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Cancer in the USA is a $500 Billion a year business.

In the USA in 1998, 51% of the Pharmaceutical
Companies were owned by the Mafia.
Dr. Warburg; suggests that keeping off Sugars and
increasing Oxygen can help fight Cancer( see Colonic
has shown the efficacy of the Zapper & Colloidal Silver
water, against 650 health problems.
(As he has since passed away, this site may no longer be

Dr Robert O. Becker; also shows through his thorough

research the use & benefits of Colloidal Silver, against
650 health problems. ( see also his book, "The Bodys
Dr. Sam Chachua; who had 2 patients go into
remission,-- found that through introducing a secondary
infection ( dead Flu Virus) into the Cancer, after
boosting the body with Vitamins & Minerals, the
patients Immune system then attacked both the Flu Virus
& the Cancer, thereby removing the Cancer.
Dr Lorraine Day; ( ) says to first get right
with people, forgive them, & go on an Organic vegetarian
juicing diet. -Drink 5-6 glasses of good quality water each day( not

Fluoridated tap water) -Doing deep breathing exercises daily, in an area with
Clean Air, get out of Hospital & other buildings air. -Cancer develops twice as fast when breathing indoor air.
Get in the Sunlight, ( Vitamin D) this will reduce the
size of internal Tumours.-- Skin Cancer is not caused by
sunlight says. (Dr.Mercola)
Dr. Stan Montief; of Radio Liberty, says Laetrile
( B17 ) from Apricot Kernels, worked far better than
Chemotherapy at the Sloan Kettering Institute, but they
intentionally distorted the results: ( 8 Apricot Kernels a day,
taken with Pineapple. --Brown Rice also contains Laetrile)

Dr. Dean Berkowitz, corroborates this. ( Health food

Alternative shops had their supplies confiscated by Govt.
officials, because it worked.)
A Dr. from Sth. African clinic, using Dark Grape Juice,
got rid of Prostrate Cancer & Lung Cancer.
Drink 2 swallows every 15 min. from a 24oz bottle 1st
thing in the morning, without eating solids until noon.
Continue sipping throughout the day until dinner time.
eat nothing after 8pm. -- Do this for 2-4 weeks.
Dr. Albert Sanchez; after his wife died of Cancer,
discovered Poly M.V.A., which is said to be 77%
effective on stage 4 patients, costing as much as a cup of
( (
George Gordon; ( -- discusses 9
Cancer Cures, among them are;

1. Essiac
2. Easter Lily Ovum
3. Indian Black Sav
4. Wheat Grass Juice
5. Organic Carrot Juice
6. Beetroot Juice
7. Beetac- (125mg. / day of this Vitamin

8. Blood Root
9. Colonic Irrigation with Coffee
Enemas, using the Geirson Method
"Colonic irrigation clears out the bowel and colon
thereby allowing Vitamins & Minerals
in organic food etc. to be effectively absorbed into the
"Keep off white Flour, Sugar, Pork, & any Processed or
GM,/ GE foods, or food additives, including Artificial
sweeteners." -- ( In a Texas University study, it was
surprisingly found that all participants put on 50% more
weight through drinking Diet Coke )
"If you go on Chemotherapy & Radiation, you will live a
shorter time, than if you do nothing." - Natural cures are
blocked by using Chemotherapy.
(The tropical fruit Sier Sak / Sour Sop,or Graviola, has been
found to be many times more effective than Chemotherapy,
with no side effects, & is also good for Depression)

In 2007, 30,000 children in the U.S.A., were found to

have Eye & Brain Cancers from using Mobile Phones.
(Neurosurgeons are now asking patients which side of the head

the Phone is used on) -- Texting and using the speaker is

better. Sterility is being caused in young men from

carrying a Mobile Phone in their pocket. (Weight gain is
also caused by Cell Phones near the head.)

The Mineral Selenium, (200 Micro grams /day) has

had literally unbelievable anti-cancer results on all forms
of Cancer. (1994 American Medical Assn. Journal)
Organic Broccoli & Green Tea (not over 20 cups / day) for
Cancer. -- (Control your Iron intake)
Egg Plant; Dr.Wright said is very effective for Cancer.

