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Sarah Winter

AP US History
Christopher B4

President Vice President Years in Office Opponents for Political Party Facts
George Washington John Adams 1789-97 1789:John Adams Federalist -A hero of the
1792:John Adams American
Revolutionary War
-First president of
the United States

John Adams Thomas Jefferson 1797-1801 1796:Thomas Federalist -First of the Adams
Jefferson political family
Thomas Jefferson Aaron Burr (1801- 1801-09 1800:Aaron Burr Democratic- -Wrote the
05); George Clinton 1804:Charles C. Republican Declaration of
(1805-09) Pinckney Independence
-Major figure in
political philosophy
James Madison George Clinton 1809-17 1808:Charles C. Democratic- -Shortest president
(1809-12) Pinckney Republican in the history of the
Elbridge Gerry 1812:DeWitt United States at
(1813-14) Clinton 5’4”

-Principal author of
the Constitution
James Monroe Daniel D. Tompkins 1817-25 1817:Rufus King Democratic- -United States
1820:John Q. Republican acquired Florida
Adams during his

-Nothing is known
of his religious
-Burned all papers
and letters
exchanged between
him and his wife
after her death
John Quincy Adams John C. Calhoun 1825-29 1824:Andrew Democratic- -Through his time
Jackson Republican as a politician he
was a member of
five political parties.
-Became a
congressman after
serving as president
Andrew Jackson John C. Calhoun 1829-37 1828:John Q. Democratic -Strongly opposed
(1829-1832) Adams the electoral college
Martin Van Buren 1832: Henry Clay
Martin Van Buren Richard M. Johnson 1837-41 1836:William H. Democratic -First president who
Harrison was not of British or
Irish descent
-Served as secretary
of state, vice
president, and
William Henry John Tyler March,1841- 1840: Martin Van Whig -Developed
Harrison April,1841 Buren pneumonia as a
result of giving his
long inauguration
outdoors and died
after serving slightly
more than a month
as president
John Tyler N/A 1841-45 Succeeded Harrison Whig -First president to
receive the
presidency via
-First president born
after the adaptation
of the United States’
James K. Polk George M. Dallas 1845-49 1844:Henry Clay Democratic -First president to
retire after one term
and not seek
Zachary Taylor Millard Fillmore 1849-1850 1848: Lewis Cass Whig -Served in the US
Army for 40 years
-Died 16 months
into presidency
Millard Fillmore None 1850-53 Succeeded Taylor Whig -The last member of
the Whig Party to
take office
-Ran for reelection
under the Know
Nothing Party,
opposing Irish
Franklin Pierce Winfield Scott 1853-57 1852:William R. Democrat -The only president
King from New
-Had a rough life
after presidency, as
his party did not re-
nominate him and
he suffered from
James Buchanan John C. Fremont 1857-61 1856:John C. Democrat -The only President
Breckinridge from Pennsylvania
-The only president
never to marry
Abraham Lincoln Andrew Johnson 1861-65 1860:John C. Republican -The first president
Breckinridge to be assassinated
-Was a politician
under the Whig
Party earlier in his
Andrew Johnson None 1865-69 Succeeded Abraham Democratic -Impeached by
Lincoln congress, but
acquitted by one
Ulysses S. Grant Schuyler Colfax 1869-77 1868:Horatio Republican -Hero of the Union
(1869-73); Henry Seymour as a general during
Wilson (1873-75) 1872:Horace the Civil War
Greeley -Often viewed as
tolerant of
Rutherford B. William A. Wheeler 1877-81 1876: Samuel J. Republican -Won the electoral
Hayes Tilden college by one vote
-Presidency was
decided by
James Garfield Chester A. Arthur March,1881- 1880:Winfield S. Republican -Was shot but died
September,1881 Hancock of blood poisoning
while in office
-Was a member of
the House of
while elected
Chester A. Arthur None 1881-85 Succeeded Garfield Republican -Greatly avoided
corruption in
-Founded great
amount of civil
Grover Cleveland Thomas A. 1885-89 1884:James G. Democrat -Only president to
Hendricks Blaine serve two non-
consecutive terms
-Won the popular
vote three times but
served as president
Benjamin Harrison Levi P. Morton 1889-93 1888:Grover Republican -The last veteran of
Cleveland the Civil War to be
Grover Cleveland Adlai E. Stevenson 1893-97 1892:Benjamin Democrat -Only president to
Harrison serve two non-
consecutive terms
-Won the popular
vote three times but
served as president

