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Q.3 What have you learned from your audience feedback?

segment asked
rationale for

20 - 25%
What was the
feedback/data received?

17.5 - 22.5%
What did I learn?

17.5 - 22.5%
What effect did this
have on my creative

Research on
knowledge of
short films

questionnaire asking
participants, both media
literate and less so,
about their knowledge of
short films using social
realism as a genre to
base the questions on.
They had to answer by
ticking the box to the
questions asked
A summary of results
was made using a
PowerPoint presentation
and different forms of
charts were used to
represent the
quantitative data

Affected my creative
process as it
influenced what
elements I was going
to include in my
narrative e.g. genre
preference shaped
the dark elements of
my short. The context
of my narrative was
also affected as I
included the
issues/themes they
believed were
underrepresented in
the media


As a form of qualitative
audience research,
quotes were taken from

I learnt about my
audiences viewing
habits e.g.
preferences, what
type of shorts they
have watched or
recognise and
about what they
know of the social
realist culture in
media, referencing to
the conventions often
seen in a social
realism and what
issues/themes they
would want to see
being represented
more in media
Which group was
most interested in
film or who knew
most about media
the younger age
group, 11-20
I gathered more indepth knowledge
about a professional

20 - 25%
What effect did this have
on the
quality/effectiveness of the
product? How did this
make its success more
The quality of my short
was affected as it was
largely influenced by this
audience researchs film
quality preference. I.e.
dark elements. The
effectiveness of my
product was altered as it
was increased since the
likelihood of the audience
enjoying it was increased
as aspects of what they
enjoy most were taken into
The success of my product
is therefore more likely

It affected my
creative process as
action statements

The quality was increased

due to the action
statements taken from the

What effect did
this have on
me overall as a
May shape
ntions/genre I
include in
future products
to allow

Focus Group
response from
watching a
realist short
film Cubs, Tom

my focus group as they

discussed their viewing
of cubs and answered
my questions. The
quotes were transcribed
into a PowerPoint
presentation where they
were analysed and
conclusions were made.

text of a similar
genre to that of my
own product and
what made it a
successful text that
enticed its audience
and how it followed
the conventions of its

formed at the end of

the research
explaining what I am
going to include in my
own product due to
this audience


After every draft, a

meeting with my editor
advisor gave me
feedback on what was
missing/what needed
For instance, I believed
my first draft idea for my
synopsis was inadequate
and weak so we
discussed ideas and
previous experiences of
mine that the new

I learnt about ways of

improving my
synopsis through the
introduction of new
concepts in the
narrative and that by
using a personal but
common experience
as a basis, the impact
on the audience is
going to be greater
as it is more relatable

Helped guide the new

drafts and the
eventual outcome of
the final version
Gave influence into
new ideas that led
onto even further

feedback conclusions
about this example text
that told what I was going
to use in my film i.e.
naturalistic settings,
realistic narrative
qualities that were praised
about the text.
The effectiveness of my
product was increased
through the action
statements and what they
told I would do.
By acknowledging the
action statements that
were developed from
analysing audience
feedback that told of the
example texts good
qualities, success is more
likely if I follow these
The quality was definitely
increased as the feedback
obtained was from an
experienced source,
improving the synopsis
with each passing draft
The synopsis effectiveness
was strengthened as the
concept of a
experience creates a sense
of relatability on the
audiences part so this



synopsis could revolve

around. Each feedback
suggested conjoined
ideas on ways of
improvement, such as
the introduction of
violence and drugs to
give more of an impact.
After every draft, a
meeting with my editor
advisor gave me
feedback on what was
missing/what needed
This included ideas for
narrative aspects such
as catalyst for change,
journey from A to B and
interpreting Milgrams
character need, want,
obligation convention

By placing versions of
the two templates I was
conflicted on using into
an online survey
(surveymonkey), the
feedback was both
qualitative and
Respondents selected
which they preferred and

increases the impact the

product will have on its
audience, making it more

I learnt ways of
improving the
narrative aspects and
flow of the script as
well as how to follow
the professional
conventions of script

The feedback
obtained allowed me
to validate and
consider arguments
for and against
different versions of
my Film Poster
(ancillary task)
I learnt which
template was most

Affected my creative
process as the
feedback noted
aspects of my
characters I had not
yet explored in the
synopsis development
) and the need for a
catalyst for change to
evoke character
development. Such
suggestions altered
my creative process
by giving me new
ideas and ways to
improve the script
This helped me
choose which poster
template to continue
with, effecting my
creative process by
influencing my artistic

The quality of the product

was improved as the
feedback suggested
developing the more
important narrative
aspects that were seen as
weak, like the characters
want, need and obligation,
and the weak catalyst for
change. By enhancing
these narrative aspects,
the scripts effectiveness
would be enhanced as
well, making success more

The effect this audience

research had on my
product was that it
increased its effectiveness
as the audience choosing
the poster template
showed me which one
impacted them more than
the other. The quality was
also increased because

When in doubt,
do some
research and it
may help

then explained the

reasons why.

preferred by an
audience and why

Film Review

By using qualitative
questions in my
questionnaire, evidence
obtained was written on
the questionnaire then
transcribed onto a power
point presentation where
it was analysed and then
conclusions were made

This feedback helped

inform me of the
needed to enhance
the professionalism
and quality of the
Film Review (ancillary

It affected my
creative process by
criticising what I had
already created and
then suggesting ways
on how to chop and
change this creation.
These suggestions
were taken into
account which then
affected further
versions of my Film

Film Poster

Using a mix of
quantitative and
qualitative questions in
my questionnaire,
evidence obtained was
written on the
questionnaire then
transcribed onto a power
point presentation where
it was analysed and then
conclusions were made

From this feedback I

learned about ways
of improving my
product and about its
on its audience

My creative process
was much affected
being that the
feedback suggested
that I change what I
had already created.
It allowed me to
contemplate their
suggestions and be
influenced by their
ideas which in turn
altered my creative

they answered analytically,

explaining why they
preferred it. It made the
product more successful in
terms of audience
By using media literate
participants for my
questionnaire, the answers
given were helpful and
informed, thus increasing
the products quality and its
effectiveness because of
these improvements.
Success is now more likely
because the information
gathered offered methods
on how to improve it as a
more accurate mock of a
professional media product
(Film review)
The feedback helped
improve the quality of the
product by advising new
ways of making it look like
a professional media
product and inform me of
the effect it had on the
audience. The
effectiveness is likely to
give more of an impact
now since the audience
have had a voice in its
creation, so its likely to
appeal more to them and

When youre
unsure of how
to advance in a
process, do
some audience
research and if
you dont like
their answers
then you know
what you want

therefore be more