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CIVIL IT Report Instructions

The main text of the report should be between 3,000 and 5,000 words (about 5-10 pages of A4
size paper), not including preliminary information, tables, figures, photos, and
appendices. Use single-spaced 12-point text, in a simple font such as Times New Roman.
Write in plain English free of technical jargon and colloquialisms. Please pay attention to layout,
clear expression, spelling, punctuation, quality of figures and photos.
Include an appropriate cover page. Supporting detailed information, not essential in the report,
should be referred to in the text and placed in appendices.

It is recommended that the report contains following three broad components:

Preliminary Information
A list of contents, abstract and employment details should precede the main body of
The abstract should be a summary of the report and comprise about 300 words on one
page. Employment details section should summarise names and contact details of
employing organisations and supervisors, method of obtaining employment, specific
periods of employment, locations of work and nature of appointments (eg. trainee
engineer, trainee design engineer, engineering assistant, etc.).
ME coursework (program code 8621) students should also state the dates when they
completed previous degrees.

Technical Description
The main section of the Report should be set out as a technical report, divided into suitable
subsections, and with an introduction to different aspects of work. Noteworthy technical
details of projects in which the student was directly involved should be included.
These may include investigation, feasibility, design, construction, management,
commissioning and operational aspects. The technical discussion should
demonstrate detailed understanding of at least one part of the work which the
student considers to be interesting, unusual or important to a civil or environmental

Students should openly discuss personal experience about the work they performed or
observed and indicate involvement as a trainee. It is acceptable to use first person
writing style, if appropriate. To be able to produce an accurate and comprehensive report it
is recommended that students keep a diary, along with photographs and any other
information regarding their work. This diary will not be assessed, it will however be helpful in
writing the final report.
Avoid rewriting technical information as in a text book. Focus on indicating how and
why industrial training was a benefit to you.
All project data and information must be cleared by the employers for confidentiality prior to
its incorporation in the report. It is generally advisable that you avoid all sensitive information
related to your employment by limiting your discussions to content suitable to a general
References should be made in the report to books, technical papers and standards
used during the training period and should be listed.
Finally, a conclusions section should include comments on the type and value of
experience gained, and how this relates to your professional career.
Students in programs such as Co-op Scholarship, Taste of Research Scholarship or Elite
Undergraduate Student Project can use all or substantial portions of the report written as
part of requirements of those programs to satisfy this section of the industrial training
report. However all students must include the indicators of attainment component
mentioned in the next part.

Indicators of Attainment
Prepare a table to document the relevance of industrial training experience in terms
of attaining professional competencies for an engineering career. Here we refer to the
competency standards for professional engineers recommended by Engineers
Australia. Use "Indicators of Attainment" in Tables 1 (knowledge), 2 (application) and 3
(personal attributes) in the EA document and match them up to the range of experience
received during industrial training, in a way that is credible and genuine. The student must
explicitly write out indicators of attainment when they prepare this table and include the
indicator numbers specified by EA, for example "2.4 a) Contributes to and/or manages
complex engineering project activity, as a member and/or as leader of an engineering team"
supported with one or more relevant examples of activities performed during the specific
training placement. It is not necessary to hit all the indicators of attainment - indeed this
would hardly be credible.


To assess your industrial training report, the following questions are asked. Answers to all
these questions have to be yes for the content of report to be deemed satisfactory.

has the report followed the guidance on structure and length?

was the placement in an appropriate engineering role?

does the report match the training placement signed-off by the


has the student provided a sufficient and credible tabulation for indicators of

Report submission deadlines are in week 4 of session 1 and 2. Use the assignment submission
tool provided elsewhere in this Moodle course to upload your report by 5 pm, Friday of week 4.
Reports submitted after the deadline or during the summer semester are automatically
considered in the next available assessment round, and there is no need to resubmit unless
requested by the coordinator.
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