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School of Fine Arts,

Design and Pop Culture

Bachelors Programmes 2015-2016

Iris Zaagman, 2014

Welcome to
Minerva Art Academy
Do you want to become an artist or designer? An excellent
choice! At Minerva Art Academy we offer you the possibility to
develop your talent in an international context.

Minerva Art Academy
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Design
Other offers
Art and culture in Groningen
Practical information
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Cover: Romy Kuldip Singh, 2014

We offer several bachelors and masters programmes

in Fine Arts, Design and Pop Culture.
At Minerva Art Academy you can start to build your future
as a professional artist. To succeed you need craftsmanship
as well as new ideas, a drive for innovation and the ability to
visualise. As an artist it is your job to comment on the world
and reshape it. You create your own environment in addition
to designing your own work.
Increasingly, art and culture are associated with economic
growth, civic development and sustainable innovation.
Creative people and artists play an important role in society.
They develop concepts that lead to change and think of new
solutions to social issues. This way you really contribute to
change and improvement.

define your own artistic position, develop your creative spirit,

extend your capacity for conceptual thought and develop and
perfect your craftmanship. Here we will provide you with all
the facilities required for learning and self-development, and
with the teachers who can provide the appropriate guidance
and advice.
Minerva Art Academy is situated in Groningen. Groningen is a
city in the north of the Netherlands with an extensive network
of theatres, museums, galleries and creative companies. As
many of our lecturers are active within this network, as a
student, youll have easy access to these enterprises.
Minerva Academy of Pop Culture is located in Leeuwarden, the
European Capital of Culture 2018.
Good luck making the right choice for your future!

Does such a future appeal to you? Would you like to make

it asa successful, international artist or designer? If you do,
youre welcome at Minerva Art Academy. You will learn to

Dorothea van der Meulen

Dean of Minerva Art Academy

Leonie van der Linden, 2014

Minerva Art Academy

A dynamic place with an international perspective

Minerva Art Academy is a dynamic place for students with the

talent, enthusiasm and dedication to prepare for a professional
life as an artist, designer or teacher in creative arts.

Minerva Art Academy - Frank Mohr Institute

Masters of Fine Arts

Painting (English)

Media, Art, Design & Technology (MADtech) (English)

In this brochure you will find the information about our
English bachelors Programmes.

Preparing you for your future

as a creative professional
At our Academy your individual, creative development in
your chosen field is important. We will do everything to
encourage your growth and guide your talent. In addition
you also need to be prepared well in terms of professional
practice. That is why at our Academy you will be able to
extend your perspective beyond your own work. We use
various approaches to help you to do this. Your lecturers
are experienced professionals themselves with their own
professional practice as artists, designers or academics. As
a fundamental part of the study programme the Academy
organises many activities aimed at the professional
practice, such as project weeks with guest lecturers, reading
programmes, study days, exhibitions and excursions.

The international perspective

Getting to know the international perspective is important
for your future as an artist or designer. You are obviously well
aware of this fact. Studying at Minerva Art Academy doesnt
mean you will be confined to the Dutch perspective. On
the contrary. Our programmes have a significant focus on
international art. Lectures will frequently explore the work of
international artists and we often invite guest lecturers from
abroad. Students and teaching staff take part in study trips
and excursions both domestic and abroad.

Project Offices
The bachelors programmes start with an international
excursion, with all students from the Design, Fine Arts and
education programmes, to for example Paris, Berlin or the
Documenta in Kassel. We maintain exchange programmes
with various art academies and universities in Europe, the
United States and Asia, offering our students the chance
to enjoy the unforgettable experience of studying abroad.
Something you will hopefully experience by coming here.

Our range of programmes

Minerva Art Academy has a long history in arts education
dating back to 1798 when the school for Drawing, Building
and Maritime Studies was founded. Over the subsequent two
centuries the Academy has developed into a modern, critical
and flexible arts institution. Today we offer a broad range of
programmes, bachelors and masters. These are:
Fine Arts and Design
Fine Arts (Dutch and English)
Fine Arts and Design in Education (Dutch)
- Graphic Design (Dutch and English)
and Illustration/Animation (Dutch)
- Interior Design and Scenography (Dutch)
Master of Education in Arts

Minerva Academy of Pop Culture

Popular Culture (Dutch)