William McKinley Garret A. 1897- 1896:William Bryan Republican -Assassinated by an

Hobart(1897-99); September,1901 1900:William Bryan anarchist
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt Charles Warren 1901-09 Succeeded Republican -The Teddy Bear is
Fairbanks (1905-09) McKinley named after him.
1904:Alton Parker -Viewed as a model
of masculinity for
the time
William Taft James S. Sherman 1909-12 1908:Wiliam Bryan Republican -Near pacifist in his
desire for world
-Only president to
also serve on the
Supreme Court

Woodrow Wilson Thomas R. Marshall 1912-21 1912:Theodore Democrat -Was president of

Roosevelt Princeton
1916:Charles University before
Hughes becoming president
of the United States
-First president to
leave the United
States while in
Warren G. Harding Calvin Coolidge 1921-August,1923 1920:James Cox Republican -Died from a heart
attack while in
-At the time he won
by the greatest
victory in
presidential history
Calvin Coolidge Charles G. Dawes 1923-29 Succeeded Harding Republican -Strong supporter of
(1925-29) 1924:John W. Davis small government
Herbert Hoover Charles Curtis 1929-33 1928:Alfred E. Republican -Great depression
Smith initiated in the first
term of his
Franklin Delano John N. Garner 1933-April,1945 1932: Herbert Democrat -Only president to
Roosevelt (1933-41); Henry A. Hoover serve more than two
Wallace (1941-45); 1936:Alfred Landon terms
Harry S. Truman 1940:Wendell -Led the nation
(1945) Willkie through World War
1944:Thomas II
Dewey -Brought America
out of the Great

Harry S. Truman Alben W. 1945-53 Succeeded FDR Democrat -Began to remove

Barkley(1949-53) 1948: Thomas Communist
Dewey sympathizers from
government offices
Dwight Eisenhower Richard Nixon 1953-61 1952: Adlai E. Republican -Supreme
Stevenson commander of
1956: Adlai E. Allied Forces in
Stevenson World War II
-Began the interstate
highway program
John F. Kennedy Lyndon B. Johnson 1961-63 1960: Richard Democrat -Only practicing
Nixon Roman Catholic
-Youngest president
ever elected
-Many conspiracy
theories exist
surrounding his
Lyndon B. Johnson Hubert H. 1963-69 1964:Barry Democrat -Known for the
Humphrey (1965- Goldwater ‘Johnson
69) Treatment’ or his
manipulation of
Richard Nixon Spiro T. Agnew 1969-74 1968:Hubert Republican -Was nearly
(1969-73); Gerald Humphrey impeached over the
R. Ford(1973-74) 1972:George ‘Watergate Scandal’
McGovern in which he used
government officers
to search
Democratic suites
for election strategy
-Resigned from
office before he was
removed by
Gerald Ford Nelson A. 1974-77 Succeeded Nixon Republican -Lived to be 93
Rockefeller years old
Jimmy Carter Walter Mondale 1977-81 1976:Gerald R. Democrat -Worked
Ford extensively on
human rights
projects though
various charities
since his presidency
Ronald Reagan George H. W. Bush 1981-89 1980:James E. Republican -Oldest elected
Carter president
1984:Walter -Supported many
Mondale anti-Communistic
George H. W. Bush J. Danforth Quayle 1989-93 1988: Michael S. Republican -Served as the
Dukakis director of the CIA
before his
-Youngest naval
aviator in the
history of the US
-Became a
millionaire in the oil
business before he
was 40

William “Bill” Al Gore 1993-2001 1992:George H.W. Democrat -First president born
Clinton Bush after World War II
1996:Bob Dole ended

George W. Bush Richard “Dick” 2001-2008 2000: Al Gore Republican -Recorded lowest
Cheney 2004: John Kerry and highest
president approval
ratings in the history
of the US-

-Acted as manager
to the Texas rangers
before his
Barack H. Obama Joe Biden 2008-present 2008: John McCain Democrat -First black
(term ends 2012 president
unless reelected)
-First president born
outside of the
continental United