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1) From a solution containing milk and water in the ratio 3:4,10L is removed and replaced by water. If
the resultant solution contains milk and water in the ratio 1:2 then what was the volume of the original
solution ?
a) 40L

b) 45L

c) 35L

d) 42L

e) none of these.

2) A container contains pure milk.10% of this is removed and replaced with water. Then 25%is
removed and replaced with water and finally 30% is removed and replaced with water. What is the
percentage of milk in the Final solution?
a) 65%

b) 47.25%

c) 50%

d) 48.75%

e) none of these

3) A beaker had 20L of alcohol-glycerol mixture in the ratio 4:1 by volume. In the first round,4L of
the mixture is removed and replaced with glycerol. In the second,5L of the resultant solution is
removed and replaced with glycerol. Finally 10L of the resultant mixture is removed and replaced
with glycerol. What is the final volume of glycerol in the mixture?
a) 4.8L

b) 11.2L

c) 15.2L

d) 16.8L

e) 12.5L

Directions for questions 4 and 5:

Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below:
While making his peg, an unconscious drunkard filled his glass of 100ml completely with water. He
took a sip of 20 ml from the glass and consequently realised his mistake. So he added 10ml of alcohol
to it. He took a sip of 20ml again, and added 10 ml of alcohol thereafter He kept on doing this until
his glass became empty.
4) What is the net quantity of alcohol that the drunkard sipped till his glass became empty?
a) 100ml

b) 80ml

c) 66.66ml

d) 50ml

e) 75ml

5) What is the ratio of alcohol to water in the glass after the drunkard has just taken the fourth sip?
a) 1:2

b) 2:3

c) 5:6

d) 4:5

e) 5:4

6) A cylindrical container is 4/7th full. From this x litres is removed, the container becomes only 1/4 th
full. If 35L is added now to the container it will become half full. Find the value of x and the capacity
of the container respectively.
a) 45L and 210L b) 25L and 140L

c) 45L and 140L

d) 40L and 210L

e) 35L and 140L

7) A vessel is filled with liquid, 3 parts of which are water and 5 parts syrup. How much of the
mixture must be drawn off and replaced with water so that the mixture may be half water and half
a) 1/3

b) 1/4



e) none

8) Coffee worth Rs. 126 per kg and Rs. 134 per kg are mixed with a third variety in the ratio 1 : 1 : 2.
If the mixture is worth Rs. 140 per kg, the price of the third variety per kg will be:

a) Rs. 169.50

b) Rs. 170

c) Rs. 175.50

d) Rs. 150

e) 125

9) A can contains a mixture of two liquids A and B is the ratio 7 : 5. When 9 litres of mixture are
drawn off and the can is filled with B, the ratio of A and B becomes 7 : 9. How many litres of liquid A
was contained by the can initially?

b) 2

c) 21

d) 25

e) 20

10) A milk vendor has 2 cans of milk. The first contains 25% water and the rest milk. The second
contains 50% water. How much milk should he mix from each of the containers so as to get 12 litres
of milk such that the ratio of water to milk is 3 : 5?
a) 4 litres, 8 litre b) 6 litres, 6 litres

c) 5 litres, 7 litres

d) 7 litres, 5 litres

e) none