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I'm not busy, so I __________ finish the report in an hour.

(A) have
(B) ought
(C) am
(D) can

__________ the engineers nor the production team has ever worked on this kind of
(A) Neither
(B) Both
(C) Either
(D) Nor

We need to consider __________ the terms of the contract.

(A) renegotiate
(B) to renegotiate
(C) renegotiating
(D) renegotiation

Elvis Presley wasn't the first rock-and-roll singer, __________ he was the one who
made it popular.
(A) and
(B) in spite of
(C) but
(D) so





(A) have
(B) already
(C) eaten
(D) when

she arrived.




have to
and profits?


(A) Are
(B) receivable
(C) balance
(D) assets

__________ she was very sick, Jennifer gave her presentation at the meeting.
(A) However
(B) Nevertheless
(C) Even though
(D) Despite

A: Are you responsible for the confusion caused by last year's financial report?
B: _____________________
(A) Yes, that was the report last year.
(B) No, I don't know anything about that.
(C) No, that report responded to it.
(D) Yes, that has me confused.

The International Bank




several of
offer to clients.

very good

(A) has
(B) several of
(C) investment
(D) on


asked me
that I wore


did you buy


(A) asked me

the blue sweater

(B) where
(C) did you buy
(D) that I wore

__________ you sign that contract, you can't change your mind.
(A) Every time
(B) Once
(C) For as long as
(D) Whenever

John is the kind of person __________ people laugh.

(A) his jokes always make
(B) who his jokes always make
(C) which jokes always make
(D) whose jokes always make

He had already paid the bill before she __________ to the table.
(A) has returned
(B) had returned
(C) was returning
(D) returned

A: Does anyone have an issue with this policy?

B: I _________________ about it.
(A) propose to publish an article
(B) have to agree
(C) have ethical questions
(D) enthuse

We decided to take a walk on the beach at sunset __________ the bad weather.
(A) because
(B) despite

(C) although
(D) however

A: What shall I do about Joe's debts?

B: You'll have to figure out ________ to get the money.
(A) where
(B) why
(C) who
(D) whose

I don't remember to see her at the party. Are you positive that she came?
(A) remember
(B) to see
(C) that
(D) she came

In deference to Jim's objection regarding the proposal that had been submitted, the
committee will have approved the measure had the majority not been swayed by the
mayor's opinion.








The organization will be able to borrow more funds if it __________ some of its
current debts.
(A) pays off
(B) could pay off
(C) should pay off
(D) will pay off

My boss told me __________ the meeting.

(A) don't forget

(B) not to forget

(C) not forgetting
(D) didn't forget

On account



market trend, we need to

to production.

(A) On account
(B) latest
(C) upgrade
(D) approach
I really

look forward
for my trip

for studying

to Tokyo.

to prepare

(A) look forward
(B) for studying
(C) to prepare
(D) for my trip

A: Can the formula presented in Diagram 6 be used to predict next quarter's earnings?
B: Yes, but _______ must first be modified to reflect last year's actual revenue.
(A) it
(B) he
(C) they
(D) we

A: This session of Congress shall now commence. New business, please?

B: _____________________, if you please. We do not have a quorum here.
(A) Could I throw in this in
(B) A point of order
(C) Would you just held your horses
(D) I am affirmative

I'll have my most experienced staff member __________ the proposal outline.

(A) review
(B) reviewing
(C) get reviewed
(D) to review

If I were you, I __________ invest in the stock market.

(A) will
(B) can
(C) would
(D) would have

When I travel on business, I don't want to waste time deciding what to eat, where to eat, or how to get
to a restaurant. The best idea is to ask about places to eat before you leave on your trip. Find out if
friends, family, and co-workers know of any good restaurants in the city where you will be staying. Write
down the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any restaurants that are recommended to you. Be
sure to put this list in your wallet or purse so it's easy to find.
If you can't get any helpful
before you go, you can always ask for advice at the hotel where you
are staying. The person you should talk to for suggestions is usually called the concierge. The
concierge's job is to help guests make restaurant reservations, get tickets to theater or music events for
them, or to suggest places for them to shop.
Talk to the concierge as early as you can. Tell the concierge what kind of food you want (I always ask for
a good Italian restaurant, as most cities seem to have one). In addition, tell the concierge what time you
want to eat, how far you want to travel, and how much money you want to spend. This is a very fast and
easy way to find good restaurants if you didn't get recommendations before leaving home.
Good luck and happy eating!

What is the best way to find a good

(A) ask people about it before you travel
(B) ask the travel agents
(C) ask the front desk of your hotel
(D ask at a good Italian restaurant

Look at the word

in the article.
Which words or phrases mean the same
thing as

in this article?