Minerva Art Academy

Minerva Art Academy believes it is important for you

to test your work in practice. Can you detect the relationship
between art and design and its environment? Is your client
truly satisfied with the design? How does the public respond
to your work?
The Project Office/AMP for art and design and the Project
Office Pop Culture offer you the opportunity to work on
commissions or projects in a (semi-)professional setting.
Our teachers and advisors hand out assignments drawn from
fine arts, graphic design, photography, interior design, music
and time-based media. You will develop drafts, produce
concepts and designs and present these to the client. It is very
important that you learn to complete your assignment on
time and within budget. Throughout the project you will
work under the supervision of our coordinators at the Office
and your teacher or lecturer.
Hanze Honours College
Do you want to get the most out of yourself
and your degree programme? Find out if
you are eligible for a Hanze Honours
College talent track. Talented students from
different degree programmes meet in Hanze
Honours College. You can work together on
challenging projects and inspiring research

Swanhilde de Jong, 2014

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Becoming an independent visual artist

Becoming an independent artist

Preparing for your professional practice

Your ambition is to become an independent visual artist,

using your own fascination and imagination to build your
future professional art practice. You want to do so abroad,
away from home, in new and challenging surroundings. To
succeed as an independent artist you need to be talented,
skilled, ambitious and focused, but also expressive, perceptive
and disruptive. You are prepared to cross borders, take risks,
break taboos, explore new worlds and ideas. You use your
imagination to explore the world, to express and visualise
your thoughts. You do this with an open mind: you are aware
of your role and significance in society. Our aim is to help
you develop these qualities as well as your abilities as a visual
artist, enabling you to make a personal, critical and inventive
contribution to the professional field as well as to society in

The Fine Arts programme at Minerva Art Academy focuses

on autonomy. Here you learn to become a free, independent
artist, getting to know all aspects of art as well as learning how
to prepare for your professional practice. You will become
familiar with the entire artistic process: from creating and
presenting to organising your work. As a modern artist you
are free to use whatever techniques and mediums you want,
including language. That is why in this programme you
will have the opportunity to learn and use a wide variety of
techniques and mediums, as well as get acquainted with all
possible artistic perspectives and positions. We encourage
you to get to know these mediums and apply them based on
substantive and conceptual choices. To express yourself you
will choose the perspective, technique and medium you need
to get your message across. Ultimately it is up to you to make
your own choices, preparing for your future profession as an
independent, professional artist.

Throughout the programme, with the emphasis in the third and

fourth year, we help you prepare your professional art practice,
teaching you about the aspects of life as a fine artist. You will learn
more about cultural policy, the world of museums and galleries,
art critics and collectors, artist initiatives and knowledge and
debate platforms. You will look outside your professional field
to learn more about your role as an artist in society. To succeed
professionally it is important for you to develop a critical view
of the cultural and social aspects of your professional practice. It
is also essential to show your work publically: to participate in
exhibitions, presentations and demonstrations and to publicise
your work, invite response and build a public base. You and your
work need to be visible to find or create your market.

Does this appeal to you? Then it is a great idea to apply for our
English Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Course structure

Our Bachelor of Fine Arts programme consists of four years,

each divided into two semesters. The core of the programme
focuses on taking a position from an art perspective, the
development of your own art work and your reflection on this.
In the first two years you will work on specific assignments
aimed at developing your abilities, skills and acquiring
knowledge of the artistic context you are entering. In the
second half of the programme you will be free to do your own
work, supervised by our teachers. In addition, you can choose
from a wide variety of technical and academic subjects and
collaborate on specific projects. You can also set up your own
projects, on your own or together with other students. In the
third year you can participate in our exchange programme and
study at an academy abroad for a semester. In the fourth year
you will write your research thesis and participate in a joint
exhibition for all exam candidates. In short: you have ample
opportunities to make your own programme.

Getting to know your craft

At our academy you will be schooled in a wide range of
subjects and techniques and of course the artistic implications
of using those. You get the chance to become skilled in
different forms of fine art like painting, photography, digital
media, installation art, or sculpture. You will acquire specific
technical knowledge, skills and various techniques as well
as discover new mediums in workshops and the electives

Broadening your academic view

Part of our curriculum is academic, aimed at broadening
your knowledge and view of the world of art, philosophy
and society. You will attend lessons about the history of art
and culture, the philosophy of art and social studies. Other
theoretical subjects include art history, the theory of art and
research skills. We also offer an interesting range of optional
theoretical modules in the third and fourth years of the
electives programme.

