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Expanding designed exercise awareness and produced by Gregory Petrovich

Grabovoi.doc version 1
Expanding designed exercise awareness and produced by Gregory Petrovich
Grabovoi.doc version 1
Expanding designed exercise awareness and produced by Gregory Petrovich
By focusing on a series of numbers, you can cure yourself of the corresponding
The question arises: why such a simple procedure such as inheritance concentration
numbers defined, is as effective to cure diseases? In what is?
Each disease is spreading from the norm. The rejection of the standard in working
with cells, organs or the whole organism. The cure of the disease, the return to
So here the serial number which guarantees the return to standard. By focusing on the
specific numbers given succession, giving this series of numbers, you realize the
organization's adaptation to the standard.
Finally, this is defined as cure. Essentially, the explanation of such treatment should
say something about the vibrational structure of numbers.
Our life is permeated by rhythm. The planets are periodic rotation around the sun.
Earth means the periodic alternation of winter and summer. The earth rotates on its
axis and at home there is a regular change of day and night. And at the micro level the
same table.
The electrons in the atom are regular motion around the nucleus. Each of us who
listened could hear the heartbeat. Each cell in our body has its own pace. Each cell
group has another.
And in the great whole, that is, to have a body, there is another rhythm. There is a
rhythm in the relationship between the organs. In this regard, one can compare the
body to an orchestra.
In carrying out its orchestra partition should not play false. The sound of the body
should be harmonious. But if a body deviates from the norm, that is, false starts
playing it means that the arrival of the disease. And then you like the conductor of his
orchestra should shake the baton of conductor and restore the harmonious sound. You
may find the pace and there where at first glance, is so absent.
Let's look at the rainbow sky, which sometimes appears in the sky after the rain. Let's
see the magnificent paintings, tasty vivid lights. But what do the colors from the point
of view of science? Any perceived color changes under the influence of
electromagnetic wave and frequency.

The vibration frequency in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum is about two times
higher than the frequency of the vibration in the field of red. Thus, after the difference
of color perception is not a different vibration frequency.
In number sense, as the perception of color, is not at all clear at once that behind them
there is also a vibrational structure. We have shown that the frequency of vibration
corresponding to each color set. It's the same for us.
Behind each number exists a vibrating structure that corresponds to it. We can say the
same thing about the sequence of numbers. Each set of numbers can be seen as a
combination of numbers. Returning for a moment to the colors of the spectrum, we
can remember that science and technology have a great experience using
combinations thereof.
Take television couleur.Toutes these various beautiful colors that you see on screen,
resulting mixture made of only three colors: red, green and blue. Each of these colors
adopt the necessary brightness,
depending on each representation. The orchestra sounds otherwise, an instrument
separately. Each spectrum set of colors gives a special effect.
The same applies to the number of sets. A bad set of numbers in a plane panel can
reveal unwanted vibrations. And vice versa, just a set of numbers contributes to the
favorable development of harmonious events. The data processing method is based on
the property of a certain combination of numbers. For any disease fair succession of
numbers leading to cure, that is, causes the body to the standard.
However, when we learned that behind each number and each sequence numbers
there is a corresponding vibrational structure, we describe the method of curing
otherwise. If chosen correctly sequence numbers causes the body to the standard, it is
because the vibrational structure behind this digital property is itself a pattern. It is the
right to be sound. The focus of this series of numbers means the setting.
Just like the sound of regular pitch musical instruments. The essence of the method is
here. The body of the person is structured into seven parts that are associated number
of health restoration combinations.
1. Head - 1819999.
2. The neck - 18,548,321.
3. The right hand - 1,854,322.
4. The left hand - 4,851,384.
5. The trunk - 5185213.
6. The right foot - 4812531.
7. The left foot - 485 148 291.

And now using this data.

