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The Sophie the giraffe was born on the 25th of May in the year 1961. This baby toy is
quite famous in Europe and the United States countries. Many famous Europe
celebrities love this product. This will be a strong star effect of this product. This is
also the best-selling baby product on website such as
Monsieur RAMPEAU is the inventor of Sophie the giraffe. It is made from 100%
natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea Tree by using the rotational molding
of rubber as a toy-making concept.

Business Description OBJECTIVE The overall objective is to identify the respondent would buy the Sophie Giraffe. 1.Its size and shape are ideal for a baby’s small hands to grips. 2. This has been classified into the following sub-objectives. This baby product can stimulate five senses of baby. 1. To examine the respondents would purchase the product. To identify attitudes to domestic toy market and competing brands. To determine promotional platforms that can be used to launch in Malaysia 3. We have detailed further areas beneath each objective. To examine the respondents would purchase the product .

1620 of market demand in every year and breakeven at second year. We will explain it more detail in our marketing plan section. This objective is to discover which would the respondents are most likely willing to buy a better quality and safer toys for their babies. The Sophie the giraffe is made from 100% natural rubber and food paints. Our objectives are we hope can reach RM 18. 2. Our goals are we can have branches in whole Malaysia in the after fifth years. .Sophie the giraffe in Malaysia. 3. Mission Statement Our mission is to popularize a higher quality and safer baby toy’s brand . We will set parents and anyone as our target customers. To identify attitudes to French toy (Sophie Giraffe) and competing toy brands.001. so it will not bring any harmful to babies. .This object would determine how many parents would choose the France toys rather than China and domestic toys. We hope Sophie the giraffe is the market leader of toy brands in Malaysia. To determine promotional platforms that can be used to launch in Malaysia This objective is to research what platforms should be used to promote the Sophie Giraffe.



. model vehicles. Within traditional toys.Industry Analysis Toys and games industry analysis Toys and games volume sales increased slightly in Malaysia in 2010 as a result of the country’s strong economic recovery and the government’s commitment to increasing per capita income. sales of action figures. Such as Xbox Kinect and Sony Move. plush toys and pre-school toys were driven by the popularity of licensed ranges such as Toy Story 3 and Iron Man. Video games also recorded strong growth in all areas due to the increase in consumer spending and strong demand for original games software by hard core gamers.

Target of Auby Baby toys is for baby. All Auby baby toys products are 100% non-toxic.000 satisfied customers worldwide. incorporated with Tai Sing partner of being Malaysia’s leader in General Toys retailing. odorless and conform to Malaysia Toys Safety Standards.Competitor Analysis There are two main competitors in Malaysia which is Auby Baby Toys Online Malaysia. infants and young children. Auby Baby toys mission is aim to bring in more safe and fun infant toy that brings joyful time for babies in Malaysia.E-commerce shop and Daisheng (M) Sdn Bhd. Auby children toys series is designed by wellknown professional toy brand of Auldey (well known toy maker product include of RC car and mini 4wd). Auby Baby Toys Online Malaysia Auby Baby toys established on March 2008. Each and every Auby baby toys have to go through extensive research and design to have a rich functionality and unique design toy play. Mission of Daisheng is . involved in Malaysia E-commerce industry since year 2008 and they have archived more than 10. Daisheng (M) Sdn Bhd Daisheng (M) Sdn Bhd was established in year 1982.

the demographic factors might be:  Age – 18-30 years old  Gender – male and female  Location – whole Malaysia  Income level – middle-upper level consumer  Social class and occupation. For anyone customers.housewife. Therefore. Our secondary customer will be anyone. businessman/ provide good service to our valued customers and the development of company. teacher.  Characteristics. Marketing Plan Target Market We will set parents as our primary customer. and become a market leader in the chains of toy stores throughout South East Asia. For parent customers.consumers must interested at new product. Daisheng’s vision is to be the most innovative and preferred toys distributor and supplier in this region. In the year 2001. the first Toy city chain outlet at Mid Valley has been established under our company name of Daisheng (M) Sdn Bhd. the demographic factors might be:  Age – 18-50 years old  Gender – male and female . Sophie the giraffe can fulfill their needs. It is because parents will be more care about their new birth child. have some healthy knowledge and active in social networking. they may want to choose some healthy product to their new birth child. Some family members and friends may buy some toys for the babies too. doctor and so on.

