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JAHRE a mystical journey

Jahre, incarnated as a soulman March 17 1946 Vienna

Pisces with Aquarius rising; perfectly reflecting the worldly
transition from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius.
an old Soul with over 1000 physical lives, in over
514,000 physical years most have been short
miscarriage, child death or up to about age 50
came during very difficult times when forward thinkers
were unacceptable
one of a number of pioneer Souls; incarnated in the 1940's
to create a new order
pinpoints of light , showing the way to help other Souls
incarnate in the future
can be described as a refugee from future generations
that is, incarnations that have not evolved here yet
previous incarnation wasn't human ... it was of a "higher
where helped Spiritual growth amongst lower vibrations
some other incarnations were in Prehistoric Ice age and
mountain areas of Europe
as an Etruscan of Italy was brought in from another plane

to be a catalyst for human development then left

without trace
never felt at home here
felt out of step with life and unsure that wanted to be in
step in what was
perceived as a linear, two dimensional world
did not open to the third density as had not fully
integrated Soul-body
when not in fear operated in the fifth dimension by going
outside body
listen in the physical, and then take it out to consider how
can respond in the most perfect way ... move in and out of
body at will.
whilst in Mothers womb in war torn Europe picked up her
terror that
she wouldn't be able to care for you as her husband, your
biological father,
had disappeared into a Siberian gulag ... she kept part of
herself from you
you felt that will was taken from you ... so didn't allow self
to bond, with parents,
siblings and others ... creating aloneness-separation
maintained mainly a spiritual connection.
from a young child felt "different", "out of step with life
never let self take on the fullness of human life
maintaining Spiritual
connection, but resisting complete immersion in the
human body

have a very strong spiritual connection, "seeking after

whilst intention for this life was always in place
a great ability and a broad vision however no emotional
as your tenure here was very ethereal ... one foot here one
foot over there
have great faith but by never properly aligning soul to the
physical had
unconscious fears uncertainty-self doubt when unable to
do it perfectly
observe and play with what man can create but keep
operate mainly in the mental plane
at age 12 endeavored to introduce a process-ability to
adopt a persona of Spiritual freedom
by keeping separate from complete immersion in the
human body felt that by
not fully engaging could be free to leave here at any time
as a child helped parents by carrying for them a lot of
residual grief
not realizing how this would degrade your own stamina for
found it difficult to find other souls with whom could
feel-identify two separate parallel lives ... physical and

soul trusts that all is well in the world ... has learned much
and done a lot
likes to be able to bring about great change
is in Australia as there is little residual historical energy
unlike other parts of the world, like Europe, where they
carry deep generational grief at a cellular level ...
intention here is to seek Truth but suffer from self
it's a challenge being human as when arrived never fully
connected with body
only loosely attached to body ... spend a lot of time in the
spiritual realm
tired of this journey ... because of the incomplete soul
integration with physical
have had the Spiritual struggle and frustration of not being
able to create
your concept of perfection in this human life
have been exploring how can be comfortable as a human
in relation to;
1.It is not a choice between Dark-Light
2.Technical issues of physical incarnation
3.Use of Spiritual energy
4. Becoming clear about freedom

soul energy has been trying to get out of body for 50

having been detached so long from a relationship with
body self
there has not been a wholeness an inability to express
however from early 50's have been spiritually supported
to look at freedom
for the next three years, from now at age 58 to age 62,
will decide whether
want to stay in this human incarnation, or return "home"
have a choice of a new level of exploration and growth
or degeneration by
manifesting an illness
The question is Soul curious enough?
since age 50 it has been almost a new experience as in
all previous incarnations haven't had many years on the
planet beyond age 50
Mystic who chose to benevolently return to earth to assist
brothers-sisters upon their evolutionary paths... is here on
a Mission of
Love-Compassion, where the Christ consciousness
becomes the guiding
light in life of Soul, providing insight into the true
meaning-purpose of life.
Mission of Soul embraces the expression of Love and

helping others to rise above the obstacles of their paths ...
Soul is able to
nurture-protect others, encourage creativity, and the
advancement in
individual Souls, or some segment of society.
Truth is the Souls vehicle ... will channel its higher self...
objective is to give
counsel ... fathoms that Love in expression is God in
Hears Music of the Spheres... will fully master mind this
Ultimate task - attunement to Divine purpose-selfless
In accordance with the Divine will serves the many as a
fully endowed emissary of the One.
Vibrates at higher frequencies, spreading TruthRighteousness,
to generate zeal-ardor in the hearts-minds of those who
follow Souls lead.
Soul is here to cultivate selfless Love for the pure joy of
Seeming miracles will occur in Souls life.
Soul to serve in the world as commander in chief of the
Indivisible One
Incarnated 17/3/1946 (1+7=8)
Revelation to the inner spiritual path Athens Greece
26/2/1996 2+6=8

Initiation to the inner path on 26/7/1997 (2+6=8 and 1997

=8 > 8 and 8)
First "inner Experience" on the inner path 26/2/02
Interview with Beloved Master 4/4/2006 (4+4= 8 and 2+6
= 8 > 8 and 8)
Revelation over 8 days - 17/8/08 (888) to 26/08/08 (888)
This is the latest of 113,000 lives
Purpose is to become Spiritually Enlightened; release a lot
lighten up.
Am an awakening Divine Spiritual being at Peace
Let go of ego, beliefs, values see bigger picture
Dont get attached to limiting thoughts
Let go of Control Trust
Let go for Freedom unlimitedness
Let go and arrive here now
Accelerate this by finding something higher than self to
devote to
Experience Love energy self is Love Love & forgive
self, others
Be rebellious, break chains of belief systems
Jvspe; many lives together including marriage and children

met 12 AD ... she was daughter of Elman

Same Soul group

Abandoned her during difficult times in past life
Fear of attachment and being trapped
Open up heart develop Trust-Compassion to feel depth
of connection
Real Love is giving each other space create
understanding of Love
Life role is a blank canvas; get clarity of what want out of
head into heart
Live from heart
Recognize that the inner battle reflects into the outer
world as blocks challenges
Get clear what am I really fighting for devote life to
Purpose is to come home to self self realization
Get quiet inside
Cayce Past Life Report
Your Moon harmoniously aspects Mars.
The ever-emotional Moon points most directly to
past lives where you experienced karmic emotions,
including lower Mars-ruled passions.
These emotions have been tempered and moderated
during your previous lives.
This prior resolution of your passionate animal side is
carried over for your constructive use in relating to others
on a personal level in the present.

Therefore, regardless of your sex it makes for good

relationships with women.
Past life indicators include a recent lifetime in
America's pioneer days and an earlier incarnation involved
with the Roman Empire. These likely experiences give you
a great deal of courage.
Also, from your previous lives and your soul journeys
in the Mars sphere of consciousness between lives, your
subconscious feelings are in basic harmony with your
expressions of energy.
Positive influences of this resourceful aspect incline you
not only to be courageous, but also energetic and healthy,
with excellent recuperative powers and an overall strong
Your Moon harmoniously aspects Saturn.
From our past lives the Moon mirrors our karma back
to us for our growth in the present life. One way this works
is through the aspect formed at birth between the Moon
and other planets, such as Saturn.
Your favorable aspect pattern between the Moon and
Saturn reflects for your use this lifetime of resources from
the "plus" side of your akashic ledger. That is, you are
again presenting to yourself positive karma from past
earth lives.
For instance, in a prior incarnation -- perhaps your
previous one -- you were probably responsible for a publicoriented institution or organization involved with
education in some way.
(School headmaster Salisbury England 1930)
In the present you have a very strong sense of duty,
excellent organizational skills, a good nurturing capacity,
extraordinary teaching abilities and can well handle
responsibilities working with any organization that does
business or deals with the public.


