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First B. (Mechanical) Engineering Examination, 2006

Subject: Drawing and Descriptive Geometry
Time :Six hours

Full Marks

. 100

(50 marks for each part)

Answer any two questions
Assume suitable dimension(s) is required

Dimensions in mm of a C.I. pully having six arms of elliptical section are given
below. Draw to a suitable scale a front view and a full sectional side view along the
axis of the shaft bore of the pulley. Put the major dimensions over the views.
Largest diameter in the middle plane of rotation = 300
Radial thickness of the rim in the middle plane of rotation =7
Radial thickness of the rim at each side end = 5
Radial thickness of the rib or bead = 8
Width of the pulley face = 120
Shaft bore of the pulley = 60
Hub diameter = 100
Length of the hub = 90
Major axis and minor axis of arm section at the hub = 32 and 16
Major axis and minor axis of the arm section at the rim = 20 and 10
Key way dimension = 15 7.5

Draw the sectional port view and the top view of a triple riveted double strap butt
joint (Zig-Zag type).
Thickness of the main plate = 16 mm
Thickness of the cover plate = 1 0 mm
and diameter of snap headed rivel = 24mm
Length and width of cover plates and main plates are not equal.
Put the major dimensions over the view.


A plate of 50 50 15 is to be fastened to a block of 60 60 54 dimension with

the help of a M20 2.5 stud and a hexagonal nut. Draw top view, a full sectional
front view and a full sectional side view. Sectional plane is to be passed through the
vertical axis of the stud of the assembly.
Put the major dimensions over the views.
Answer any Five question
All questions carry equal Marks


Draw a frontal line EF in front of V.P. and 25mm from it intersecting AB and CD.
Find , and true length of EF.
A(5,-15,20), B(35,-45,60), C(65,-25,50) and D(70,-60, 20)
5. a) Draw a line CD (DBL, 40mm long =45,=30, C(20, -68, 30)).
b) The horizontal and vertical projections of straight lines are given visualise the lines.

Determine the true lengths and by auxiliary view method.
C(10,55,15);D(-5 ,-25,35)

Draw a line AB parallel to MN and equal to 30 mm long. Also draw a right

trapezoid ABCD where CD lines on MN and equal to 2BC. Find out the area of
ABCD. M(0, 5, -5), N(50, 35, -45) and A(30,45,-15)


Find the intersecting line between the planes ABC and XYZ. Also find the dihedral
angle between them.
A(50, 40,-50), B(70, 10,-10), C(85,30,-15)
X(0, 20, -30), Y(20, 10, -10), Z(30, 40, -50)


Find the point of intersection between the line XY and the right circular cone with
base diameter = 65. The apex of the cone is at A and base center at C.
X(0, 40, -50); Y(-60, 36, -40); A(-40, 50, -20); C(-40, 50, -70)


Find any two views of the line of intersection of the right circular cones with axes
vertical and dimensions shown in Fig - A.


Construct the complete development of surface of the right hand side part of the dia.
50 100 hollow right circular cylinder truncated by an inclined plane as shown in