Finding your way

The course programme is aimed at creating fine autonomous
artists. You can create anything you wish. Anything is possible,
which means that you learn to make informed choices.
Although the course has a broad range to offer, you determine
the direction you want to take and your artistic position. You
can tailor the course by means of a range of optional classes,
initiating projects or participating in external activities, and of
course by developing your own artistic identity. You develop
your own signature.

You can apply through After registration
you will receive an invitation for an admission exam which
includes a home assignment and an academic assignment.
If you are unable to attend the admission exam because of
travelling distance it is possible to send in your (digital)
portfolio, your home assignment and a motivation letter.
More information about the Bachelor of Fine Arts can be
found at

If you have further questions you can email

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Final Graduation Show Design, 2014

Bachelor of Design
Graphic Design
Shaping your future as a designer
Wherever you are, design is everywhere around you.
A designer created the logo on the milk carton on your
breakfast table, the layout of the internet page you are
browsing, the movie poster in the window of your local
cinema. Are you a curious person with the talent and ambition
to become an experimental designer with an open mind? Are
you interested in working within an interdisciplinary and
global environment? At Minerva Art Academy we believe in
educating the next generation of designers. For this reason,
we welcome a multitude of cultures and nationalities at
our Groningen based academy. The English stream within
the Bachelor of Design is aimed at international and Dutch
students who wish to expand their professional scope. Does
this appeal to you? If so, you will feel right at home here,
learning to become a professional designer who solves
problems and provides visual answers to questions from
various specific contexts.

International perspective

Design is a profession without boundaries. It is important

to realise that, as designers, we are operating in a global
environment. We need to incorporate this international
perspective in our work and in the way we work. To succeed
as a designer you need to immerse yourself in an international
and multicultural environment. It is important for your
future as a professional to see what is happening around the
corner as well as to keep track of design developments in an
international context. Going abroad to visit other cities and
countries is a great first step. Coming over here to Minerva Art
Academy to enrol in our English Bachelor of Design is even

Course structure
It takes four years to finish the Bachelor of Design. In the
first year we will introduce you to design in general. You
will discover and explore the design culture and your place

Bachelor of Design

in it. You will learn how to experiment and do research in

order to get to a design. From the second year through to the
fourth year the emphasis will shift gradually: your signature
as a designer will become increasingly important. In the
second year we offer the professional knowledge you need as
a designer. In the third year you will broaden and deepen this
knowledge and develop your own signature that will make
you a unique designer. During this process you will work
with other disciplines and research your own design point
of view. In the fourth year you will immerse yourself in the
professional world during a work placement period of one
semester. In the last semester you will write a final paper as
well as a thesis. You will also present your visual work, and
point of view, in a collective exhibition with all the other final
year students.

Getting to know what design is all about

The Design programme exposes you to all aspects of
professional design. Minerva Art Academy is fully equipped
to train you in these aspects. The combination of theory and
visual work, which characterises the Dutch design education,
is present during the entire course. During the programme
you will be taught and guided by a great many different
lecturers. You will work in teams as well as individually. Apart
from a set curriculum (which contains classes like graphic
design, typography, software, drawing and photography as
well as theoretical classes), you are free to choose classes in the
extensive electives programme, including technical courses in
our workshops. In addition to this we will prepare you for a
future career as a professional designer.

Gaining practical experience

Many study assignments reflect the ways in which a
designer would work in the professional world. All lecturers
combine a career in design with their work at the academy.
This guarantees a direct link between your study and the
professional field. In addition to our regular lecturers, we

often invite guests to speak on current subjects or to present

a workshop. During the fourth year you will spend one
semester working in a national or international design office.

Professional opportunities
A designers success depends on various factors. You need
talent, knowledge, technical skills, strength of imagination,
creativity, ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit as well as a relevant
network. Your training at Minerva Art Academy will prepare
you for a future at a design office, or as an independent
designer; working freelance or starting your own company.

Application process
You can apply through After applying
you will receive an invitation for an admission exam
(assessment) which includes a home assignment and an
academic assignment. On the day of the exam you will present
your portfolio to the assessment commission in a portfolio
assessment. The portfolio should consist of an overview of
your recent work and should contain originals (if possible).
It should also give insight into the process of your work, for
example through sketches. Besides the portfolio assessment
the exam includes an assignment on location. For candidates
who are unable to attend the admission exam, because of
traveling distance, it is possible to send in a (digital) portfolio,
the home assignment and a motivation letter by email.
More information about the Bachelor of Design can be found

If you have further questions you can email

Frouckje Jagersma, 2014
Back (pictures): Carlijn Renders, 2014

Other offers
Minerva Art Academy - Frank Mohr Institute
Masters of Fine Arts
After successfully graduating as a Bachelor in Fine Arts or Design
you can find a job or start a career as a freelance designer. Would
you like to extend your specialisation? Then you are welcome to
apply for one of our international Master of Fine Arts degrees at
the Frank Mohr Institute. We offer two masters programmes:

MFA MADtech: Artists doing strange things with technology.