Bear in mind that earth incarnations are principally

emotional experiences. The fortunate timing with which
you chose to reenter the earth plane carried into your new
life a basic harmony between your feelings and emotions
on one hand and your practicality and common sense on
the other.
Introversion, however, is likely; yet you are quite
able to use your introverted urge in a constructive,
practical manner as a distinct opportunity for soul
For instance, you can use your "loner" tendency to
maintain your self-confidence, spiritual attunement and
consistency concerning the ideals and higher personal
goals you have set for yourself this lifetime. [633-2, 759-1]
Your Moon is in an inharmonious pattern with Uranus.
Uranus is the Atlantean planet, the dimension of
originality and extremes, and the Moon is our "way
station" between planetary sojourns.
As such, the Moon is our reservoir of past life emotion and
You chose a birth time when your afterlife soul
experiences in the Moon and Uranus dimensions were in
conflict through the difficult aspect pattern between them.
This challenging aspect calls forth from your akashic
chronicle challenges to face in your emotional life.
The most likely original roots of this emotional karma lies
in a long-ago lifetime in Atlantis.
Having an intense, strong-willed, independent
personality, you are likely to be drawn between
experiences that are extreme.
Hence there have probably been periods in your life when
financial or material things could be described as having


been very good and very bad, very pleasing yet very often
You may often be ruled by judgments concerning financial
matters, yet there are other times when such judgments
appear not to matter at all.
In other words, you may often be financially
preoccupied, yet allow generosity toward your friends and
family to override rational decision making.
There may be, then, an instability at times, when you are
motivated by sentiment or friendship without even the
appearance of reason.
Because of these tendencies, it will be very
important for you to set your personal spiritual goals and
ideals regarding your relationships, then stick to them.
Your choice of companions throughout your life will be as
critical as your choice of ideals to help you stay on the
right track.
First study yourself inwardly, through prayer,
meditation and dream work. Know your motives; that is,
what are the real reasons which prompt you to do the
things you do with your fellow man.
If they are selfish motives and are not prompted by the
desire to be a better channel, a better expression of the
Creative Forces through your own relationships or
activities with others, know that they must eventually
bring confusion in your life.
You might use self-suggestion via auto-hypnosis and
guided imagery. This may help you to be more centered
and spiritually attuned.
Try to combine these exercises with prayer and
affirmations which assist you in turning within for
guidance, rather than relying entirely on your own
independence and willfulness.


Above all, pray for the resolve to be consistent in applying

your ideals as set in the Christ. Prayerful study and
contemplation of Jesus' promises in chapters 14-17 of
Saint John's Gospel would be a priceless resource. [11751]
Your Mercury is conjoined with Venus.
You have high intellectual abilities together with a
strong home loving and artistic temperament.
You have a cautious, resolute and tenacious mind,
reserved and self-controlled as far as feelings for others is
You are interested in people, are a good conversationalist
and companion, and a wholesome influence on most
Your entrance into groups or companionships with others
is even more beneficial to them than to you.
You would make an excellent creative writer or designer,
being interested in all forms of the arts, especially music,
color and form.
In fact, your intellectual, artistic abilities are very
likely to be considerably above average. Therefore your
potentials especially in the literary field are exceptional.
Commercial applications of your mental abilities in law
and advertising are also encouraged.
The love influence in its highest or noblest sense is
primary for you.
Were others to criticize you for allowing what they
perceive as carnal love to be influencing you excessively
--your experience of "love at first sight" for example -- you
do little condemning in return.
Although you and many others see the sacredness of such
physical expressions, your love expressions are likely to be
mostly on the level of speaking kindly and having
generosity, a gentleness of manner and trueness of spirit.


You are more likely to fall in love with a beautiful evening,

and to find much wonder in the moon, the planets and
The beauty of nature, with its clouds, lightening, thunder
and other natural voices are for you -- though maybe hard
for others to understand - - an especially rewarding,
stabilizing influence.
Attraction to and by the beautiful and handsome in
the opposite sex will often influence you a great deal.
If other past life indicators point to challenges in this area
of your personal life, they are most likely to deal with the
influences of passion, on both the mental and purely
physical levels.
That is, your feelings, desire, and sensation -- all elements
of passion -- may at times be overactive, even impulsive.
There is also some danger of jealousy and misplaced trust
in love relationships.
This may actually be due to a mild aversion of forming
close relationships, because of past life associations
needing self-healing in the present.
Moreover, it may often be difficult for you to hear
from others, or yourself express through stories, jokes or
the like, that which is considered coarse or crude.
However, having considerable mental concentration
powers as well as charm you can control and disguise your
feelings when you feel the need. [1136-1, 2612-1, 2386-1,
1792-1, 234-1, 305-3, 1637-1, 304-5, 3271-1, 2124-3,
1716-1, 1991-1, 1230-1]
Your Mercury harmoniously aspects Uranus.
Your sojourn in Mercury gives you a very high mental
capacity -- near that of genius -- with reference to
absorbing, remembering and communicating details,
especially in writing and talking with others.


Your Uranian experience together with a parallel lifetime in

Atlantis makes you a highly sensitive soul. This is
expressed in your psychic abilities as well as your
originality and inventiveness.
Ideas are rampant in your mind, making you a
continuous theorist and ideologist.
This is especially true in esoteric, astrological and psychic
matters in their deeper and broader sense, rather than on
the more superficial level of psi phenomena.
Yet you receive the greater proportion of your mental
urges and inventiveness from your own clairvoyance.
Together with the extremes which are likely to be to you
the everyday norm, these psychic impressions may be
Hence the need for centering on the promises of the
Master -- Himself the ultimate Uranian in Whom all
extremes meet -- especially as He gave in John 14-17.
In writing and counseling -- complemented by
lecturing -- you may accomplish the most in the present
Your appreciation of wisdom and the mental abilities of
others, together with your desire to give expression to
these make you a natural teacher.
Other more Atlantean areas may also be suitable outlets
for your rather remarkable intellectual abilities.
On one hand you would probably find rewarding the study
and application of harmonic, vibratory -- including
electrical, gravitational, radiational -- and cyclical
conditions to generational-growth cycles in nature,
especially plants.
On the other hand you have potentials for pioneering in
the study and research of planetary and other cycles in
relation to economics. [2658-1, 2498-1, 2598-2]


Your Mercury is in an inharmonious pattern with Neptune.