(A) restaurants or hotels

(B) tickets and places to shop
(C) money
(D) advice or suggestions

Next month, the Geo Tech Mining Inc. headquarters will relocate to the Paris office. Two thirds of our
business is in Europe now, and a full third of this European business is in France. Therefore, it is more
convenient to have our main office where a majority of our clients will be able to meet with us much
more easily.
However, I know that many New York employees do not want to move to Paris. When we move to Paris,
some people will probably quit and look for other jobs.
I don't want to lose our employees, but it is too expensive to keep both locations open. Do you have any
ideas about what we could offer to our staff so that they won't
leave the company. We want our best people on board when we move.

? I really don't want them to

Thank you for your help with this serious problem. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
Best regards,
Daniel Ferrier

Why is the Geo Tech Mining Inc.

headquarters moving?
(A) to encourage European clients to visit
New York
(B) to make it easier for employees to fly
to France
(C) to be closer to more of their business
(D to get a less expensive office

Look at the words


in the memo. Which phrase means the same thing


get on the next boat


change staff


get away from a troublesome situation


ask for a position on the board

Money: The currency of Mexico is the peso. You can change money at banks or currency exchange
booths. The currency exchange booths may offer better exchange rates than the banks and usually stay

open as long as the nearby stores do.

Climate: Mexico has two seasons: rainy and dry. The rainy season lasts from June until September.
Remember, however, that Mexico is a very large country with many different regions, and youll need to
check on the specific area you want to visit.
Health: One of the biggest health problems in Mexico is the water. Never drink or use water that isnt
bottled! This includes using ice cubes in your drink and brushing your teeth. You should always ask for
purified water in restaurants and hotels.
Driving: An international drivers license is not necessary in Mexico. The
OK as long as its up-to-date.

from your own country is

Tipping: Sometimes its difficult to know when to leave a tip in Mexico. Just to be safe, give a few pesos
to anyone who provides you with a service--the person who carries your luggage, the hotel employee
who delivers your meals from room service, etc. Taxi drivers are not tipped in Mexico, except in Mexico
City. In restaurants, good service deserves at least a 10 percent tip. Dont forget to say Gracias, which is
Spanish for "Thank you."

According to the brochure, which of the

following statements is true?
(A) Banks always offer the best exchange
(B) Few tourists visit in January since it's
the rainy season.
(C) Never drink the water in Mexico, even
the bottled water.
(D You should give tips to Mexico City taxi

Look at the word one in the brochure.

What does the word one refer to?
(A) rental car
(B) international driver's license
(C) driver's license
(D local address

July 14, 2000

Hi, Mom!
Greetings from Korea! Wow! Korea is such an amazing place! The city of Seoul is really interesting, and
I'm having a great time! Yesterday, I visited Kyung Bok Palace and a wonderful neighborhood called
Insadong. There are many art galleries in this neighborhood, and shops that sell traditional handmade
crafts. I bought you a present in Insadong. I think you will like it very much, but I'm not going to tell
you what it is now, OK? I want to surprise you! I went camping with some friends in Sorak National Park
for three days last week. Tomorrow, we are going to leave Seoul and go to an island called Cheju-everyone here says it's Korea's Hawaii. I'm going to go swimming first thing!
! Listen,
Mom, I'm flying back into San Francisco on the 7th at 4:00 in the afternoon. Can you pick me up at the
airport? I'll call you when I get to Cheju.

Where is Nancy now?

(A) in Seoul
(B) in Insadong
(C) in Sorak National Park
(D in Cheju Island

postcard. Which sentence below means

the same thing as
(A) I can't go swimming.
(B) I'm not waiting to go swimming.
(C) I'm excited to go swimming.
(D I'm planning to go swimming.

City Club Meeting

Please join us for the next meeting of the City Club. We will meet at noon on Friday, June 6, at the Hungry
Baker Lunch Room. The address is 490 King Street. Lunch will be at 12:30. There will be a choice of four
The speaker will be Ms. Mae Smith. She is from the First Women's Bank. She will talk about new ideas for
saving money. Her talk will begin at one o'clock.

Chef's Choice
rib eye steak
French fries
sweet pears and cream

Healthy Choice
tossed green salad
cheese and fruit plate
rice with butter

Midday Meal
spicy shrimp cocktail
beef stew
fresh cole slaw

Friday Special
ham and melon
fried chicken
mashed potatoes

Dessert (choose one)

spice cake
apple pie
fresh fruit
ice cream
Drinks (choose one)
hot tea
iced tea

soft drinks
The cost for lunch (including an appetizer, main dish, side dish, drink, and dessert) is $30.00 per person,
with $5.00 of this going to the club's general fund. We are saving money to plant new trees in the park.
Please call 555-1324 to make a reservation. We hope you can join us.

