I begin.
c. i am agreeable with anybody i work with. im agreeable to work around
d. I
am easy to correct.
The problem you solve qualifies you for your salary. You are never paid because
of your gift. You are paid for the problems you solve with your gift. When y
ou change the problem you've solve, you've changed the salary.

Problems make you necessary. They are the seeds for rewards. They are invitati
ons to relationships/connections. Problems birth reward system on the earth. E
xcel in your present assignment.
Excellence is a magnet for right people. Excellence is a silent conversation ab
out your expectations.
The number one difference between the poor and the ric
If you want the blessing and prosperity to come to your life, REMEMBER THE FIRST
NT IN OTHERS. Tartiness to a job is silent rebellion. If they always late, th
at means they do not want to be there.
3. Your decision to honor scriptural chain of authority..... my reaction to aut
hority determines success in my life. Authority has to be learned, to be taught
like honor. God works with the chain of authority. God works thru authority.
It is the system of God.
the purpose of authority is provision, promotion and protection. No one under
you can promote you, only someone over you.
When you get into the system of h
onoring authority, everything changes in your life.
4. Your decision to pursue an uncommon mentor... mentorship is IMPARTATION. Men
torship is learning thru the pain and losses of another person. You learn witho
ut the season of waiting. Time is not in the success equation.
Experience is
the slowest way of learning
and is the slowest way to success. Your questions reveal your passion level
5. Your decision to look for divine rewards in every battle... never enter a bat
tle that does not have a reward. Never allow your enemy to choose your weapons
of battle, place of battle or timing of battle. Your reaction your enemy determ
ines his success.
Never advertise the success of an adversary. Never panic. The size of your ene
my reveals the size of your rewards. Hell reacts to your future. If your enemy
believes in your potential, YOU SHOULD BELIEVE IN YOUR POTENTIAL.
If you are having someone on your job (family, church, etc) attacking or accusin
g you do the following.....
a. Identify an intercessor in your life (get someone to pray on your behalf).
b. silence cannot be misquoted... in other words, don't feel like you have to
answer your enemy. c. stay thankful, stay worshipful. Worship is a magnet and
it corrects your focus.
Begin to prophesy to your day. It is a SERVANT TO YOU! Don't fight Goliath if
there is no reward attach to the battle. Keep the rewards in front of you. Un
til you have an adversary, God is not authorized to promote you.
6. Your decision to continuously listen to the voice of the HOLY SPIRIT... alw
ays stay in the path of favor. where there is favor there is a future. A comm
and takes a moment, a plan takes some time.
7. Your decision to sow seed with expectation of a specific harvest.... words ar
e the seeds for feeling, gratitude is seed for more, battle is seed for territor
y, repentance is seed for forgiveness, tithe is seed for divine favor. You are
a walking seed. Everyday in your life you sow.
even nothing is a seed that creates a season of NOTHING. There will never be a
day in your life where you don't sow. The KEY is EXPECTATION. Its not enough t
o sow a seed... you have to sow with EXPECTATION. Change your seed to change t
he harvest you are expecting
we sow for an outcome. If you sow without expection you will not receive harve
st. You must have expectation when you sow... EXPECT TO RECEIVE! SOMETHING YOU
HAVE IS THE SEED FOR SOMETHING YOU DON'T HAVE. Inventory the seed that God ha

s given you. You ALWAYS

HAVE SEED. There is never a day you don't have seed.
Wrap faith and expectat
ion around your seed. Presentation reveals value, it reveals importance.
rything is bought, only the CURRENCY CHANGES. Every miracle has a price attach
ed to it (example: the instructions
of walking around jericho walls) The price of knowing the HOLY SPIRIT is TIME