Just before your birth, your experience in the
spiritual realm of Neptune was challenged through your
choice to make a soul flight stopover in the Mercury
This last minute mental wandering from the dimension of
spirituality may be your doing and undoing in the present.
For, you have built about yourself through your past lives
and your sojourns in the heavenly spheres great thoughts,
visions and ideals.
However, due to circumstances probably connected
with your relatives and your choice of associates, you
have continually found yourself just beyond carrying out
these high imaginative forces and ideals.
This challenge to your self-confidence can be met directly
through self-controlled action on your part. By applying
sheer will power and adhering closely to the ideals you
envision, you will be able to channel these higher spiritual
elements as few may.
One beneficial process in this application of your will
is your learning the value of spirituality (how not to take it
for granted, for instance).
Another result is likely to be the restoring of faith in
yourself and your fellow man.
You mind is influenced by many varying intuitions
which affect your ability to concentrate and focus your
attention. Therefore, your development or retardment this
lifetime will depend to a large degree on the application of
your will regarding ideals.
For instance, your sensitivity to environmental conditions
is very great. Surrounding influences which you intuitively
absorb will always have a lot to do with the thought trends
you take and the way you apply your abilities.
In other words, you are almost mystically


hypersensitive to your surroundings. You pick up negative

thoughts of others and outside situations and are
influenced by them. Thus it is necessary that you set high
ideals of discernment, discrimination and honesty.
Otherwise, your dreaming could become little more than
scheming and your receptivity may become deceptive.
The reason this is emphasized is because you are very
easily influenced by others.
There is also the likelihood of an impractical,
visionary and --literally -- "spaced-out" quality to your
Often as not your ideas will be very imaginative and
involve such notions for instance as travel over wide
expanses of space or water,
rather unusual music from the sounds of nature and the
mystical beliefs of many different cultures.
The latter gives you considerable spiritual insight and
tolerance for all religions.
You are easily able to keep secrets, even to the point
of having a "poker face" while doing so. Care must be
taken, however, that your secret-keeping quality does not
become secretiveness and cunning to the advantage of
A gemstone which would have a helpful, elemental
influence on you if carried or worn is the white crystal.
Such a crystal would be more than just a good luck charm:
its vibrations are needed as a positive influence and
should be kept close to the body. [1738-1, 2285-1, 2533-1,
Your Venus is in an inharmonious pattern with Neptune.
At the time of your re-entry into the earth plane your
soul flight paths from Venus and Neptune were squared off
or opposed in the zodiac.


Your choice to be born when these two planet- flight paths

were at odds with each other resulted in a call-up from
your soul's past life records which reveal a love liability in
your cosmic account.
This same challenging choice of re-entry from Venus,
realm of love and beauty, and Neptune, realm of
spirituality and mysticism, is made by many sincere
seekers who are earnest students on the spiritual path.
It points out this lifetime as an especially important one,
for you are directly faced, among other things, with the
necessity to spiritualize the disappointments you have
experienced through your great need for love.
That is, your deep desire for affection -- and resulting
heartaches from feeling the lack of it -- all must be given
up and instead has to be universalized into BEING,
manifesting Love and Compassion.
This is not to say that you should be impractical in
being too empathetic and allow yourself to be deceived
(or to deceive or delude yourself),
for instance, by giving too much to the wrong -- especially
spiritual or moral -- cause or marrying the wrong person
whom you have emotionally over-idealized.
Let your prayer or song be, "Lord, let me learn to BE the
love I've been dreaming of, learn to BE the love I need."
The other area of your unclear vision and lack of
good judgment at times might manifest in a kind of
"mystical moodiness" as far as inner guidance is
concerned (this applies particularly to dreams and
meditation experiences).
That is, you may be moved by an impulse thought to be
from without -- from higher, spiritual sources -- when it is
really within your own head. Or, conversely, you may often
be prompted to act or fail to act on what you think is only
a feeling from within when it is really from without.


There are indicators that an excellent outlet for you

would be in counseling others who are emotionally or
spiritually needy, either directly (one-on-one or by leading
small groups) or through writing, or both.
The main requirement is for you to CHOOSE.
First, through analyzing yourself in such a way as to know
what is your ideal relationship to God.
Second, what is your ideal attitude and corresponding life
work activity that can fulfill that purpose, that ideal.
Finally, what is the ideal yet practical manner of
expressing these purposes in relationship to those you
deal with on a day-to-day basis.
Then, whether it be in fact or fiction, in a private journal or
widely read book or column, WRITE about what you have
come up with!
There are many, many souls who would benefit, as long as
you really have something constructive and helpful to say
as part of a specific purpose and lesson to be learned.

Your Mars is conjoined with Saturn.

You are always busy, both with your hands and with
your mind. Your ambition, power drive and energy will
always require a great deal of direction in the spiritual
rather than the material or financial area of your life.
However, because of a likely misuse in past lives,
power may be denied you in this lifetime unless you put all
your trust, purpose and hope in the Christ and His ways.
Your tendency to worry and become blocked over
situations in which others disappoint you can be cleared
up by trust in His power working with you.


Now, Mars is the consciousness dimension

concerned with activity and applied energy related to
material things.
Positive expressions of Martian energy include courage,
valor and clean competitiveness.
Negative expressions are usually manifested emotionally
as aggression and anger.
On the other hand, Saturn is the realm of remolding
by the necessity for change. Martian energy is often
restricted; for it must work within the common sense
boundaries of Saturn's urge for change and growth.
This interplay of the forces of Mars and Saturn may
manifest outwardly as inertia on one hand or as serious
challenges raised by those with whom you are associated,
especially in career and financial decisions.
The problematic activities of those who oppose you are
likely to involve their anger as well as your own, or drives
to satisfy personal wishes.
In Saturn is therefore found many changes in your
associations and activities with others, along with changes
in your purposes and guiding ideals.
As these somewhat traumatic changes have come in your
life, your first reaction has probably been one of confusion.
At these times you can always CHOOSE whether or not to
become involved in problems with others which cause you
to lose your hold on the real Life in you as manifested
through the Christ-Consciousness.
These personal power challenges are likely to remain
with you until you choose to recognize Saturn's potential
for positive changes.
Do this through losing your self wholly in the Christ and
His purposes in always doing for others.


Consider not what others can do for you, but what you
might do for them. [3573-1, 1438-1]
Your Sun is in Pisces (Tropical zodiac).
Coming under the influences of Pisces, water and
religion or spiritual matters are likely to have an untold
influence on you.
Of course, this depends upon the way you respond to
these kinds of experiences, for they have probably played
an important part or at least have been innate in your
experience through many lifetimes in the earth.
Pisces means or symbolizes what is naturally, or by
its very nature, representative of influences of the higher
soul or higher spiritual level.
Hence those things of the spiritual nature should
preferably be the way in which your judgments are drawn,
as to whether this or that activity should be your impelling
Not that you should become lost in motives or in
influences impelling your actions: just use those things of
the spiritual import as the measuring rod of your activities
and experiences.
In light of this, the period around the birth and
ministry of Jesus, the Christ, is the clearest past life for you
to recall and build upon in the present
You may even remember a lifetime as part of Roman
culture, where priority was placed upon position in society
and in the military.
Another early Church memory might be stronger for
you: the hills around Galilee and the desert near the Dead
Sea where the Essenes and others gathered to meditate
and study.
Then too you may be emotionally drawn to painful scenes
of being among early Christians who were martyred for
the courage of believing in the Messiah.