Polish Sauerkraut, has been found effective in treating

Breast Cancer, as has Vitamin D3, & Iodine & Iodide.
Wakame, Kombu & Bladderwrack seaweeds are also
good for Breast Cancer ,-( University of California /
Berkely - Christine Skibola).-- Note:-- Mammograms using XRays & Squashing the Breast tissue, can cause Cancer.

The Milk from the Milkweed Plant ( Radium plant)

has been found effective on Skin Cancer, without
leaving scars.
One study in Finland in 1994, on 500,000 people , from
50 villages, showed that there was an increase of 15%
-20% of various Cancers in Women only, from having
Chlorine in the water supply. -- Chlorine is absorbed 300
times more from having a hot shower, than by drinking it.
Sodium Fluoride, in toothpaste and in tap water, will
lead to many health problems; - Fluoride can also cause
weight gain.
On American Colgate Fluoride toothpaste packets it has

this --- "Warning : Keep out of reach of children

under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more
than is used for brushing, seek professional assistance or
contact a Poison Control Centre immediately."
Frankincense Oil, 2 drops a day on the skin. Many Pure
Essential Oils are effective on viruses,-- eg. Thieves Oil,
used as a prevention during the Black Plague.
Hempseed Oil & Flaxseed Oil: (Organic) for Tumours &
Cancer,-- 2 Dessertspoonfuls per Day. (Never use Canola
Oil, as it has been found to cause Macular Degeneration of the
Eyes. - When plants were fed to Cattle, they went blind for 2

Turmeric : for Cancer & Alzheimers & Parkinsons

Regular Hot Baths, in heating the Blood can help with
Frequency; containing Phytoplankton, Selenium & other
beneficial products, from the Forever Green Co. is one of
the best commercial products for getting rid of Lung
Cancer, among other health problems.
Sodium Bicarbonate; as Coconut Milk, helps to Alkalise
your body thus preventing Cancer forming. - Also good
for Gout.
Dandelion Root; sliced, dried & ground by hand, will get
rid of Prostate Cancer & Lung Cancer in 4 weeks. -- 2
teaspoons a day.

Maroon; an Australian Aboriginal tree bark remedy, was

used in 1947 to successfully cure Cancer.
Lemon & Lemon Grass tea, good for Cancer.
Asparagus; 4 tablespoons in the morning & 4
tablespoons later in the day, of pureed, canned, full stalk
Asparagus, works very well for ( stage 3 Cancer)
Hodgkin's disease, Bladder Cancer, Lung Cancer,
Skin Cancer, Kidney disease, Kidney Stones.
(Originally used in the 1700s as a cure for Kidney Stones.)
Cream of Tatar will get rid of Kidney Stones within Hrs.
Antifungal agents can get rid of some Cancers that are
caused by Candida albicans.
Kerosene; is simply amazing in being able to stop
Cancers & many other health problems including Polio,
Tumors, Athsma, Candida, ADD, ADHD ,& Diabetes
Type 2. - (2-3 teaspoons in sugar a day)

If you supplement with Vitamins, make sure that
they are taken with Minerals & are actually
dissolving in your body, as many do not, -- because
of low Stomach Acid & Coatings on the Vitamins.
--------------------------OTHER CURES:

