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The follewing article is being

written for the sole PurPose of

entightening. all thcse wha d*

not have the knowledge about a man who was cailed Jimr*Y

Jam by the SuPreme of All

B*ings {Allah} and the reason wi^ry h* was called thai by his

main man {may the peace and

blessings oi Allah farever and

hereafier be upon hirn.)

Now getting down to th* sci-

*nce c,f his iruth and facts, ft*y *car raadarc iharc ert enrna

rryiro ciid not know hir*. and

there are oihers who did n*i

understand (the meaning


nis iogici. To you i say ihat

rl-^-^ lt tel E


t I l(Jt ti


t(-,t u IIi,



i I la,r r

than that the naked eye can

harciiy cieiect- This perso*,

who I am aboui to manifest

his trulh ab*ut his name, is

none other than ijusiice C,

A lleltD




I am using Aiiah behind hls

narne because it is oul'farnily name, nevgr the less "Justi**

C", or the "oid manl as w€

called him, never liked anycne to catrl him "Allah" because he did not iike it. He used to say

f lrai




. 19

rua c





u Allah"

because ?llah" was his man.

He weni on io say thai his

ilame was "Justice". Lat*r on

in years, thatfollowed him. He




LtUDtlUe U






he said that there were too

many broihers wiih the name

"Justice" so he said he added

"# l* his raane so that th*




* Extra " Extra ' Extra . Exira ' Exira

rr.x[t a

" E;Gra . Extra G


EA|Ia s







+ "


tiriP.fitfltfrF ftlP



tl tr

-rtt#fi*6Y GAM {Th*

Srd *da*}

and not some other brsther wifi: the i'ran'Ie "Jusiice'. No$r,

there are people who write or

have written aboui the old

man" without really doing any

rgsearch on the rnan. You

write not what you know, but

whai you have been ioid about

one of those summer months.

He said

that'Attah" was selling


sEliiqh's ncwcnnnar'



then, he saici that their was

anoiher muslii-n broiher who had stopped him and was try- ing to seil hirn a paper. "The

old man" said that at ihe time

he had no money. This is

when "Allah" ffime over and

spoke to him (Jusiice). He

said that ?liah" had shorts on

and a shiri. He askeri hirn

wfiai did he have and "


told hlm that he had a stick of

hashish" He saici thai ?iiah"

iook the stick of hash and gave

him n n€w-snAner

No',v, being he lvas a mei'chant

seaman {let me also say that

he was the Chief of the Chefs).

his ship headed for Mecca (the

holy city)" He said that he

spent time in the east anrj that he felt like he was 1S years

old- Besides from

him reading


"Honorable Eiiiah

Muharnmad's Newspapef and

by him being in the holy ci$,

he began to iook for tiris per-

scn called "Allah" be*ause the

messenger taught


thai the

is God and the

nnaker and owner of the earth.

r0ld man Justice" totd us that

he spent 3 days sornewhere In

a viltage

(! can't recall the


ivly dear reader, obviously

what you have been told about

the old man lYas not right anci exast, because the truth of ihe

.matter is that iand I specify)

that iJustice C", the honorable

ijames Howell" was never ii'i the masque. Brothers and s!s-

noi making any of

ters, I am

rL:^ tafls

uH. .,^



''ll'Li^ I lllo


I tv


u4rlrE ^^-a




Lrl lllD



own mouth, the year that he

dieci ifrorn a seizurei nnoni*s



ll=vli€l|(iLr tv 4



few of us that he srras never in ihe mosque, he ioid us that he 'dras a merchant seaman. The brothers who were present at

iire iime of him telling us iiris

'riere Shaarngaudd (fi:tst bom),

Kaheen {pony tail}, Baleak

{iirst bom}, Siheem ifirst bom},

,Alim Supreme and his brother'

Living Truth. Dubar, l-Gcd,

Tamari from Mass), iusi Allah, Wi!!ie, myself {A.llal't

SilaShai au'rd there were other

brothers present who right

now I cannat reca!!,

He (the ald man) begai, io teil

us how he met "A!lah"

$upreme cj aii beingsi.

said he met "Allah" on 117ih

-street and Lenox Asenue"



narne, but I beiieve firsi bcm

Siheem Allart remembers the

name). He told the king of the

viiiage that he was readY to

meet "Allah". The klng told

hlm that he was in the lvrong

Brothers and sisters, as

revealed to us, according to

the bible and it's

ProPhecY in

the bpok of St. Matthew,

Chapter 24: Verse 27:

"For as the lightening

cometh out of the east, and.shineth even unto

the west: so shall also

, the coming of the son

of man be-"

This is in reference to what the

king told old man "Justice C", so lhe old man came back to New York City (Mecca) as the

Father named

it. Only this

time, he seen "Allah" on 1241h .Street and Lenox Avenue. At

this time, He (Allah), was nour "the Supreme of Allah Beings."

