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Content server installation in

This guide contains step by step screenshots of SAP Content server installation in SUSE Linux for beginners.


CS installation involves in the below steps:

User creation
Apache installation
Content server installation
Post installation activities

Content Repository creation in SAP server

User Creation:

Create the New user sapcs and group sapsys in the linux host.

create the new user with home directory /usr/users/sapcs

if you want install only content server login sapcs is enough, if you want to install cache server along with content
server, we need to another login as same as sapcs with name of sapcsc
Apache server Installation:

There is inbuilt apache server available in Linux servers. But that is not suitable for sap content server
installation. So download the apache binary file for Linux from the below link.

Copy the zip file to server in dump location. Login as sapcs user and Unzip the a folder. Goto the folder and
execute the following commands
configure --prefix=/usr/users/sapcs/ --enable-mods-shared=most --with-mpm=prefork --with-expat=builtin
To create the make file
OS> make
OS> make install
Check the below SAP note for apache server configuration
664384 - Generation info for Apache Web server for SAP Content Server

Note: as per sap recommendation, we need to install the apache server in the
sapcs login home directory
Start the installation from swpm.

select Install database instance also. select Cache server if you want to install. in this document i explained only
the installation of Content server alone.

provide the web server root as sapcs login home directory we created above.

use the default values here.

provide the required password.

provide the password here for login control and superdba. use the same password what we provide earlier.

select File system. create the required file system before start the installation (/sapdb//SDB/log,
/sapdb/SDB/sapdata) etc.

provide the sapdata file systems details

Check the summary and proceed to install.

during installation it will restart the content server.

installation is completed.

To check content server whether working or not, use the below URL, and it give output as server details, start
time and versions etc.
http://<server ip>:1090/ContentServer/ContentServer.dll?serverInfo
Post Installation Activities:

Change the cs.conf file permission to 777

change the permission of directory security to 777

change the value of parameter security to 0 in cs.conf file

Just ensure the below entry available in httpd.conf file in /usr/users/sapcs/conf

Finally the content server is ready, create the content repository in required SAPserver (t.code oac0)

please reply me if any changes required.