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Please return to: UMass University Enrollment Center Dartmouth UMass Dertmouth 285 Old Westport Road, North Dartmouth MA 02747-2300 Ph: 608 909 8857 Fax: 608.910 6420 2012-2013 Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Student Name: Dehokhar Carnac Student ID: | wish to regain my eligibility for financial aid for the_Fall / $ priv : semester. The following explains why | failed to moet SAP and what has changed that will allow me 1 moet SAP et the end of the next evaluation: The; eat ZT lost +o weeny of my loved Celatcves, TF Wes unable to cope with the Stress ond madtdt}aca school Weve. My relating [eye oa Chechn yu Russia, A Repubivu thet ts oeenpred by Russcan $otdéers thet false \y accuse ant abduct Mnoeent Men under Fabio drekenets and Hvoms+ accusetions, LF am 4a pont wher TF can Finally focus oA Sy, 4thool Wort. Lb wish ww do well So one det Iocan hefp out thoy Mm need ja fey Commaty spectrally i fam! y hem bere understand that this appeal is subject to review by Financial Ald Services and that approval or denial of this. request will be based on information contained in my appeal as well as a complete, signed academic plan. Financial Aid Services staff wil review the information | have provided and will respond via ernail regarding my continued eligibility for financial aid <——_ Daherlus 1 Sesneu” 7(24 JB ‘Beeek See Date Return your Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal and Academic Plan by the following deadline: Summer 2012: July 2, 2042 Fall 2012: ‘September 11, 2012 Spring 2013: January 28, 2013, ‘Summer 2013: July 2, 2013 Financial Ald Use Only: Page 1 of 2 Please return to: WA UMass Dart th University Enrollment Center UMass Dartmouth artmou 285 Old Westport Road North Dartmouth MA 02747-2300 Ph: 508 699 8857 Fax: 608 910 6420 2012-2013 Academic Plan Student Name: _ Dehowhar Te. Student ID: Please complete this Asademi Pian yih your Asademic PearvAdvisor you wish to be considered for financial at UMass Dartmouth for the. semester. 1. Lill eam a minimum Grade Point Avorage (GPA) ofa 3 1h | a os Pot oer 3. | will not withdraw from the courses listed above, or receive incomplete or failing grades. | understand that | must submit a written appeal to my Academic Dean/Advisor to change this Academic Plan. | must explain what has happened to make the change(s) necessary and how | willbe able to make academic progress based on these changes. The Academic Dean/Advisor must submit the revised written SAP Appeal and Academic Pian to the Financial Aid Office for their review. | understand that revised Academic Plans may still adversely affect my continued eligibility for financial aid, 5. understand that failure to follow this Academic Plan may result in cancellation of financial aid from the University and that this plan is valid for one semester only. After the sernester has ended, | understand that my transcript will be reviewed to determine if | have fulfilled the terms of this Academic Plan and whether ! may continue to receive financial ai Pole flay Sane! Dzhowhar tsatnaev f] ay [12 i Date ture Printed Name i ral ac lag bw Academic Advising Signature Printed Name Date urn your Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal and Academic Plan by the following deadiine: Summer 2012: July 2, 2012 Fall 2012: September 11, 2012 Spring 2013: January 28, 2013 Summer 2013: July 2, 2013 Financial Aid Use Only: Page 2 of 2