Suppose one has a headache. So, we can use a series of numbers to the head.
If the person is experiencing some painful sensations at the same time in various parts
of the body, we have to successively focus on series for these parties.
Some words from a number of different amount of numbers. Let's compare these
properties with 7, 8 and 9 numbers.
If the property includes nine numbers, which usually provides the cure of a two well
defined disease. In a series for 8 digits, healing, on average, five diseases.
If the series consists of 7 digits, ten or more can cure diseases.
That is, a series of 7 digits has great potential, and within their applications is
considerably higher. Digital estate you can go from one side to another, starting with
the longest series and gradually reach out to others.
When working with the digit combinations can act differently. It is possible, by means
of a number for the next number of focus in each set time. It also address a number
and a time longer or shorter time following.
It may even focus on each of the seven numbers in different ways. Let's go back to
our example of the color television.
As we have said, only uses three colors: red, green and blue to create all color images.
The combination of these three elements gives a new color. The resulting color can be
changed by changing the intensity of these three components. By changing the length
of the concentration of numbers that change the intensity of the action of this number.
Thus, the change in length of the concentration in numbers separated in the given
succession appears a different tone. That's why it's the opposite. In practice trust your
intuition, although the restoration effect is reached at any time concentrations.
I draw your attention to the following point. By focusing on the numbers, you must at
the same time feeling the body internally see absolutely healthy. It is important for the
early restoration of normalcy. By this method also can treat other people. For the
acquisition of health-norm are often used Harmonisation, that is, containing only a
few sentences texts. These have played with high efficiency harmonize success. The
method is similar. In the method describing how to use a given sequence of numbers.
The word is also the symbol. In fact, if we take an object, such as the table, it is easy
to find that other people refer this item in different words. However, though the word
is a symbol, all familiar with the strength he has.
This is expressed because behind every word there is a spiritual energy and
vibrational structure. But back to the number. To speak at the fundamental level, it
must be said that behind every number, as behind every word, there is also a spiritualenergy vibrational structure.

This is what ensures their effectiveness. At the core of such an approach could be
analyzed various phenomena of our life. Take, for example, music. Spirituallyvibrational energy structure behind each sound. This is why music can have a great
influence on listeners.
You will easily understand that since there are sets of numbers for the cure of
diseases, there is also figures series to solve other problems of life.
In life we must constantly make decisions. Well, for example, accept or reject a job
offer; In this work or activity that you will help their development, or not; the
situation currently supports some company or not; you have chosen the best way to
solve your financial problems or not; a partner that appear in your life for you there,
or not; your wish will be that corresponds with what you need, or not, and so on to
For any type of living situation, a series of sales can help solve the problem posing in
front of you. More serial numbers structured awareness for a better event
management. Its usefulness consists in this. Digit Series can help you overcome
various tasks and, in general, their orientation in the world of manifestation.
It would concentrate successively a first, then the other. Or separately, at different
times. This figure series, for the cure of the disease, are related to the management of
the spiritual realm. That is why working with numerical combinations contributes to
the development of the mind.
This will help your development and help you synchronize with the pulse of the
Examples of care with the creation of a Savior CELL regenerative the coprs
The following words: savior, immunity, restore health cellular level of an organ.
Create a living cell (if the color lilac purple or silver).
Give it the function of a cell saver.
Enter the phone the word "savior" of a lilac / purple.
Enter the combination encrypted harmony: 14111963 (date of birth Grabovoi GP).
Enter the eternity symbol in the form of an eight vertically and the infinity symbol, in
the form of a horizontal figure eight. (If you reported illnesses you can introduce
combinations healers data encrypted by GP Grabovoi or find them through dowsing).
Now you can with this mobile regenerate organs.
REGENERATION AUTHORITY: Create a living cell (you have to "see" and feel that
this is really a living cell).

Enter the savior-cell in the diseased organ and doing there turn in the direction of
clockwise. Living savior cell begins to multiply and to (re) build the organ. Build the
body until the lights lilac-violet color of a healthy body. (Do not worry where wells
disease - healing is occurring). In this luminescence of healthy organ, see the contours
of the natural body color. (Prior to this experience, you can study an anatomical atlas
and inform you on how to have this body to a healthy state. Do not take into account
the color of the atlas, because they represent the body non-living, separated from the
body. Within a body organs life has a different color. For this, we need to find
clairvoyance). Attach the result, saying: ". This is manifested here and now, for the
complete divine will of the one God I AM"
VIEW OF REGENERATION: You can enter the cell-saving directly in the eye and
keep mutiplier sense clockwise, regardless of existing pathology. Autofiltreront
diseased cells or will return in the standard.
Regeneration of man's physical body organs: create a living cell "cell-saver". Multiply
it by creating a savior cells Army (You can fill the galaxy these cells).
Divide the image of the healthy organ. Enter these cells in the body concerned
(image) complete a mosaic of cells. If the body was taken away, say: I associated the
ideal and healthy contour (the body's name) to the organ removed. If the body was not
removed and is just sick say I associated the outline of a perfectly healthy organ
(name this body) than the diseased organ. See this body become healthy and
luminescent. Anchor the result. If you are in title you can successfully regenerate the
body first.
If you are a beginner repeat this technique several times, for example, twice a day,
until the body materializes.