This sums up our MADtech programme. To imagine,
interpret and change human interaction in a transforming
world you will use and artistically explore different
technologies. You will do so with a tinker mentality: play and
experimentation are important aspects in your development
and will have a special emphasis on the research you do.
This mentality, combined with a critical reflective attitude
and conceptual skills, will lead to unexpected perspectives,
resulting in artistic multimedia work.
MFA Painting: You wish to gain more insight into the
innovative quality of painting in a rapidly changing world.
Aware of the force of physicality and materiality of works
of art, you take a painterly approach as you conduct your
experimental research into the functioning of perception
psychology, cognition and imagination. A painting shows
you the imagination of ideas as well as how material is edited
and used. Taking a painterly and critical approach means
that you create new relationships and associations through
the use of materiality. In this way, you determine the
meaning and significance of your work in todays society by
combining ideation and materiality, transforming your ideas
into unexpected, meaningful and powerful images.

Master of Education in Arts

The Master of Education in Arts is an interdisciplinary programme
which allows art teachers to intensify their knowledge of theorys
on art and pedagogy, to underpin their vision on art education,
to enhance their professional ambition and to strengthen
their educational, innovative andresearch competences.
Theprogramme is offered as a part time two year course.
Other offers

The Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, and the

NHL University of Applied Sciences offer this joint masters
programme together.

Exchange students Bachelor of Fine Arts

and Bachelor of Design
Minerva Art Academy welcomes exchange students from
abroad to take part in our Bachelor of Fine Arts and our
Bachelor of Design. Depending on their background and
portfolio, these students are integrated in a second or third
year class. This way they are not isolated from the bachelors
students, but become part of our community. The students
need to be nominated by their home institution and have to
meet the requirements for the programme. They are welcome
to stay with us for a semester (30 ECTS) or extend their
time with us by another semester. The programme starts in
September (Fine Arts and Design) or in February (only Fine Arts).

Minor International Pop Culture

In Leeuwarden we offer the minor International Pop Culture
for students from Erasmus partner schools of Minerva Art
Academy. This minor is also available for regular Minerva
students as well as other students of the Hanze University of
Applied Sciences, Groningen. The minor takes place twice a
year and consists of one semester.

Minor Art & Technology

During the third year of your studies, you can do the minor
Art & Technology. For one semester you work with other
students on an interdisciplinary project in which you bring
together art, technology and the theme of sustainability.

Other offers in the Dutch language

Orientation course: This course prepares students who

are not sure yet whether they will apply for one of our
bachelors programmes in Fine Arts and Design. During
this course students prepare work for the entrance exam.
Foundation course: Together with the Arts Centre Group

Groningen we offer the Foundation Course for students who

wish to apply to one of our bachelors programmes in Fine
Arts and Design. Completing this course successfully means
they can skip the entrance exams.
Fine Arts: A bachelors programme for students who want
to become independent visual artists. This is the Dutch
version of the English bachelors programme described
inthis brochure.
Design: A bachelors programme for students who
wanttobe trained as professional designers. Dutch
students can choose the Bachelor of Communication
Design, specialisation in Graphic Design or Illustration/
Animation, and Bachelor of Spatial Design, specialisation
in Interior Design and Scenography.
Fine Arts and Design in Education: A Dutch bachelors
programme forstudents who wish to share their knowledge
and skillswithothers. This degree enables them to teach
arts anddesignin several schools for higher education and
professional education.
Popular Culture: At Minerva Academy of Pop Culture in
Leeuwarden we offer a bachelors programme in Popular
Culture. The program is based on an interdisciplinary
approach of learning and working in which crossovers
are possible. For example between design, music, media,
theatre, technique, bio-art and energy. We focus on
creating, realizing and sharing. Our strength is to work
and learn in creative teams and to create new networks.
Weeducate our students in becoming artistic professionals
or change makers.

