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Tosh Valley Trek- An Exhilarating and Overwhelming Encounter

Tosh Valley Trek is a humbling walk across the Tosh valley and its surrounding areas. The Tosh
Valley is a feeder valley of the popular Parvati Valley that leads to the Pin Parvati Pass. The Tosh
Nallah meets the Parbati River at Pulga coming from the north. The valley consists of many
beautiful meadows. The head of the valley is in the Tosh Glacier is surrounded by some well
known peaks: Papasura (6451 m) and White Sail (6446 m)
Places to Visit
The ascent to Barsheni from Manikaran takes about an hour over steep mountain roads. The trail
starts from above the Barsheni village with a commanding view of the Parvati valley dam that is
under construction and the confluence of Parvati and Tosh Rivers.
The walk to Buddhaban from Tosh Village is a gradual climb along the raging Tosh River and
through the dense pine forests. The journey is mesmerizing as the natural beauty is in abundance.
Buddhaban is a large meadow with a spring of its own and many rocks.
Sharam Thach
The trek to Sharam Thach is a long days walk as the path climbs from Buddhaban to cross the
treeline. It then continues over meadows and rhododendron clusters to the high altitude meadows
at Sharam Thach.
Shamshi Thach
There is an initial steep climb which leads to a narrow path covered with patches of snow. The
Tosh River continues its noisy course throughout. Shamshi Thach appears after a short descent.
The place is beautifully set in a little bowl at the base of the valley. To the north is the Tosh
Glacier and to the east the massive face of Kullu Makalu peak and the glacier descending from it.
One could also go hiking up to the snout of Tosh Glacier from this place.
Mantalai Lake Trek
Mantalai Lake Trek winds up through the scenic Parvati valley to the high altitude Mantalai
Lake. The lake is set in the Parvati Range and thus provides a treks ideal objective.
Places to Visit


Khirganga is hot spring where Lord Shiva is said to have meditated. The difference between the
spring here and in Manikaran is that after a bath in Khirganga, the skin feels clammy and greasy
whereas after a bath in the spring of Manikaran the skin feels dry.
Tunda Bhuj
The trek commences through dense forests and flower-strewn meadows. The progress is gradual
and slow and it is a steep climb to Tunda Bhuj.
Thakur Kuan
The trail continues through a landscape speckled with waterfalls, lakes, and meadows till Thakur
Kuan is reached.
Odi Thach
The ascent to the high altitude meadows of Odi Thach is arduous and elating. On the path comes
the Pandu Bridge, made of a single rock on the river Parvati. It is said to be made by the
Pandavas during their exile in the Himalayas.
Mantalai Lake
The trek to the Mantalai Lake is a gradual climb. One witnesses Mantalai Glacier from the lake.
The Glacier is the source of the river Parvati.