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Dental Clinic Management

Introduction: - Dental Clinic Management is a user friendly website

developed in programming language as front end and SQL server
database as back end to felicitate the working a dental clinic.
Dental Clinic Management System is a web based application that
promotes easy data entry and usage. It includes patients personal
information, medical and dental history, treatment plan, patient education,
case reports and statistics. This makes your dental practice more
convenient, efficient and precise, thus promoting a paperless office.
Objective:- The Dental Clinic Management (DCM) objective is to
provide a system which manages the appointment details , customer detail
and service and products in a operational dental clinic on a daily basis. The
admin and client will save a lot of time and resources compare to manual
paper work .
The system will take care of all the sales servicing activity in a quick
manner. Data storing is easier. It will be able to check any report at any
time. Paper work and manual work is reduced. The system is user friendly
and easy to use.

Technology used:- This program is developed on framework 4.0,

and uses a three tier architecture.
Programming Language:- C#
Databse :-Microsoft SQL Server
Front-end:- HTML

Scope of the Project:- The project can be implemented for the real world
to maintain a dental clinic.

It can future be modified or enhanced to hold the customer data and

act as the Customer Information system for the clinic.
The data stored with the clinic can be used for analysis and data
mining purpose to find out the trends of business.
Existing System:- In the existing system every appointment and product
was maintain manually using registers. This is a time consuming process
and there are high possibilities of inconsistencies and error occurring.
Limitations of the existing system:1. To make updating and alter the product/payment status. Lack of
proper data retrieval facilities many a times makes work more
confusing, which in turn leads to wrong updating.
2. It is difficult to manage multiple forms are vulnerable to illegal access
if proper security is not enforced.
3. A lot of human effort or labor us wasted in maintaining the records.
4. It is very difficult and time consuming to maintain all the details in to
the registers when the organization is very big.
5. Modifying the records is not very easy, since for a minute change the
whole record would be required to re-entered. For instance, if , the
address of any customer changes then locating that customer and
doing modification in registers is very tedious.
6. It also take much time for doing entry and checking of records.
7. There is also possibility of mismatching of entries during entry of
8. To make and maintain the different reports is also very tough and
tedious job.
9. Information is stored into registers, which requires large storage
Searching particular record is very tedious job, since as a time
passes the condition of the registers becomes bad.
11. Every year, they have to maintain new registers.

Background of the organization: - name is a well know dental clinic

operational in place established in year .

Dr. Name is the chief dentist here; he is a graduate of college.

There are total of 10 staffs running the clinic in which 4 are concerned
with the administration and operation of the clinic
Current Problems: - Though being an clinic run by manual data record
keeping, following are problem faced by the clinic on daily basis.
Storing and retrieving patient information from the log book is a very
time taking and tedious task.
A lot of man power is required in record keeping.
The log book data is prone to errors.

Proposed System: - To overcome the drawbacks of present system and

ease the working of such consultancies our project comes into the picture.
Our software is multi-functional which includes many details
The Online Dental Clinic System maintains systematic records of the
supplier, appointments, employees, customers in a cost effective manner.
It provides Data security by providing authentication for the user of the
All records can be accessed exclusively by the administrator. The
administrator has the rights to modify any record.

Advantages of the proposed system over existing system:1. Reduction of paper work.
2. Human effort or Manual Labor can be reduced drastically.
3. The Major operations that are done manually can be done within a
matter of seconds.
4. Very less chance of data loss and data retrieval becomes faster.
5. Less scope human errors and also errors can be easily rectified.
6. Generating the invoice easily and quickly.

7. Any data can be received from any file easily.

8. Easy to update.
9. provide information in a quick time according to the
requirements that are to be Fulfilled.
Easier retrieval will be possible as multiple search facilities
will be available.
11. Security of data.
12.The important process is integrated together for a proper functioning.
13.Redundancy of data is removed.
14.Inconsistency of data is removed.
15.The Paper Work would be reduced to a greater extent.

The proposed system is divided in following 3 modules

1. Customer Appointment Management
Add, update, and delete appointment to the website.
Manage user registration and login
Report generation
2. Product Management
Add, update and delete products and services provided by the
Add, update, delete service package for special occasion.
Other bakery products.
3. Sale
Retrieve order placed by the customer form database.
Generate receipt of the order.
Sale report generation.

Hardware and software requirement

Hardware Requirements:


Processor type :

Minimum: Intel P4
Recommended: Core 2 Duo or higher.


Minimum: 1GB
Recommended: 2 GB or more

Processor speed : 1 GHz or higher

Hard disk: 160 GB or more

Software Requirements:
Front End Tool : Visual studio 2010 (ASP.Net with C#.NET)
Back End Tool : Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

Conclusion:- The proposed system is more user friendly , easy to use

reliable and secure. It ensures the safety of data. Customer is provided with
a web interface to order customize and finalize their cake and have a look at
a the product before it goes inot the oven.