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Facebook or facing your book

Facebook has affect much of our lives. Some say its for the better while some
oppose it. It is a website that is easy to use that connects people together in our
society. Through the internet, people are able to share info, communicate, and
socialize with one another. People who use Facebook are able to share ideas. Some
people say that Facebook takes too much time when students should be studying.
Others say that they need Facebook to share files and documents that are
necessary for their work. Face book (www.nais.orgf/artiles/pages/the impact of
Facebook on our students.aspx) was created by mark zuckleburgg. This website was
inspired by Myspace in order to bring people together as a community. Facebook is
also a website where people have freedom of speech. They can post pictures videos
and status that are expressive towards their emotions.
We are not designed to multi-task well. When we are studying for an exam and
using facebook at same time, by taking our concentration away from one activity it
may lower our ability to perform and unable to work well on a simultaneous basis.
The previous study found that students GPAs showed a 0.12 decrease for every 93
minutes above the average 106 minutes of daily facebook use spent on the social
networking site.
The main purpose of this paper is to suggest some ways of minimizing the bad
impacts of Facebook to students and to show you the negative effects of this social
networking sties on students behavior and performance. This research is also
focused on finding ways to enhance students motivation and improve their
achievements. It is also for the main reason to help others realize the dangers and
risks of Facebook as well as its usefulness and benefits in our daily lives.
Statement of the problem
1. What is facebook?
2. What is the result of students using facebook?
3. What is the comparison of the performance of students who use facebook
with those who do not?
4. How can teachers encourage students to focus more on learning?
This study will explain the effect of students using facebook on their studies. We
hypothesized that even though there are social advantages to facebook there are
many detrimental effects on their learning. Facebook habit can be detrimental to
ones grades or academic performance.

Significance of the study

We, the researchers consider this study significant for the following
Nurse Educators. The study will provide information for educators so that they can
better help the students to learn more efficiently. It will increase their awareness to
the effects of facebook on the students.
Schools of nursing and Learning Institutions
The results from this study could provide a knowledge base related to time
management of nurse associates. Results from this study could support the need for
a university sponsored internet orientation and continuous advised in order to
reduce incidents of procrastination, stress, and time management and thus
ultimately improve their job performance.
Nursing Education. This study could generate new ways and the development of
studies strategy that really integrates learning into nursing curriculum. This study
will help the academic department to have glimpse on what really goes on and
about in the real world in terms of time management into critical nursing and
Students. This study will help the students understand the effects of using
facebook on their learning and how to be more efficient in studying.
Nursing Research. This study will serve as a preliminary research which will be
helpful for organizing a more in depth and specific research into the different ways
of adapting to time stress and its possible implications to nursing academics
The researcher. This study will help the researchers to understand the effects of
using facebook
Future researcher. This study will help the future researchers to serve as a
conductor and sample research focus that may be simulated and developed upon in
the future
Scope and the limitation of the study
This study will cover the effects of facebook on nursing college students both male
and female, fourth year level of Our Lady of Fatima University, Antipolo Campus.
Even though there are many other social networking web sites the study is only
concern about the use of facebook because at this time it is the most popular for
college students. The data was gathered in the month of February 2015 only.