For business customers. supermarket such as Tesco. the demographic factors might be:  Industry (or portion of an industry) – toys and games and baby care product. and price preferences  Other (specific to your industry)  Other (specific to your industry) Product . Location – whole Malaysia  Income level – middle-upper consumer  Social class and occupation.consumers must interested at new product.  Quality. ecommerce and supermarket  Location – whole Malaysia  Size of firm – retail shops such as baby care shop. have some healthy knowledge and active in social networking. members and friends  Characteristics. giant. technology.

Touch Sophie the Giraffe” likes baby’s mother’s skin which can stimulate physiological and emotional response that soothe baby and promote healthy growth and wellbeing 2. However. reassuring object for a baby SMELL The scent of natural rubber from the Hevea tree makes Sophie the Giraffe very special and easy for your child to identify amid all his other toys. She is very light. Its size and shape are ideal for a baby’s small hands to grips. I do note that after a while. Many toys can’t be chew due to some toys can bring harmful or unhealthy ingredients to baby. As you know baby likes to chew the things on his/her hand. even from his earliest days. and is completely safe to chew.It is made from 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea Tree by using the rotational molding of rubber as a toy-making concept. Therefore. Sophie the giraffe has a strong competitive advantage compare to other competitors in Malaysia such as Kiki Koko. just like a feeding bottle teat. do becomes lighter SIGHT For an infant. 6. EASY TO GRIP Sophie the Giraffe is very easy to grip. TASTE It is made of 100% natural rubber and food paint. She then becomes a familiar and 4. HEARING Sophie the Giraffe's squeaker is supposed to keep baby amused and stimulates his hearing. The dark and contrasting attention-catching spots all over Sophie the Giraffe's body provide visual stimulation. . Her shape and 18 cm (7 inches) size are perfect for baby's small hands. the food paint 3. so the things is on his hand are very important. This baby product can stimulate six senses of baby. a baby's eyesight is still limited and they can only perceive high contrasts. 1. 5. and her long legs and neck are easy for baby to grip.

Price .

twitter.Promotion Advertising strategy. Sport event is noticed gradually in the world. if we do advertising in social networking. it will be save the advertising cost as the advertising cost is free. so TV commercial will leave a strong impression to audience. Today. Such as. sport event sponsorship and word of mouth. TV commercial. Newspaper is one of the efficient ways to know everything. so we need to do a lot of advertising. These videos will show you how Sophie the giraffe works. Customer can find the Sophie the giraffe videos in YouTube. We can sponsor sport equipment or jersey in local sport event such as NBA basketball league and any soccer team in Malaysia. Word of mouth is also a strong and direct way to introduce the product to everyone. every people almost watch TV everyday. Almost everyone plays social networking such as Facebook. Our product sells healthy. considerate and unique concept as our product can stimulate five sense of baby and so on. social networking. msn and so on. Today is a technology world. Distribution channels . It is because Sophie the giraffe is a new product in Malaysia.newspaper. Furthermore. Air Asia give sponsorship to one of the FIFA soccer team.

while online sales already account for almost 16% of toy sales in Germany. and supermarkets.For example . Exciting management and hourly opportunities exist for these separate shifts in the following areas:  Operations  Facilities  Inventory  Transportation  Human Resources SWOT Strengths    Strong brand presence due to its history No chemical Excellent worldwide distribution due to Opportunities  Given its current product range. only 0. which often account for 40% of toy sales.the market share of online sales is increasing . the company can further expand into the collectibles space through tie-ups . However .5%of toys are sold online in Spain.Most toys sold in traditional retail outlets such as specialized toy stores.

It turned over more than $11 billion in 2005. Babies R Us which adds another 200 + Having so much shelf space means that the company has a strong bargaining position when it comes to buying prices from manufacturers. It also owns the baby brand. Strengths Sophie the Giraffe Us has in excess of 1500 superstores in the United States and Worldwide. Weaknesses . It has a huge distribution network that benefits from advanced logistical systems. physical presence in 35 countries all over the world Weaknesses   The company can leverage Threats  Given the consumer shift towards online stores. Sophie the Giraffe Us also markets successfully on the Web (in collaboration with Amazon. the company may be at a cost-disadvantage in the future The company has limited global penetration especially in big emerging economies  Threat from all the online stores offering the same products at a lower price The company is highly dependent on its suppliers .