8-1-14 Dr. Mike Murdock - Wisdom for Extraordinary Success - pt 3

God uses little keys to open great treasures... the size of the key is not the s
ize of the treasure. Sometimes the smallest key opens the bank vault. Sometime
s the smallest piece of knowledge unlocks a treasure for us. Proverbs 4: 7-8 Ev
ery problem is a WISDOM PROBLEM.
God's first conversation with man was to multiply, increase and have dominion.
God kills anything that doesn't grow (example: fig tree Jesus cursed, man who hi
d one talent)
A curse is always on the unused talent. God has put something in you that is su
pernatural. It's your responsibility to identify it. God doesn't make a common
man. An uncommon God never created an common man. He created uncommon men and w
Proverbs 2:1-6,12,16 "IF YOU WILL RECEIVE MY WORDS..." The Bible is a book of
RECEIVING. Success is a decision, not a miracle. Success depends on what you
are willing to receive from others. Wisdom is the ABILITY TO ANTICIPATE A CONSE
Delilah wasn't the one that destroyed Samson, it was Samson UNWILLINGNESS to REC
EIVE INSTRUCTIONS from his father, Manoah. It wasn't the serpent that destroyed
The person of Jesus is different than the laws of God. The person of Jesus creat
es your peace, his principle creates your prosperity.
Psalm 112:1-5
Important to get accustomed to sowing favor than to receive fa
vor. Prosperity determines how much good you can do on the earth. The more pr
osperous you are the more people you bless. You multiply the good on earth.
Psalm 112: 7-9
Every l
aw produces a different result, a different fruit.
1. The Law of Difference... Romans 12. God loves difference. You must find YO
UR DIFFERENCE. That's the part you market. Look for your difference. What is
your difference from others? What do you love to hear about most.
Magnify your difference from another. Similarity creates our comfort but ou
r difference creates our rewards. What do you have great patience with? What a
re you attracted to? There is something divine inside of you, and God has place
d it there.
Identify your difference, protect it and CELEBRATE IT! Until you find your
difference, you'll always feel inferior to others. Until you find the divine d
ifference in you, you will envy other people who have gifts, skills and opportun
ities you don't have.
2. The Law of Protocol... protocol is expected behavior, precised conduct in an
expected environment. There is a reason for protocol... it so all can be comfo
rtable and understand the difference in that environment.
In every environment that you enter in your life, there will be an expectati
on of protocol. If you honor that expectation, you can enter any environment be
cause honor makes you accessable. Honor creates instant ACCESS in any season, in

any environment.
A moment of discomfort can create a LIFE TIME OF BLESSSINGS. ADAPTATION is
3. The Law of Focus... The only reason men fail is broken focus. How do you d
estroy someone with a great dream? Give him another one or several... It will d
istract him. The role of the enemy is to BREAK YOUR FOCUS. What can break your
focus from the goals
that the Lord has put in you. The law of focus means you can accomplish a
nything if you STAY FOCUSED. Joshua 1:7-8 is about FOCUS. STAY FOCUSED ON THE
Create an environment that
protects your focus. You will have to protect and fight for your focus.
Protect your environment, protect your focus. One hour of focus will do more th
an a year of broken focus. Teach your family and those around you to honor your
4. The Law of Recognition... There's always something you don't see and there's
always a missing conversation that will make a difference in your decision. R
ead: ACRES OF DIAMONDS by RUSSELL CONWELL has to do with the law of recognition
. What is it that you ARE NOT
not for a 24 hour lifestyle. Most of the knowledge on the earth has not been
discovered by you. There's something you are not seeing. There's something yo
u desperately need in your
life but you have yet to see it. Everyday of your life ask 'what is it I have n
ot seen or I'm not seeing?"
5. The Law of Servanthood... who have you decided to host on the earth? Servan
thood is the seed for the throne. A true servant is never dismissed and is a per
manent person in the palace. Servanthood is a God trait to serve someone well.
Servanthood can't hide.
Excellence is fragrant and servanthood is refreshing to a warriors heart. Serv
anthood is a conversation about greatness. Servanthood is when you bless someb
ody. When you master servanthood you master life. Everyone of us is called t
o make someone's life better, happier.
Whatever you do, develop the heart of a servant. The heart of servanthood chan
ges the brings dignity. Don't get busy in your life where you
don't dignify your world, dignify your life.
6. The Law of Honor... rewarding someone for their difference. Unthankfulness
produces pride. Dishonor disqualifies you for access. It disqualifies you for
relationship. An act of dishonor will disqualify you quickly. If you fail in y
our life it will be because you dishonored someone in
your life. There is no miracles for those who dishonor. Honor is taught in th
e home, its taught in the church. Ananias and Sapphira died because of dishonor
. Nothing demonstrates honor more than giving God the tithe. The tithe is the
quickest proof of divine honor.
7. The Law of the Seed... something you have been given will create anything you
have been promised; and promised what you have been promised. The law of the s
eed works. When I let go of what's in my hand, God lets go of what is in His han
You can sow your way into any future you want. If what you have today is no
t a harvest and not enough, it's seed for the HARVEST.