Regardless of specifics, you are quite likely always to be

dominated by a sense of expectancy and mystery.
In later lifetimes since the early Church period, you
were probably celibate, as a nun or monk of a leading
religious order
Noble, compassionate Jupiter and spiritual, mystical
Neptune are the two rulers or key symbols for the sign of
From Neptune come the intuitive forces, the mystical or
mysterious influences in your experience, whether you
allow them to be mentally or consciously active or not.
Another influence of these planets as expressed through
Pisces is that although you have a great deal of
compassion, you may be too passive in expressing your
personal energy and soul force.
Also, it will probably be much easier for you than for most
people to suppress your sexual desires because of the
memory of one or more past lives when you set aside your
personal concerns for the good of the entire community.
[816-3, 1506-1, 997-1]
Your Moon is in Virgo (Tropical zodiac).
As to the activities which are innate or outwardly
manifested in your life, coming in the astronomical
constellation of Virgo, at times you may have the
appearance of being too self-sufficient in your
relationships with others.
Hence you may be considered somewhat eccentric,
especially in your choice of associates and friendships.
There is also a likely tendency for you to approach
life in a very rational way, resulting in your being
considered by others as having a rather materialistic turn
of mind.
At the same time this also gives you the ability to train or
direct the training of the minds of young people.


Long ago, one of your likely past lives was in an ideal

nature setting, where you were known for your courage
and for your ability to heal.
From this distant lifetime you are less likely than most
people to be dominated by others and you are usually
inclined to carry your share of responsibilities.

This experience may have been in South or Central

America as a member of one of the native cultures in the
Amazon forest of Brazil or the Aztec Indians of Mexico.
Mercury is the planet which rules or symbolizes the
essence of the sign Virgo.
Higher levels of learning and teaching, then, have been
yours in these lifetimes, from successful interaction with
nature to more religious pursuits like participating in the
Holy Crusades to Palestine and neighboring lands.
You may also have followed Alexander the Great on his
history-making and Greek culture-expanding military
excursions into Arabia and India. [365-3]
Your Moon is in Leo (Sidereal zodiac).
Leo symbolizes the consciousness wherein there is
strength, creativity and virility, as well as a certain
headstrong or willful nature in how you apply yourself in
relationship with others.
For instance, reading biographical or historical novels
about European royalty, daydreaming about the courts of
Kings and Queens of modern Europe or ancient times and
other grandeurs of the past may bring to your conscious
mind memories of previous incarnations when you were at
the forefront of things
Hence to this very day there probably remains within you
considerable inner strength along with a strong feeling for


behind-the-scenes intrigues as well as a powerful sense of

These qualities are probably connected with your past life
experiences involved -- directly and indirectly -- with
leaders of society and government.
You are also likely to have an above-average interest
in the great artistic and spiritual accomplishments of the
grand cathedrals and great churches of Britain and
Europe, as well as the ancient temples of the
Mediterranean world.

In addition, you may have been one of the higherranking Vikings who, like other royalty, also had an
exciting lifestyle.
And in far earlier times, during and after the last days of
Lemuria and Atlantis, you may have been among the
Incan pyramid builders in the mountains of South America,
the Mayan plains of Central America, and of course, Egypt,
the land which is virtually synonymous with great
The Sun is the ruler or symbol of Leo, and represents
strength and soul force. So, from the Sun's influence and
the past life experiences summarized here, you are
inclined to have a special sense of pride and dignity which,
depending on how you apply your will and the ideals you
have set for yourself, can either enhance or hinder your
relationships with others (and hence either advance or
retard your soul growth this lifetime). [533-20, 2905-3]
Your Sun is in Pisces Decanate
Your sidereal Sun is in the decanate of Pisces, which is
co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter.
This points to prominent soul journeys in the inter life
realms of Jupiter and Neptune, and to one or more parallel
lifetimes in which you were dedicated to spirituality,


humanitarian, healing-oriented and spiritual, mystical

Your experiences then may have brought you prominence
or notoriety in spiritual causes ranging from the Essenes
and Gnostics around the time of Christ to Eastern temples
and ashrams and later, in medieval or modern monastic
Of likely special interest to you in your present life are
mysticism, spirituality and most movements toward
Oneness and the mysteries of Life and Nature, including
dreams and mystical kinds of music and art.
These interests and urges are intensified from lifetimes
where the sea or large bodies of water played a large role,
as well as from your soul experiences between earth
incarnations in realms of Neptune-Jupiter
Your Moon is in Aries Decanate
Your sidereal Moon is in ARIES decanate, which is ruled
by Mars. Mars as Past Life Planet points to an active,
outdoor, courageous, passionate yet at times warlike
Your exceptional will to survive and endure is built up
from military-related lifetimes in the ancient Greco-Roman
world or more recently (within the past century) in
pioneering experiences in Great Britain Europe, colonial
Asia, Africa and-or the Americas.
Karmic Insight Report for Jahre 17 March 1946 Vienna,
Chapter 1: The Moon
Moon in Virgo:
You instinctively react to challenges or stress by
dissecting-analyzing the problem
You tend to feel that it is your responsibility to fix things,
and blame yourself when things go awry.


Also, you may respond by staying busy, busy, busy,

throwing yourself into your work, cleaning, straightening,
or putting things in order.
Domestic chores in particular seem to soothe you, as you
need tidiness and order in your surroundings to feel at
ease internally, and you have a deeply ingrained need to
be useful.
You often feel guilty when you are not being productive or
making a contribution.
Conversely, you feel a lot of emotional satisfaction when
you are accomplishing practical tasks, and especially
when you are helping others in a real, concrete way.
You enjoy being needed and taking care of people, "doing
for others".
Although you find giving very rewarding, you may also
have been taught to deny yourself for others' sake, and
you can be something of a martyr or a workaholic.
If you find yourself giving but secretly resenting or
criticizing others (the recipients of your "service"), you
probably should re-examine the balance of giving and
receiving in your life.
In your incarnational past you devoted your life to serving
other people (either in a religious order or, quite literally,
as a servant), and you were strongly influenced by the
puritan work-guilt ethic.
This now makes it hard for you to relax and enjoy yourself,
or to do for yourself, or you have a subconscious
prohibition against it.
You may feel disapproving and holier-than-thou when you
see other people being or playing in a frivolous,
extravagant way (when they "should be" working).
You can be self-righteous but at the same time you are
quite humble. Self-doubt and a definite tendency to
underestimate your worth or importance are apt to be


deeply-rooted habits.
You need to learn to be less exacting and
perfectionistic toward yourself (and, as a result, others
around you).
If you release your negative tendency in this regard, your
body will be healthier as well. In your home and in your
closest relationships, try to be less concerned with
tidiness, efficiency, or doing it "the right way", and more
with accepting and empathizing. Strive for "good enough"
rather than faultless.
Learn to look for the positive elements of a situation or
person, rather than what needs improvement.
You were taught to be grateful for what you have been
given, but not to ask for or expect much.
Try to take that kernel of gratitude and expand upon it in
finding as many things as possible to praise and be
genuinely glad of. Simplicity may well be your innate
preference, but it need not be joyless austerity.
(Another series of past lifetimes which may presently
influence you involved being a doctor, or healer.
This carries over as a strong interest in health, the science
of nutrition and natural methods of healing, or choosing
medicine or another of the helping professions as a career.
You may be very particular about food, as a "health
fanatic". As with many things, you tend to be a bit
compulsive about it.
However, providing wholesome, nutritious meals is one
way you nourish yourself and the people you care for.
Baking your own bread may be especially satisfying and
therapeutic for you).
Moon Square Uranus:


In your incarnational past there was a great deal of

upheaval and sudden change, possibly precipitated by
political or social shifts.
You were forced to choose between your home and all that
was familiar, versus freedom or your ideals.
You became very adaptable, living moment to moment,
and there was very little of a solid, enduring home-base.
You lived a somewhat unorthodox and unpredictable life
which, while insecure and uncertain in many respects, did
afford you a lot of freedom and wild adventures. (The
pattern of frequent change, movement and upsets in the
home may or may not have been repeated early in your
current life).
The carry over from that time into the present is a
peculiar, emotional excitability and a highly, restless
emotional state which at times can lead to extreme
nervous strain and exhaustion.
Along with this is a craving for stimulation and a taste for
the new, bizarre, even perverse. You may feel that you
were not meant for a "straight", conventional, tranquil
existence, even if you long at times for the comforts such
a lifestyle seems to provide.
A desire for total emotional freedom and release from
past conditioning and inhibitions may compel you to make
a nearly-total break from your family or heritage, to the
point of adopting a new name, religion, or lifestyle than
the one you were raised with.
All of this may serve you well - to a point. Beware,
however, of becoming an extremist and trying to rid
yourself of everything in your past, "throwing the baby out
with the bath water" so to speak, as this will cut you off
from important aspects of yourself.
This urge for emotional freedom and excitement can
also interfere with your establishment of deep, ongoing


You fear being trapped in monotony and boredom if you

commit yourself to a permanent relationship.
Any long-term relationship you form must have a lot of
personal space and room to change and to be
When out of balance you can become very ungrounded
and are prone to emotional swings.
Positively, you can be very inspired, musically or
artistically or in other ways.
When balanced you have a great sense of rhythm, and
your spontaneous intuitive insights and impulses are apt
to be right on the mark.
North Node in Gemini:
In your incarnational past you were devoted to ideals
and principles and high-mended pursuits.
Now your growth direction is to laugh and see the humor
in it all, as well as to apply your wisdom in ordinary day to
day interactions.
North Node in 7th house:
Your past tendency is so natural to you, so much a part
of how you are, that you probably do not think twice. Let
others help bring out your new attitude or growth
direction; be willing to be a learner. Selfishness and a
deeply rooted "me first" attitude needs to give way to a
consciousness of "us" and/or what you can do with or for
the other.
Chapter 2: The Sun
Sun in Pisces:
The flowering of compassion through your ability to
merge on a feeling level and to empathize with all, is a key
theme for you in this lifetime.


This propensity to share others' emotional experience has

both its blessings and its deficits.
At your finest you have a deeply-felt understanding of
human nature which goes beyond words or intellect, and
which enables you to forgive others' misdeeds and make
allowances for their weaknesses.
You are acutely aware of others' pain, including the
emotional wounds and brokenness they carry within, and
your ability to listen with an understanding heart and to
unconditionally accept people as they are can be a healing
influence in their lives.
You are inclined to exclude nobody. At a deep level you
feel and know your oneness with all creatures, and thus
every snail in the garden or stray cat is part of your
"heart's family".
However, this same all-embracing emotional-psychic
openness and receptivity can be the source of some of
your greatest challenges in life. It is easy for you to
become overwhelmed by the world and its sorrows, and to
seek some form of escape from it and from your own
extreme sensitivity;
for instance, over using drugs or alcohol or even food to
alter your mood, or retreating from life into the unreal
world of television or other diversions.
You may simply withdraw into your own private fantasies
to avoid confronting the challenges in the physical world.
At its worst this tendency can devolve into evasiveness
and playing ostrich about important issues in your life.
While your imagination and your sensitivity are the well
spring of some of your richest experiences and gifts, if
over indulged you may become passive, ineffectual, lost,
or confused.
Especially when young, you may lack a strong sense of
self, of definition and identity, because on a feeling level
you identify with others so easily.


It can be difficult for you to separate yourself, to know

what your boundaries are, when to say no or how to stand
up for your own personal interests.
Since you are not narrowly focused on self, others may
take advantage of your natural generosity and sympathy.
Learning and incorporating the concepts of discrimination
and clear judgment will enable you to give of yourself in
ways that are healthy for you and the ones you are giving
Part of your soul development in this lifetime also has
to do with taking what others discard and fixing, saving, or
redeeming it in some way.
This could take many forms, from repairing and recycling
old "junk", to working with people who are disadvantaged,
such as, the misfits, outcasts, sick, weak, poor, or
handicapped in our society.
This urge to fix what is broken, to heal and to make whole
again has, once again, a light and a dark side to it - the
dark side being that you could easily become a martyr,
sacrificing yourself for the supposed benefit of another
while drawing in trouble yourself.
However, if you learn self-responsibility, your gift for
healing or putting things back together again can be
fulfilling to you as well as benefit many others.
At times you may feel that you do not really belong in
this world for you are so attuned to the nonphysical,
intangible world of feeling and of the soul.
An underlying sense of "cosmic homesickness" and a
yearning for the peace and completion of the beyond may
be ever present with you. (This can lead you to become
lackadaisical, wasteful, or out of touch with the material
However, attuning to this inner or transpersonal realm,


and bringing back its gifts to share in this one, is really

your challenge. Music or art may be your vehicle.
You could develop your psychic sensitivity in order to help
guide and teach others, or simply live your life in a way
that expresses and honours your larger vision and your
Sun Quincunx Jupiter:
Part of your soul purpose is to promote growth and
expansion, whether material, intellectual, or spiritual.
You are impelled to be involved in large enterprises that
have broad social consequences and influence many
people, and you need a rather large arena in which to
make the impact you wish.
You dream BIG dreams and generally possess the self
confidence to promote yourself and your ideas on a wide
Your willingness to take risks and to branch out into areas
you have yet to explore, along with your ability to project
into the future and to see the big picture, all add to your
capacity to come to prominence and succeed in life in a
big way.
However, just as unchecked growth and over-development
can lead to undesirable consequences for, say, the natural
environment, so too can your own urge for "more" or
"bigger" have harmful effects.
When out of balance, you are prone to exaggerate, to be
ostentatious and pretentious, to be overly optimistic and
promise things that you can not reasonably do, and to be
seemingly unable to limit or restrict yourself in a realistic
The ego-gratifications you get from being a "big-wig" may
become a primary motivation rather than simply an
offshoot of your accomplishments.


You may be unwilling to pay your dues, too quick to try a

shortcut (moral or otherwise) in your eagerness to gain
your aspirations.
You may also have enjoyed "favored son" status in your
household growing up,(Yes) and thus expect things to
come easily to you.
Generally they do, but relying too much on this kind of
luck can lead to errors of judgment on your part, not to
mention major disappointments.
On a physical level, over consumption could lead to
overweight and-or problems with your liver.(10 yrs of
chronic fatigue affected the liver)
At your finest, though, you have a generous heart, a
positive spirit, and the desire to live for something bigger
than yourself.
Using these gifts, you can contribute much good to the
world as well as your own spiritual refinement.
The qualities of hope and joy are also yours to transmit to
the world.
Chapter 3: Rising Sign
Sagittarius Rising:
Faith, belief and the ability to foresee and envision the
future or "what could be" are essential elements of your
soul function.
You may well be ahead of your time or at the fore front of
coming trends and movements in the collective.
You are a seeker, one who searches for the overview, the
larger pattern, or a broad, over-arching philosophy of life;
also a teacher who conveys that vision or broadcasts it in
some way. Your ruling planet is Jupiter.
Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Libra:


Your Jupiter in Libra suggests that your role is to

promote your ideals of harmony, peacemaking,
cooperation, true friendship, and understanding between
You may do this formally (through, say interpersonal
mediation or international good will programs) or simply in
your one-to-one interactions as you go through your daily
Chapter 4: Saturn, Your Achilles Heel
Karmically considered, the placement of Saturn in your
birth chart indicates where your energetic blockages,
weaknesses and fears lie, and the areas of your life where
the most concentrated effort and discipline will be
required to master and overcome them.
Yet it also points to the aspects of life which can become
your greatest strength if you are willing to face your fears
and difficulties honestly, and work with them patiently.
Saturn in Cancer
You have great fears of being vulnerable and needy, of
being hurt or rejected, of letting others see the dependent,
childlike, tender, feeling side of yourself.
You may stifle these feelings and put on an armor of
detachment or stoicism, shouldering everyone else's
burdens and responsibilities but never letting on that you
would like to be taken care of sometimes.
Although you crave acceptance and a feeling of
belonging, you may distance yourself from the very people
who might genuinely care for you (whenever they get too
close) or you may deny altogether your needs for human
connection and intimacy.
You feel awkward and clumsy expressing tenderness or
anything resembling sentimentality, and may feel quite
aloof from your family (as well as the softer side of your
own nature).


On the other hand, you may cling tenaciously to your

home and family as a base of security, and depend on
them excessively or need constant reassurance from
An inordinate emphasis on loyalty and responsibility in
personal relationships (on your part) may stem from a
basic insecurity and a fear of being deserted. At worst you
may be terrified of anything unfamiliar.
A karmic tie to your mother, a strong sense of
indebtedness and-or guilt, or the deep feeling that
something was missing in your relationship to her is also
Lessons regarding parenting, and giving and receiving
nurturance, are crucial for you in this lifetime.
Saturn in 8th house:
You have a tendency to protectively withhold yourself
and to not give your all. Thus you experience much
frustration either sexually, financially, or both.
The possibility of a merger (whether on a deep psychic,
emotional level, or even in a material way) brings up some
of your greatest fears.
Sexual politics and issues of personal power and control
(all involving an inability to surrender) are apt to be at
work behind the scenes.
Taking on a karmic debt through your partner or being
burdened financially or otherwise by him or her is also
Confronting your fears of giving everything, opening
yourself completely and letting go come through these
A fear of not being in control may well be the root of
many of your protective, defensive, and ultimately self-


defeating behaviour which you play out in your intimate

Also, a deep concern with death and mortality is evident.
Learning to let go, to surrender with grace and ease, to
die, based on a basic trust in life may be your greatest
Saturn is Retrograde:
All of the above is complicated by the fact that you
carry a rather heavy burden of self-doubt, mistrust, or guilt
over having let yourself and others down in your past,
when you struggled (and failed) with these same issues.
You now have the opportunity to correct your course,
make amends and resolve a difficult karmic tangle, or a
difficult state of mind.
Saturn Conjunct Mars:
Overcoming a lack of confidence, fear of expressing or
asserting yourself, a harsh or discouraging early life, andor a deep distrust of the "masculine" side of life (including
your own forcefulness) is part of your karmic package in
this lifetime.
You will struggle against oppression, from a parent,
prevailing circumstances and attitudes in your
environment, or your own inhibitions and fears, and may
receive very little external support.
Difficulties and frustration in sexual or creative
expression, with men, with anger and competition, or with
authority is likely.
If you do not allow yourself to become resentful and bitter,
you can become strong and self reliant through patience,
self-discipline, persistence, hard work and building your
dreams one small step at a time.
Healing your wounded male side will be an important key
to your eventual fulfilment.


Chapter 5: The Hard Aspects

The following is a description of your MAJOR LIFE
CHALLENGES, both in terms of energies you are to learn to
develop and express in a positive way, and those which
are the result of struggles and unresolved karmic issues
which you have brought into this life.
Mercury is Retrograde:
A prior lifetime in which you were discouraged to think,
learn, or express your ideas is indicated.
This may have carried over in this lifetime as a mild
learning problem in childhood, or inner (somewhat
unconscious) doubts about your ability to learn or to
Thus, you have a habit of rechecking, reconsidering,
reviewing, and rethinking everything before you put it out.
You may even have a desire to learn about subjects that
seem archaic, to learn about those things which were
denied to you in the past.
Mercury Opposition Neptune:
Part of your purpose and challenge in life is to translate
your particular vision and subtle sensitivity into some form
that speaks to others.
You are attuned to the muse, whether you are a musician,
poet, artist, spiritual seeker, or a psychically gifted
Your mind does not function in a strictly logical, linear way
and you may have difficulty ordering your life,
understanding boundaries, or functioning in a defined and
reliable way.
Your mind functions primarily in the world of images


which can be either a rich source of creativity or a

confusing maze of self-created fantasies. Learning to
differentiate between dream and reality is imperative.
Mental clarity and self-discipline, strict avoidance of mindaltering substances, honesty with self and others, and
seeking feedback from an objective person when you are
feeling fuzzy or confused, is necessary in order to make
the most of your gifts.

You are open to the phenomena of "channeling". At

your finest, you will feel yourself to be a channel or
conduit for "magic" to happen, artistically or otherwise.
Venus Opposition Neptune:
You are in love with love, and your path in life, as well
as many of your challenges, involves understanding and
experiencing the realm of the heart.
Irresistibly romantic, you have the soul of a poet, a
devotee, and above all, a lover.
In its earliest stages of development, this pattern
within inclines you to be easily seduced, overcome with
emotional yearning and infatuation, unable to discern the
motives and intentions of others, particularly if the other
person appears beautiful, soft, innocent, or in need.
You can confuse pity with love.
You see the angel in the other person, and are deeply
disillusioned to discover the selfishness or sordidness.
Further on, your relationship with spirit may become
paramount in your life, a relationship between lover and
Your path is then what the Hindus refer to as "bhakti"
-spiritual devotion and service.


This higher octave of love and widening of the heart's

affections can be very beautiful, but herein lies the crux of
some of your very human problems:
"Where are the limits or boundaries in relationships?"
"Are there conditions in love, or is unconditional love the
Sorting out these questions and similar ones are part of
what your life is about.

Jupiter is Retrograde:
Moral concerns (including lingering unresolved issues
stemming from a prior lifetime or lifetimes in which you
exercised poor judgment in moral, ethical, or religious
matters) come into play here.
Thus, it is especially important for you to maintain high
standards while pursuing your aspirations.
Neptune is Retrograde:
The above is complicated by the fact that you had a
prior lifetime or lifetimes in which you dissipated your
energy, fell away from your disciplines, or were too
passive or irresolute to go after the spiritual opportunities
open to you at that time.
This carries over as a vague yet persistent inner nagging
that you should be further on than you are, or a fear of
spiritual failure.
You may also have been involved in mystical or magical
practices that created distortions in your life.
It is important for you to take a balanced, patient, wellgrounded attitude toward life - nothing too otherworldly,
ethereal, or glamorous. Indulging in any mood-altering
substances is particularly deleterious for you.