At this lunch meeting, someone who

doesn't eat meat or fish should order the
(A) Chef's Choice
(B) Healthy Choice
(C) Midday meal
(D) Friday Special

The word this refers to __________.

(A) the dessert
(B) the lunch
(C) the cost
(D the person

by Jan Smith
How much time do you spend on business activities after work or on the weekend? Do you take time to
relax and have fun? A recent survey of 200 American managers revealed how most of them spend their
free time. The survey results are based on the number of managers that listed
each activity.
The managers were asked to list the kinds of business and leisure activities
that they did at least once a week after work or on the weekend. The most
common business activity (50%) was working on a computer at home. This
was followed by going to dinner with business contacts (24%), telephoning
business contacts (15%), and working on a job report (14%). A full 5 percent
of managers didn't work at home in their free time.
On the other hand, a large percentage of these managers also took time for
. The survey revealed that over half (59%) listed spending
time with friends and family as their leisure activity. Other leisure activities
included reading books for fun (41%), listening to music (41%), and playing sports (30%).
The good news is that a large percentage of the managers spend their time doing leisure activities.
While managers have traditionally taken their work home with them, the results of the survey indicate
that this trend may be changing. Life for the average manager is no longer all work and no play.


Look at the word


in the article. Which phrases mean the same thing


a sports activity that you do only on the weekend


an activity that you do for fun or relaxation


an activity that involves the creation of art


a leisure activity that you do many times

What do most managers spend their free

time doing?
(A) working on the computer at their office
(B) staying at home with their family
(C) telephoning and having dinner with
business contacts
(D relaxing with their friends and family

Thank you for the telephone message about the meeting you had last week with the Zee Computer
Company. Please fax a copy of the notes you took during this meeting to my office. I'd like to read them
before our marketing strategy meeting tomorrow.
will really help me to understand the problems
the company is having with marketing. Don't worry about how they look! I can usually read anything
you write.
I look forward to working with you on new ways to market the Zee Computer Company's products.

How does George know that Suzanne had

a meeting with Zee Computer Company?
(A) He was at the meeting.
(B) He received a fax.
(C) He called Suzanne.
(D Suzanne called him.

Look at the word

in the memo.
Which words or phrases mean the same
thing as
(A) Suzanne and George
(B) the notes from the meeting
(C) the people at the computer company
(D) the telephone messages


In many countries around the world, the New Year's holiday is a time for
getting together with friends and family to remember the past year and
to wish for a successful new year. Each country celebrates with its own
interesting customs and traditions such as parties, fireworks, bonfires,
parades, and special holiday foods and drinks.

In Japan, the New Years celebrations continue for three

days, from January 1 to January 3. Because the Japanese believe that
the new year must be completely separate from the old year and should
be the start of a new beginning, the house is completely cleaned, inside
and outside, all business is finished, and all bills are paid before New
Years Day. The Japanese eat special long noodles on New Years Eve.
The long noodles are for a long and healthy life and lots of luck for the
future. On New Years Day, many Japanese eat a special soup
called ozoni, made with rice cakes. Its a Japanese custom to relax on
New Years Day, and ozoni is perfect for the occasion. The rice cakes for
the ozoni are made before New Years Day. They stay fresh, so nobody
has to work to make the soup on New Years Day.

Italians celebrate holidays with food and rituals. So its

no surprise that during New Years, people in Italy enjoy eating many
special sweet cakes and foods, and they watch beautiful fireworks light
up the sky. The Italians take the idea of cleaning the house further than
the Japanese do. Italians throw old things out of their windows to help
them forget everything that was bad about the past year and to wish for
good luck and success in the new year.

In the U.S.A., Americans usually begin celebrating the

new year on New Years Eve. They have parties and stay awake until
midnight so that they can welcome the new year by toasting with
champagne, shaking hands, and hugging or kissing each other. At
exactly twelve oclock, everyone shouts, Happy New Year! and people
make a lot of noise with bells, whistles, and noisemakers. On New Years
Day, Americans make promises to do good things or change something
in their lives for the new year. Many people watch football games or
parades. Others invite friends and families to their homes to visit, eat,
and drink. It has been a tradition since the 1800s to serve holiday guests
a drink called eggnog, made with eggs and milk and sometimes a little
alcohol to warm their spirits on this special day.

According to the article, which statement is NOT true?


People in Japan eat a soup made with long noodles for good luck on New Year's
Italians celebrate New Year's by watching beautiful fireworks and eating desserts.



Americans have parties on New Year's Eve and make a lot of noise at midnight.


Americans celebrate New Year's by drinking eggnog.

According to the article, what do Americans promise to do in the new year?

(A) to welcome friends and family into their homes for food and drink
(B) to finish all their business and pay their bills from the past year
changes in their lives and do good things in the new year
out of the window for good luck and success


(C) to make

(D) to throw old things