Extra activities
Theres much more to do in addition to the regular
programme of lectures. You can participate in
projects and exhibitions, visit debates, attend lectures
by guest speakers, participate in excursions, study
at an academy abroad or participate in the Minerva
honours programme for excellent students.

Groninger Museum

Art and culture in Groningen and

the north of the Netherlands
Nothing beats Groningen isnt a meaningless slogan: just ask
any of your friends or acquaintances who are already studying
here. Students love it here: Groningen has everything that
makes a city fun, interesting and exciting.

Why Groningen?
because in Groningen you have access to a valuable
international network of museums, galleries, art houses,
festivals, events, theatres, art cinemas, cultural institutions,
masters degrees and universities.
because you want to forge relationships and are seeking
a place you can thrive in, you want to meet other like-minded,

It has interesting architecture, parks and lakes, fantastic

museums and loads of festivals. The festival season starts in
January with Eurosonic/Noorderslag and ends with the Peter
the Great Festival and Noorderzon in late summer. Many
internationally renowned artists such as U2, Pearl Jam and
Nirvana played in the various theatres and concert buildings
in the city before they became world famous.

Lots to do
Art and culture, alongside the various museums, can be found
around every corner in the city. The city boasts numerous
old churches and towers. A host of different varieties of
artistic expression, such as ceramics, paintings, prints and
installations can be found in the citys galleries. There are
around 400 sculptures and other works of art in the city.
Art can literally be found on the street. Groningen has
various locations available for exhibitions allowing you the
opportunity to display your work to the public.

Art and Culture

City of Talent

interested people, possibly have a meal together after a

It is clear that the north of the Netherlands offers plenty of

room for creative talent. Weve bundled all our strengths
and those of other northern institutions together under one
name: City of Talent. Would you like to know more about
Groningen, our university of applied sciences or City of
Talent? Please visit or go to

hard days work and get together to exchange knowledge,

experience and ideas.
because you get to study in a very culturally diverse
environment. Visual and media artists, designers and theatre
designers from different countries in Europe and the rest of the
world, come to Groningen to study different forms of art. This
cultural mix is a great source of inspiration.

Minerva Academy of Pop Culture is established in Leeuwarden.
In Leeuwarden you can attend festivals such as the Media
Art Festival Friesland, the Northern Film Festival and the
Freeze Festival. Nearby are Oerol (Terschelling) and Into the
Great Wide Open (Vlieland). Leeuwarden also has interesting
museums, galleries, halls and pubs with bands playing live.
The former prison Blokhuispoort is the domain of young
creatives and there are plenty of theatres hosting dance theatre
and cabaret. At De Harmonie and Poppodium Romein,
Popular Culture students organise regular concerts and
festivals, together with students from other programmes.
Leeuwarden received the title Cultural Capital of Europe 2018,
on September, 2013.

because Groningen is a great city! The city has a vibrant

artistic and cultural life, and an extensive transport network
with fast, direct links to arts centres, theatres, museums,
galleries and creative industries. Its a city with ample
opportunities to promote, publicise or present yourself on a
local and international platform.
because Groningen offers you the room to grow, and
transform the way you live or work.


Crossing Minerva, 2014

Practical information
Minerva Art Academy is part of Hanze University of Applied
Sciences (Hanze UAS), Groningen. With 2,000 students coming
from abroad, out of a total 26,000, it is of great importance that the
various practical elements for international students are organised
well. Below you will find some practical matters to look into.
The International Student Office
The International Student Office (ISO) assists international
students in various practical matters, such as the application and
admission procedures. ISO can help you find accommodation in
Groningen and assist you, where possible, in arranging suitable
insurance, a visa, residence permit and work permit.
If you would like to find out more about these services, please
contact ISO by sending an email to or visit,

Tuition fees
The annual tuition fees for bachelors programmes for
the 2014-15 academic year were set at 1,906 for EU/EEA
students, including Dutch students, and 7,500 for non-EU/
EEA students. You should expect the tuition fees to increase
slightly each year. At the time of printing this brochure, the
tuition fees for the 2015-16 academic year had not been
confirmed. Please visit for
more detailed information. Please keep in mind that on top
of the yearly tuition fees, there are costs for books, study
materials and excursions.