Pluto is Retrograde:
These issues are further complicated by the fact that in
a prior life or lives you experienced a terrible betrayal,
and may even have been tortured or put to death when
you claimed power (social, political or spiritual).
You may have misused power or employed Machiavellian
strategies in which many suffered.
Whether you were a perpetrator or a victim of such
abuses, deep fears were engendered at that time, of being
powerful, or of people in power who would crush you if you
display your strengths.
An unconscious desire for revenge may motivate you and
prevent you from healing. Letting go of this may require
deep inner work and some kind of therapeutic energetic
release of the grief you hold.
Chapter 6: Soft Aspects
The following is a description of your GIFTS and
STRENGTHS which can help you work with your major life
challenges. These are abilities and qualities of heart, mind,
and soul which are quite natural to you.
You probably take them for granted. Because these
represent the lines of least resistance for you, you may
rely too much upon them at times; hence, there are some
cautions suggested.
Still, these are the areas where good flows into your life
and/or where you have considerable inner resources.
Moon Sextile Mars:
A healthy, vigorous spirit to overcome obstacles, the
capacity to initiate projects and act decisively, and a
certain purposeful, direct way of dealing with life are gifts


you have developed in the past and which you now may
draw on at anytime.
You have been a warrior and a leader, and were called
upon to strike while the iron was hot, so that now you are
quite capable of doing the same.
You are innately competitive, and are apt to have good
instincts and timing regarding when to act and when to
take risks.
Courage, boldness, and physical prowess are also yours.
In addition, you know how to stir people's emotions and
mobilize public sentiment, to get other people acting and
moving upon the things you care the most about.

Moon Sextile Saturn:

Your ability to persevere and endure, to commit
yourself (to a person, a career, or any path of endeavour)
until you achieve completion or some degree of mastery,
are strengths which will see you through much of the
vicissitude of life.
If nothing else, your persistence enables you to achieve
and then hold on to the things you cherish.
Emotionally you tend to be loyal, especially to your
family, and you are apt to have life-long friends as well.
Your conscientiousness and sense of responsibility to
those you care for is strong, and thus you establish a firm,
stable base of security for yourself in the world.
Especially as you grow older, this family loyalty and
faithfulness is both very important and very nurturing for


Relationships with the elders in your family are also apt to

be highly beneficial to you in your life.
The upholding of worthwhile traditions and the capacity
to benefit from the experience and wisdom of senior
family members are important keys to your fulfilment and
Mercury Conjunct Venus:
There is a harmonious coordination between your mind
and heart, between your intellect and your emotions.
Intellectually, you are drawn to the study of the arts and
the art of understanding and relating to people.
Public relations or bringing people together, in some way,
is an area for which you are naturally suited.
You also have a wonderful sense of form and design, of
artistic arrangement, of how things fit together pleasingly
and gracefully.
Whatever you do is done with style and aesthetic appeal.
Your speaking, writing, or singing voice is one of your
gifts, and you might choose to wear or carry certain
gemstones to heighten this ability, such as golden beryl,
lapis lazuli, clear quartz crystal or emerald.
Mercury Trine Pluto:
You have a gift for intellectual strategy and solving
mysteries and puzzles.
Intense mental focus and concentration, combined with
your acute perceptions, enables you to do "magic" when
you set your mind to it, and your wizardry in some
specialized field may be well known.
You are deeply interested in what lies below the surface
in any situation or person, and have an instinctive grasp of
these subtleties.


You may, for instance, use your hands to perceive the

auric field, discover imbalances, and transmit healing
energies to the one in need.
The deep study of esoteric subjects, as well as the
development of your mental powers, is natural to you, for
you have pursued these areas in your incarnational past.
This knowledge can be reawakened in you rather easily,
and you are likely to be a teacher-transmitter of the
understandings you gained.
Venus Trine Pluto:
The realm of human love and human relating is not one
you can enter into lightly or casually.
For you it is always an all-or-nothing, whole-hearted, and
ultimately transformative experience.
Great joy and tremendous pain, betrayals, intense desire,
and longings are part of your soul's path and pattern in
this lifetime.
A deepening of your heart and your capacity to love, as
well as a purification of your values, is what this is all
It may be the loss of one particular person in a particularly
poignant and excruciating way, or a series of encounters
which bring you ever deeper into your own attachments.
Even abusive relationships may be the arenas in which
this occurs.
Ultimately, you are meant to discover the power of love to
heal, to renew and resurrect your own and others' lives.
The darker side or temptation on this path is to use
love (or attractiveness, and others' love for you) to control,
manipulate, or force your will upon them. A love of power
-instead of the power of love - would then be your


Venus Trine Pluto:

You are able to project love with great depth and great
feeling, and through your personal magnetism and power
of attraction (which is considerable) you can influence
others in a remarkable way.
You instinctively know what people need and want, and
how to give it to them. You also exude sexuality and
affect people often without realizing it. Beware of using
"it" in a dishonourable way.
On another level, you are extremely fortunate and
resourceful financially. You have a way with money and
with developing and using all of the resources that are
available to you.
Also, your creativity and artistic powers are unusual.
You have a special giftedness combined with a passion for
beauty, and can craft some unusual, compellingly
attractive creations.
Neptune Sextile Pluto:
Collectively, this is a time in history that enables you
and those of your generation to advance spiritually
through a heightened awareness of the invisible and
intangible realms.
A rebirth of spirituality through direct contact with higher
forces is occurring in this generation.
This contact takes many, many forms, including a
compelling interest in life beyond death.
You may or may not have a personal involvement with
this, as it is a group karma rather than a primarily
personal one.
J Astrology-Tarot Reading August 2011 by Patricia


*From your photo your birth time is 4.30 am Aquarius

*Early life of pain disappointment stress
Stage in life now reached where past internal battles are
Born impatient now very patient have faith in self
Have a need to expand knowledge - will attract positive
Man with a mission of justice - fearless - power with penvoice
Extremely unusual person Spiritual with DNA of Royal
Spiritually you receive mind flashes - have Faith
Great knowledge - unclear where to go with it - searching
for answers
Need some time alone someone who understands gives
A female in life holds your heart - loves you for Self, you
You have past errors in emotions
Someone around you in emotional deep trouble or ill
(Mother ill)
3 people around 1. bereavement 2. restructuring life 3.
housing worries
Have the gift of Friendship to others
Extremely kind-generous to deserving- a deep-powerfulemotional heart


Power to help others - help only those who ask as your

time valuable
Its right to hold back sharing your Wisdom- no casting of
pearls to swine
Future much better than past property-wealth-braverysuccess-happy
Have all the ingredients to set something up
Quietly settle down-massive good coming
Approach future with audacity ride things out until 4/2/12
Inspired from 4/2/12 good ideas- something major 26
*Now on solid ground no major life decisions until 7/2012
Your destiny - God energy from 4/2/12July 2012 are a different person
Financially-home July 2012- Bliss etc from 4/8/12
Reunion happy
A companion the dark clouds going - turns sunny
Future emotional peace joy happiness
living in harmony-balance-love with people
Be extremely grateful for what you have
*A long life
Born on the water tree of life needs of water signs


~ emotional - financial security

~ people who one can trust
~ time on own to recharge inner batteries
Aquarius ascending in the 1st house
Both ruling planets of Pisces, Neptune and Jupiter are in
Scorpio (house of the spirit and spiritual power ) is in 9 th
house of Higher mind and career area of chart.
This power water sign holds the higher power of the chart
with Lilith the sign of Divine Power
Major aspect returns to Pisces 12/2/2012 for 26 years
Visual Face no resemblances to any other star sign than
Aquarius perfect Aquarian features no resemblance to
Samples of Aquarians