The old man told us that he

began to have a conversation

with "Allah". Let us remember

that at this time, "Allah" was no longer in the mosque. He (the

Father) was saying now that

he was "Allah" (the true and

living God).

Justice, the old man brought

back to his mind, the incident

about the exchange of the

paper for a siick cf hash. As

"Allah" listened to him, it came back (the incident) to his mind.

He told the old man what had

happened to him and why they

ithe muslims) expelled him

"Allah" went

from the mosque.

on further to say to him

{Justice C) that his realization

of the truth of who the black- man is, would enable. him to

teach the children about who they are and their aim in this

world. He also began to tell

him about how he was going to

save the worlci

{through the

ail the

children) becaus*

churches and even the mus- lims do not teach the babies.

All they teach is the old and

how to clean themselveS up, but they do not teach the chil-

dren because throLlgh the chil-

dren, the world shall be saved

from all the confusion and

crime that keeps us being a

slave from a mental death and

power (14th degree in the 1- 40). Remembet the wealth of

any Nation is the children. As the old man listened to "Allah" he began to see how this man

(who he hadn't seen in over

one yeari was going to get


of all the sins

in Harlem

(Mecca) simply by teaching

the children that there is some-

body who loves them and that

he is willing to fight for them

{through education) even if it

meant laying dswn his life for



is us, the five-per-

centers). At this time he

(Justice C)

was asked by

"Allah", "did he understand

what he was saying" and the

old man replied,

'Allah" told hinr,

'Yes", and

and I quote

"Now you are down with me.

My name is "Allah" and your

name now is


Together, we shall begin

teaching the young brothers

and create us a Nation."

To the best of my knowledge (which is right and exact), w€,

the Gods who I mentioned ear-

lier in this article, and


other brothers who knew

"Jimmy Jam", the old man,

know about this man and prob-

ably know more things because there were brothers,

eyen sisters (sisters who were

earths of the first born Gods

fi'om Medina) who took care of

the old

man, and I knew

because I know "Jimmy Jam", and there are still some of you

around just like him.

Believe me when I teil you

that man" was and slill is "one

of a kind". He is truly loved

and missed, by those who

knew and know "Jimmy Jam",

the old man. Not taking any-

thing away from his man, "the

supreme of all beings", our Father, "Allah", because he

had magnetic power. My dear

reader, you have to check out

your r'nathematics, only to see

like I see that "Allah" was truly

and without doubt, the piece

with the magnetic in it.

Gods and earths, check out

the prophecy of Matthew. The old man (Justice C, after being

told that yCIu are in the wrong

place looking for "Allah", left on

the next thing smoking. You

see, he was the lightning that

shined out of the east. (He

came with wisdom) out of the east. Only to come about and

find out that it also (lightning)

shined on the west "and this is

where he came to meet the

son of man". The sarne man that he was learning about in

the east, was right here in the west all the time.

Now, remember his (Justice C)

lightning {which was now his

wisdom) came to shine it on in

the west. Now he met the

piece with the nnagnetic in it

(here in the west) which was also "wisdom". Now we look in

in our 1-40

aur 22nd degree

and we wiil

see why his L,



Ci wisdom and

they gave us a

"Culture that became I-God".

Not taking

anything from the

old pioneers of our Nation. I

arn just speaking about mY

experiences about Allah -N-


filow to explain my topic

"Jimrny Jam the Old Man" to

those of you who did not know

him or of him. The reason why

he was called "Jimmy Jam"

was because his honorable name was James, and people

who are named ijames" are

sometimes called "Jimmy".

The tam" part comes from the

saying ,

when you don noi

have the knowledge about

something and somebody gets

you caught up in some kind of

jive mess, you are forced to

say things that you don't want to say, but because this is your

man, you have nc other choice

in the matter but to bail him

out. And you all can't tell me

thal some where along down

the line you haven't done it for

your seed. That is what is

called "a jam", Being 'lustice

C" kept ?llah" in this kind cf

predicament, he called him

"Jimmy Jam" and we ithe

Gods) called him the Old Man.

Now for those of you who do

not know him (Justice C), and write things about hinn that you

know not of, to you



before you went to print any-

thing about him, you should


the elders of our Nation. Please do not write that which

you know not of because you

con-front the first borns or

are making a mockery and that


also called blasphemy

against a man who had

"Justice" for all.

May the peace and blessings

of Allah, forever be upon him

and in the hereafter.

So until our minds meet again,

l'll say may the peace and

blessings of the Supreme of All

Beings (Allah) be upon us fo?-


ever arru trEtealler.



Let us not also forget that on

the Wisdom Equality day of

the jews-lie, Children's Day

ratly will and shall take place.

As we, (the Gods from or of Medinai still will state or say

that there shall be no pictures,

papers or any other items sold

on this day. lt you cannot bring anything lree tor the.Children,

just stay home, but send your

Children, simply because it is their day.

Peace and Happiness Your Brother

Allah Sha-Sha

(The Savior)