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Fundamentals of Business Process Transformation

The Insight Approach

This insight session reviews current state,
problems and challenges, then explores and
discusses the opportunities that process

Insight: BPM Fundamentals

This one day introductory BPM course asks the
Why, What, Who. How, When and Where of
end-to-end process transformation.
Designed to work both as day one of the 4 day
practitioner programme and also as a standalone introduction for business executives, IT
professionals, operational managers and all
those responsible for making process-centric
change happen.
Defining elements of process transformation, a
review of the issues and benefits is followed by
an exploration of the 8 Omega Framework for
Business Change. 8 Omega addresses the
issues of strategy, people, process and
technology and is designed to empower
organisations to unfold a comprehensive
program of process and customer-centric
Key aspects of the insight include:
Why BPM? In Search of Competitive
The Drivers For Change
Understanding BPM: Benefits and
Progress Case Studies on Where ProcessFocused Organisations have got to
Current Process Realities
Creating successful Customer and
Organizational Outcomes
The 8 Omega Framework
Linking BPM into Strategy: A Strategy for
Business Change
Process v Functional thinking: Obstacles and
Issues in BPM Implementation
Creating Agile Organisations with End-to-End
Process Design
Business Process Modelling Systems the
technology of process change
Process Governance - Roles and
Responsibilities throughout the Business
Change Cycle
Process Owners, Sponsors, Stakeholders and
the Process Change Professional

The 8 Omega Framework is explored in detail

by delegates working in syndicates to
understand the application issues of the
The following exercises demonstrate this
principle in practice:
Successful Customer and Organizational
Outcomes as the driving focus
The vital importance of a Strategy for
Business Process Change
Assessing the organizations Readiness and
Capability for Change
Understanding the Key Components of
Making Change Happen
Exploring the Drivers, Phases and Enablers
of the 8 Omega Business Process
Identifying Organizational Core Processes,
and Key Support ones.
Identifying and supporting Process Owners
and Operational Process Managers
Differentiating between Value Added and
Non-Value Added work
Measures and Metrics Successful Process
Measurement, Monitoring and Control