Very much twin double with Franklin D Roosevelt


Almost twin double with Thomas Alva

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo
Your astrological positions combine keen intuition and
good critical faculties, which give you a healthy balance of
You are a capable individual, receptive to educational and
cultural influences.
You are at home with everything that is unsubstantial,
intangible, and vague, and yet you find ways to make
these things practical.
You can successfully combine insight with concrete fact.
The affectionate and emotional sides of your individuality,
however, are readily called forth.
Because of your pliancy, compassion, and understanding,
your own affairs rarely have priority over the affairs of
In love you seek a reciprocal understanding and sympathy.
The key to a harmonious existence lies in maintaining an
equilibrium of intuition and common sense.
Ascendant in Aquarius, Uranus in the Fourth House
At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Aquarius was
ascending in the horizon. Its ruler Uranus is located in the
fourth house.
You were born with a natural disposition to be humane,
sympathetic, original and refined in your dealings with


Among your features is the ability to understand human

nature in a sympathetic manner.
Unfortunately, you do not always act upon your intuitions
and may become rationalistic at times when swift and
prompt determination is required.
The common Aquarian is good and kindly, but usually led
astray by eccentric and bizarre companions.
Your tastes are refined and your discrimination keen.
You have a natural inclination toward the esoteric and
mystical side of life and you could develop some
clairvoyant abilities.
Basically you are a lover of freedom; in the realization of
this desire you may go to extremes.
Although changeable in appearance, your life is guided by
very definite and fixed principles, one of which is a
constant demand for personal freedom.
In love you are a strange character. You can easily be
emotionally attracted to one person and yet unpredictably
terminate relationships.
As an inventor you have no rival; your problem is that
sometimes you lack the practical ability to implement your
Professionally you will be successful in any of the following
fields of activity: modern science, electrical work,
photography, archaeology, astrology, radio etc.
Many changes should be expected throughout the course
of your life, especially in connection with establishing a
final home. This will prove very difficult.


People with Uranus in the fourth house (ruler of the

Ascendant) conduct lives in which family and home are
There is going to be trouble in connection with your
parents, which will be extremely difficult to avoid.
Whether for good or bad, your temperament will appear
as bohemian and unconventional.
Sun in the First House
The Sun is in the first house. You are by nature energetic,
proud and self-assertive.
You project yourself enthusiastically and energetically into
all situations. Your naturally outgoing disposition and
personable manner usually make a good impression on
Your heightened self-perception puts you in touch with a
strong sense of will, and you can manipulate your will to
suit your aims and desires in life.
This position of the Sun gives the capacity for leadership,
for you tend to attract people and to have a strong
influence on them when they are with you.
You do not like to depend on others, but you hold on to
your friends, for they are usually pleased to help you when
you need it.
You are willing to help close friends who are deserving, but
only if you know that your efforts will be appreciated.
You often prefer to work alone.
However, this is not your only choice, for you adapt well to
working with people as long as you are free to express
With a first-house Sun, there is a tendency to overestimate
your own worth, but through repeated contacts with
others you will inevitably come to a more realistic
appraisal of your abilities and potential.


Venus in the Second House

Venus is found in the second house at the time of your
birth. Intrinsically, this is an ideal astrological position as it
promises easy means of livelihood. Money will stream in
regularly and readily without excessive effort or
Saturn in the Sixth House
Saturn was found in your sixth house at the time of birth.
This is a very faithful position. It indicates that your
destiny will be fulfilled by overcoming obstacles in
achieving success in your work.
In general, your work orientation and general health may
be difficult at times, but you have enough willpower and
stamina to make the best of them.
Even if you find problems in working and you may also be
distressed by your relationships with subordinates or
fellow employees, you can prove
your reliability by doing your duty and taking responsibility
for the general work process.
Most of the more unfortunate circumstances should be
regarded as tests of your character and viewed in this
you may obtain much enrichment in your psychic life from
this knowledge and experience of pain.
Moon in the Seventh House
The Moon was found in the seventh house at the time of
your birth.
Exciting romance may occur at an early stage in life.
We must warn you, however, that unless modified by
further interpretations, the partner may have fluctuating


You're also one of those who throughout the relationship

manifests a great variety of personality roles and who
seldom shows in intimacy his real nature.
Pluto Opposition Ascendant
Pluto opposition the Ascendant shows that you attract
people with powerful egos and strong temperaments.
You have a strong desire for close, intimate contact with
many of the people you associate with.
You make extensive demands of the people you deal with,
but you resent it when similar demands are made of you.
Such problems can ruin otherwise fascinating
Your talents lie in your ability to direct people, so public
relations is a field you should apply yourself to.
You generally get what you want when you want it, and
you do not tolerate refusal of your demands.
If you are motivated to change people's attitudes about
their social obligations, you can accomplish miracles.
You have a very good male friend who is always beside
you of the same soul essence, an aspect of each other,
bright purple ( Beloved Babaji ! purple seen in Meditation !
You are indeed here to make a difference, and you already
have! ...
the indivisible one being YOU!
You have been the mystic in past lives ... that allows you
to carry over the qualities of the philosopher into this life,


if you had not been that mystic you could not readily
accept that there is anything in this world worth
philosophizing over!
Direct illumination is every souls desire whatever they are
choosing to do with their life ... This is EVERYONE doing
Your love and compassion shines through into everything
that you do ... it is this energy that makes a difference
even to the written word.
You are ahead of your time and somewhat frustrated with
yourself and humanity because of this - try to let go of
judgment on this one.
there are now more light workers in the physical realm
than what there are dark workers...
learning the dark in order to bring light to the dark and
merge the two together... it is a merging together and a
new experience of the combination that is the future.
house at K...... B.... ... a gift from spirit to you and to
Julienne ... the energy of the location and the house suits
you better than her..
You being there has helped the energy of the location and
made a difference to things that might have happened
had there not been "earth workers" in the vicinity.
You are also doing some vital energy work in the local
area... you still have energy to give the location.
You have done so much work on the energy level to help
to stabilize the area that the reward is not only to you and
Julienne, believe me!


This has been an important part of your journey on many

levels and it is not yet completed ...know that it is you who
was needed there at this time
Four fragments of You
You have chosen to fragment yourself in this life, in order
to grow quickly as a soul.
There are 2 other "you" in this lifetime right now
~ there has been one other "you" previously who passed
over at your Epiphany in Greece ... at about your age 50 at
the time ... your awakening occurred in Athens
because that is where this other "you" was ... you were
drawn to be there at that time and everything just seemed
to fall into place ... all designed for a purpose !
This passing gave a renewed energy ... set you off on a
totally different journey ... if you think back you will know
the timing... you are the "worker" of the complexity of
The other 2 "you" will never connect with physically, this is
not the way for you to learn.
~ one in Israel...a 16 year old female ... set to make a
mark in the next 18 months by instilling hope and a sense
of claiming the collective birth right for freedom of the
~ the other is another Baba Ji disciple in India who you
will not meet
The Lemurians were the ones that evolved the human
form by trying out many different forms to see what


They were the scientists who experimented with a

physical form for the soul.
This was a grand experimental time that is spoken of in
the reading you mention and so hence that some lives
would not have been long or successful.
Think of yourself as choosing to be involved in the making
of the human and you will recall some things from that
time which may help you to understand that the human
didn't just appear from a rib or from a God ...
but evolved over hundreds of thousands of years of
experimentation by these patient souls ... you being one
of them!