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Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development

Vol 3, No 1 (2012)
Pages: 102-104
Published: 2012-01-12

1 Department of oral and maxillofacial surgery, Government Dental College and Research Institute,
Bangalore, Karnataka, IN

Role of Collagen in Vestibuloplasty - a Comparative Study

Hemavathy Osuraman 1, Jaya Prasad N. Shetty 1, Chandan Prabhakar 1, A. R. Pradeep 1
The ridge extension procedures are required to improve the denture stability and retention.
Vestibuloplasty is a procedure performed to gain more amount of clinical ridge where there is adequate
basal bone, by uncovering it surgically and repositioning the overlying mucosa and muscle attachment.
In the present study, a comparison of "kazanjian technique with collagen" and "kazanjian technique
without collagen" was done to evaluate the efficiency of collagen in maintaining the vestibular depth, in
a follow up period of 3 months. 20 patients who were referred to department of oral and maxillofacial
surgery for ridge extension were treated with kazanjian technique, in 10 patients raw labial surface of
wound was covered with collagen and in the other 10 patients it was left to heal by secondary
epithelialisation. Vestibular depth and complications if any were reviewed and recorded on 1st day, 1st
week, 1st month and 3 months post operatively. The total increase in vestibular depth after 3 months in
technique with collagen is 9.5 - 11 mm where as in technique without using collagen 5.5 - 8 mm.
Reviewing the results with regard to maintainance of vestibular depth and complications, we
recommend the "kazanjian technique with collagen" over the "kazanjian technique without collagen".
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