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In this shot there is a conversation between the main character

This was shot in a playground and is a shot of

This shot is one of the first shotsand someone from the party and they are talking about her
the swing beginning to move on its own. We
of the opening and is a close upleaving the party. To film this we got all the lines the character had
used this shot because its in a playground and
in a party scene. We originally to say in one recording and then during the editing process split
in horror films children are often found scary
didnt have this scene in the filmthe clips up and arranged them in the order the conversation
because their innocence is often revoked or
but decided the narrative of ourneeded to be in, this made filming much easier and more
destroyed and replaced by something evil so
opening was a bit weak and
convenient. We used over shoulder shots for this conversation
using a playground was a convenient horror
thought it would be a good ideabecause it allows the viewer to see who is speaking and who is
convention to play on. Also the fact that the
to add. We drew inspiration frombeing spoken to and lets them see any reactions etc. that may
swing moves is portentous of that there is a
several party scenes in films weoccur. This kind of shot is used for most conversations in all genres
presence in or around the playground.
had seen in the past like Wolf ofof films and we saw it in the conjuring (2) however, when it was
Wall Street and Beerfest(1),
used in the conjuring it was a very on-edge scene but ours is a
these films arent horror films
but both include party scenes
where there is alcohol
consumption etc. so from this we
decided to include shots of
people drinking at an implied

This reaction shot is particularly

significant within the opening as it
is the first time she notices
something happen she hears a
band and glances round to see
what it was, but theres nothing
there. This shot was also useful
because she shows some fear in the
expression she is using which
obviously implies that what just
happened is a bit out of the
ordinary. We also wanted to use this
shot as women being portrayed as
the weak victims is a very big
convention of horror films and this
In implies
this shot
is what
goingisto be
commonly known as dramatic
irony which means the viewer
can see or knows of something
on screen and the main
This close up on the
character doesnt know. We
main characters feet
have done this by having the
was inspired from a shot
antagonist stood in the
we saw in the opening of
background with the main girl
the film The Ring in
walking obliviously in the
which there is a close up
foreground. We saw this kind of
of someones bare feet
dramatic irony when looking
walking through a small
into The Woman in Black as
puddle of water(3). We
there are several shots where
decided it would be a
the woman can be seen on the
good idea to include this
screen but not by the main
shot because it would
character(4). In this shot you
add some more diverse
can also see the characters full
camera work to our
attire; we had her dress like
that because we wanted her to
For this shot we used a slight pan across the alley to
look like she had just been to a
This shot is a Point-of-view (POV) shot of the main
show that the antagonist is no longer following her
party and was dressed up for it.
character running up the alley, this shot reinforces The title of our film opening is New Years Eve.
We chose this title because
from behind so for a second the main character may
the idea of isolation because we can see that there isas it is a simple title it sounds rather ominous especially because New Years
believe she is safe. We also used this shot to allow the
nowhere to run but further into the alley. We also
Eve is often a happy and fun occasion and the fact that the viewer will know
viewer to see the entire setting and to try and
used this shot because it allows the viewer to feel
its a horror means they will know that something bad is going to happen.
highlight how sinister the alley looks and shows how
like theyre also being chased by putting them in the We got the idea of using a popular holiday as the title from films such as
secluded and closed in it is. We thought using this
same position as the main character. POV shots are Halloween, however, we used New Years Eve which doesnt have many
alley was a good idea because a very common
used very often in horror films, for example in the
connotations with horror which meant we had to try and make the narrative
convention of horrors is to be isolated and to have no
film Halloween the start of the film includes a long as strong as possible to portray that it was a horror. Originally we didnt use
escape and as this is a narrow alley with only two
POV shot(5) however this POV shot is from the killers this font but we made the last minute decision to change it because the rest
directions to run in, that feeling of no escape would hit
perspective whereas in our film it is from the
of the title screens we used were in this font and figured it may look better if
the viewer when watching the opening because they
protagonists POV.
all the title screens were in the same font. We also thought that the
can see that the main character has nowhere else to
simplicity of this font enhanced the fear factor we wanted to put across.