-- ARTHRITIS: -- Hemp Seed Oil & Orange Juice, 1ST

thing in the morning. (Hemp seed oil has Omega 3, 6,
& 9, plus Vitamins & Minerals )
-- Arthritis: -- Cinnamon Powder -- 1 Teaspoonful & 1
Dessertspoonful of Honey per day.
-- AUTISM: First remove all allergens & toxic foods, ie.
Gluten , Dairy, Processed Foods. Add Sublingual
B12 & Folate, & RNA Products, then add TD DMPS
via the skin. Take good quality Vitamins & Minerals.
(see also The Puzzle of Autism by Dr. Amy Yasko. )
Coconut & Red Palm Oil are very effective for
-- ALTZHEIMERS: -- as above, Turmeric, and DONT
get the FLU Vaccine!
-- PARKINSONS :-- As above, & Turmeric
--- MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS : -- take Cayenne Pepper &
Cold pressed Coconut Oil, Hempseed or Flaxseed
(Calcium,Magnesium & Vit.E,D, & Bs) Use a
Magnetic Molecular Energizer, Keep away from EMFs,
Mobile Phones & Wi-Fi. -- Fat Elimination, Drink
Distilled Water . Get rid of stress in your life, & get
plenty of R.E.M. sleep. - Eat Organic food. - Oxyrich is
also beneficial.
NEVER drink Sodium Fluoridated tap Water. Use non
Fluoridated Toothpaste Change light Globes to
Tungsten or LEDs. Remove Mercury Fillings.

--- MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY Magnetic Molecular

Energizer, Vitamin D, Magnesium. Detox, drinking
Distilled Water, (never drink Sodium Fluoridated
water or use Fluoridated Toothpaste) then
Supplement with Minerals & good quality Vitamins.
Cook with & eat Coconut oil, never Canola Oil.
Use Tungsten Halogen lighting, or LEDs, not
Fluorescent lighting. Dont sleep near Fuse boxes, or
with the Mobile Phone. Use Speaker or Text phone
messages. Colonic Irrigation may help with
Detoxing, before supplementing.
Coconut Oil is considered to be the Best Oil for cooking
with, and contrary to what the Edible Oil Companies say,
can help you lose weight. It can get rid of Diabetes
Type 2, & Hepatitis B, clean out your Arteries &
strengthen your Heart, according to Dr. Rensensi's
Buko & Dr. Mercola, & Bruce Fife, C.N.,N.D.,see,
"The Coconut Oil Miracle".
-- A SPRAINED ANKLE :-- Put in HOT water, not Cold
for quicker healing.
-- CARPAL TUNNEL NUMBNESS : -- Collect some Salt
water from a high energy beach, where the waves are
breaking, heat till hot, put your hands in til water goes
-- Using the Bob Beck Blood cleanser, ( Zapper ) for 1
hr. every 4 months will also relieve the Carpal Tunnels
numbness, within a couple of days.
This can also relieve foot arch pain, when used for 1hr./

day for 4 weeks, & reduce Cataracts.

-- TYPHOID : -- The Zapper will also get rid of this in 4
days, when used for 1 hr/day with 1 glass of Colloidal
Silver/ day.
-- MACULAR DEGENERATION of the eyes is now being
caused by CANOLA OIL. -- It has caused temporal
blindness in cattle.
-- An apparent GASTRIC REFLUX is being caused by WI
FI, in some people. (Swedish Schools have banned Wi Fi.)
Drinking more water, and orientating differently in bed
can help relieve symptoms. (Sleeping, facing Nth. Is
best, and on stomach.)
relieved by Coconut Oil & the Zapper use, or by electric
fences etc. The Zapper or electric fences have also
annulled the toxic affect of SNAKE BITE VENOM in 3
different countries. Activated Charcoal is also very
effective on Snake bite & other poisons.
-- BROKEN BONES appear to heal within 1 hr. using a 1
1/2 - 9 volt battery terminals on either side of the break. Make sure there are no cuts, burns or scars on the skin
where the terminals are placed, and never test the battery
on your tongue, -- ( 3 men every year die from doing this in
Australia.) Keep terminals covered when not in use.
-- HEART ATTACKS can be stopped by immediately by

putting Cayenne Pepper under the tongue. Taken

regularly, (2-3 teaspoons a day) it will strengthen the heart
and clean out the arteries. Also good for stopping heavy
bleeding, ( Drink 1 dessert spoonful in hot water )

-- BRAIN TUMORS can be reduced by taking 2

dessertspoons of Flax seed oil a day, (Hemp seed oil &
Coconut Oil should also work, & it tastes better.) - Many Tumors
are being caused by Cell Phones.

WARNING; -- this Information is considered

dangerous to have, be very careful whom you pass
it onto.