com’s FREE SWOT analyses. and formula. in 2005 it went out of its way to help the Louisiana victims of hurricane Katrina. so are even more likely to be dependent upon seasonal sales. Low manufacturing costs are important if margins are to be retained. other than brand. and toy retailers often have to compete on price. Amazon is strong at the online part of the business. warehousing products and delivering them to customers. They need to make profit from Christmas. The problem. any retail outlet is as good as another. Retail is notoriously seasonal and Sophie the Giraffe Us is no different to other retailers. the company has lost its number one positions as toy retailer to Wal-Mart. sometimes getting a better deal. the International market is very important to Sophie the Giraffe Us. but also from KB Toys and Target. but ultimately carries the inventory risk (i. Sophie the Giraffe Us will use its buying power. Sophie the Giraffe Us donated six trucks full of toys and baby supplies including diapers. The toy brand is often not associated with the retailer. range or availability. its traditional stronghold. Let’s face it today China and similar low cost manufacturing paradises are where toys are made.e. Differentiation is difficult. if it doesn’t sell. For example. its money is tied up in physical stock). Sophie the Giraffe Us is heavily dependent upon successful sales during the final quarter of the year. creating the web site. is that countries and trading communities tend to impose quotas and tariffs in order to protect local manufacturing. In the US. Babies "R" Us has also donated over 17 pallets of baby and children’s clothing to the national charity Kids In Distressed Situations (KIDS). As with many of the brands considered by MarketingTeacher. Sophie the Giraffe Us could look out for strategic partners. but also provides opportunities. The citizens of emerging nations such as China and India are getting wealthier and better educated. Opportunities There are opportunities for joint ventures and strategic alliances. and both of these could increase over coming years. when customers can go to another large retailer and buy the same and similar goods. Sophie the Giraffe Us works closely with Amazon. This not only plays to the strengths of both companies. wipes. and potential weakness. Consumers have more disposable income and leisure time.Sophie the Giraffe Us is a good neighbor. The types of goods and services retailed by the company could be marketed more aggressively overseas. or indeed go it alone. Threats There is strong competitive rivalry in the toy and its baby products category. . All countries do it. not only form Wal-Mart. as well as batteries and water to multiple locations that were housing evacuees. As with all retailers in Western society. Such associations will help to sustain its brand with key consumers. Sophie the Giraffe Us has no single and sustainable competitive advantage. In fact it could be argued that toys are a key Christmas present product. So if a particular kid’s toy has grabbed the imagination and the spending power of its target consumer. Being large may not be enough.These days.

However. Malaysia is a founding member of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Free Trade Area. Sophie the Giraffe Us could potentially be left without the toys people want to buy if embargoes are implemented on countries such as China. Besides that. Malaysia is currently characterized by low average tariffs and limited incidence of non-tariff barriers. . PEST Analysis Political Factors The International health bodies like World Health Organization (WHO) and many other national health organizations had put a pressure on Governments to regulate the use of products in regards to health issues especially for the babies. because these will affect the work of the company in one way or another. regarding trade policy. Company need to keep up to date with political changes that are occurring not only in the country in which they are operating but also across the world.

will help to increase the sales for boutique style retailers and manufacturers of high end designer baby product (Euro monitor International. Even brands . Due to their lifestyle. Technology Factors The internet has become an important vehicle for information. Social Factor Consumer’s purchasing power is a reflection of the lifestyle and consumer’s taste which finally determines the magnitude of demand. so Sophie the giraffe from UK have the advantage to increase the market share in Malaysia. through blogs: bymomsformoms. the GDP is 5. 2006). 1 British Pound can only exchange RM5.1 and smart phone applications made easy for consumer to select product. Since the Sophie the giraffe is from UK not available in Malaysia. the GDP in Malaysia increase to 6.Economic Factors According to the Department of Statistic Malaysia.49 but on the August of 2013. 1 British Pound can exchange RM 5. couples are trying to become more financially secure before starting a family which leads to time before marriage and parenthood. The rise of celebrity culture and the ‘yoga moms’ phenomenon. contrary this is a positive sign for the market for baby and nursery goods as older mothers are financially secured and can afford to spend more on their babies. In the fourth quarter of year 2014. this will cause the price level of Malaysia Product expensive compare to other countries. According to the Money Converter. urbanization largely affects the size of family.18. the exchange rate also factors of economic. on the June of 2014. as women leave it until later in life to have children. this shows that the currency of the RM is appreciate. Wide availability of information and opinions about shopping for babies from magazines. This is a clear sign of aging. internets (social networking websites like Facebook. In today’s world. GDP is show the productivity of a country. People have become more ambitious and they are moving towards percent in the first quarter of year 2014. the increase on GDP means that the disposal income of the country will raise and also the consumption as well.

Even more. brands have turned their attention in creating and developing online presence because of days use these blogs to get more information on products for new developments. Marketing Budget .

Financial Plan .