Grants and scholarships

In most cases, non-Dutch students do not qualify for funding
through the Dutch system of student grants and loans.
However, under certain conditions, EU/EEA students may
apply for student finance in the form of a loan and receive a
contribution towards the payment of tuition or course fees
from the Dutch government (DUO). Non-EU/EEA bachelors
students may apply for a Hanze UAS scholarship, although
Practical information

there is no guarantee an application for funding will be

successful. For more information please visit:

Binding Study Advice (BSA)

As a student studying at Hanze UAS you must obtain a
minimum of 48 ECTS credits in the first year to continue
your studies. Failing to meet this requirement means you will
receive a negative Binding Study Advice and cannot continue
your studies. If you obtain the minimum 48 ECTS credits and
continue on to the second year, you must finish any remaining
first-year ECTS credits within a specific timeframe or risk
receiving a negative Binding Study Advice.

The International Student Team welcomes you

While the International Student Office takes care of the formal
application procedures, the International Student Team (ISTeam)
helps you get in contact with current international students. The
ISTeam consists of Hanze UAS students from all over the world,
who are enthusiastic about assisting you with your application
and the important decision making process. Valuable studentto-student information and support is also offered. Feel free
to contact the ISTeam through or visit to meet the team.


The availability of rooms is limited and you are encouraged

to apply as early as possible. For more information please visit
our website and
The average cost of living for an international student
in Groningen is between 700 and 900 per month
(accommodation, insurance, meals and other daily expenses).
In order to obtain a residence permit, the immigration
authorities require a financial guarantee from non-EU/EEA
students to demonstrate that they have sufficient financial
means to complete a degree programme.

Students from certain non-EU/EEA countries need a visa to
enter the Netherlands. Our International Student Office can
assist you in successfully arranging your visa, as long as you
are able to meet all the necessary requirements.

Hanze pick-up service from the airport

You can apply for the Hanze UAS pick-up service. It is a free
service and one of our students will meet you at any Dutch
airport and accompany you to your room in Groningen.

Welcoming Day
To ensure a warm welcome for our new international
students, Hanze UAS organises a Welcoming Day. During this
day you will be officially introduced to Hanze UAS and will
get your first taste of Dutch culture. The programme includes
welcoming speeches by the Executive Board, an information
market and sessions on important practical issues , such as
registering your arrival at the city hall and opening a bank

Introduction week
Each bachelors programme offers a tailor-made introduction
week, where you will be shown and introduced to all
aspects of your new education. You can also join the general
introduction week for all students in Groningen. The famous
KEI week takes place in mid-August and is the perfect way to
get to know the city, make friends and have some fun before
your study programme begins!
More information:

International Hanze UAS students can receive valuable

assistance in finding accommodation in Groningen through
the Housing Office. This is an organisation that assists in
finding temporary accommodation for international students.

Questions and advice

For programme related questions, please contact Minerva Art Academy.

Minerva Art Academy

School of Fine Arts
Design & Pop Culture

For more information and guidance, please make contact with
the International Student Ofce, the International Student Team or
Hanze Studiekeuzeadvies (Dutch students).

P.O. Box 1329

9701 BH Groningen
The Netherlands

International Student Office (ISO)

T +31(0)50 595 12 01

T +31 (0) 50 595 56 00

follow us on twitter @HanzeUAS
To contact the ISTeam visit
Opening hours:
Monday Thursday: 09.00 16.00, Friday: 09.00 13.00
Postal address
P.O. Box 30030
9700 RM Groningen
The Netherlands

Visiting address
Van Olsttoren
Zernikeplein 7
Frontdeskroom A0.19

Hanze Studiekeuzeadvies (For Dutch Students)

T +31 (0) 50 595 78 90

Who are the best people to tell you about student life in Groningen? The students themselves,
of course! Whether its about nding a room, going out, the most exciting sports, or becoming
a member of one of the many student associations, the students of GroningenLife will explain
why Groningen is the place to be. Well help you get the most out of your student life!


Visit our open days!

November 8, 2014 (10.00 - 16.00)
March 7, 2015 (10.00 - 16.00)
April 17, 2015 (16.00 - 19.00)
Sign up here:
All of the programmes at Hanze University of Applied Sciences,
Groningen are tested within the governments accreditation
system. This means that they meet the quality requirements set
for approved higher education by the Ministry for Education,
Culture and Science. Recently accredited programmes are
allowed to use the NVAO (Accreditation Organisation of the
Netherlands and Flanders) stamp of approval.


This brochure was compiled with the greatest possible care. However, the information it contains is subject
to change; consequently no rights can be derived from the contents of this brochure. Enrolment in a course
at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen is governed by the rights and obligations stated in the
Studentenstatuut (Student Charter).

Open days