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Sonali Bank staff school, Dhaka alongside four Training Institutes/ Centers at Chittagong,
Rajshahi, Khulna and Bogra have been leading preparing project covering aggregate Banking
exercises with a specific end goal to grant preparing to all classifications of officers and staff
of Sonali Bank.
In the year 2003 upwards of 8430 officers and staff got preparing in 383 bunches of diverse
courses, workshops and classes directed by the aforementioned preparing establishment &
Staff College.
Library Facilities
With the goals of improving learning and working productivity of the officers and individuals
from the staff of Sonali Bank, the Bank has a focal library. Library is arranged on the seventh
carpet of its Head Office Building. It has now been transformed into a current library by
broadening its offices. It has been expanded with the most recent books on Banking, Foreign
Exchange, Computer, Management, Accounting, Agriculture, Industrial Finance, Economics,
Economics, Religion, and Literature and on numerous different orders. In addition, diverse
universal diaries covering world economy, political and different viewpoints are additionally
being accessible here to draw in and move the perusers.
Corporate Social Responsibility of SBL
Exercises of SONALI Bank Foundation (SBL)
The ethos of SBL for seeking after its exercises in social coliseum has got further energy with
your excitement and backing. Sonali Bank Foundation (SBL) is reliably seeking after its goal
of being dynamic in those social ranges where it is required most. The Foundation does
different social and charitable exercises in the field of instruction, wellbeing, preservation of
nature, formation of social mindfulness, restoration of bothered individuals and such different
projects to review human sufferings. It additionally advances diverse socio-social and games
exercises. Your Board of Directors with a specific end goal to release its corporate social
obligations in a more prominent viewpoint proceeded with its commitment adding up to
5.00% of Bank's benefit in the wake of charging advance misfortune procurement to Sonali
Bank Foundation (SBL).
It is imperative that nationals of a general public appreciate the full advantages that society
offers. A general public, thusly, thrives when its native can contribute their fullest potential.
The prosperity of people is risking when typical formative methodologies are hindered by
individual emergency, destitution, unemployment, weakness and insufficient training.
SONALI BANK LIMITED (SBL) is the first Bangladeshi bank in Bangladesh addresses
social worries that debilitate the structure of society and review social conditions that
unfavorably influence the prosperity of individuals and society. SBL hone in this way include
the expert exercises of helping people, families, gatherings, associations, and groups to
upgrade or restore their ability for ideal social working and of .making societal conditions

positive to this objective. Sonali Bank Limited Foundation (SBLF) was made on third June,
2001 to perform compassionate works like restoration of the dejected and dismissed part of
the general public particularly grassroots level poor in right track. Point and targets of SBLF
are as roar.
Point and targets of SBLF:
To concede, pay or give, honor grant, stipends, prizes, compensates, stipend and other
monetary help or help in real money or kind to understudies with a perspective to help them
in indicting their study in colleges, schools, universities, instructive establishments,
specialized organizations, workmanship schools, foundations of showing business and
preparing, exploration or instructive works in Bangladesh or abroad subject to such terms and
conditions as should occasionally be endorsed by the Board of Trustees for progression and
advancement of training.
To cultivate and support instruction and preparing in the field of saving money among the
persons utilized in managing an account area or who wishes to share preparing with a
perspective to be occupied with saving money administration and to secure and discovered
organizations giving such training and to create, keep up, bolster or .help by financial
endowments or something else, focuses and foundations for such training and preparing.
To meet voyaging, sheets and hotel costs for understudies traveling to another country for
higher business and specialized instruction, particularly in saving money subject(s).
To open, discovered, build, advance, set-up, run, look after, aid, fund, backing and I help or
help in setting up and/ or keeping up and/ or running clinics, facilities, maternity and tyke
consideration focus, lodgings, libraries, perusing rooms, exercise center and other preparing
and professional organizations.
To distribute as well as distributed books, flyers, periodicals, and daily papers in Bangladesh
or outside for the spread and progression of training and society.
To create, advance, set-up, look after, aid, monetary backing and/ or support to or to help in
the setting up and/ or keeping up and/ or running schools and other
organizations, shelters, widow homes, crazy person, havens, old homes, poor houses or
different foundations for help and/ or help to poor people, old and weak individuals and/ or
desperate or to give, give and/ or render help and aid in real money or kind to poor as well as
dejected, dowagers, and so on; or to give, give and I or render help and support to and/ or
actualize any plan for giving occupation and enrollment of poor people.
To give, give and I or render nourishment, drug and other help discover support fit as a fiddle
or structure to the poor meriting and penniless persons.

To give, give and I or render financial and/ or other help and support for the alleviation of
persons and creatures influenced by regular and different cataclysms, for example, surge, fire,
starvation, tornado, earth-shudder, storm, mischance, disease, dry spell, scourge, and so on.
To open, discovered, build, advance, set-up, run, look after, aid, back, backing and/ or help or
help in the setting up and/ or keeping up and/ or running foundations, focus, halls and so forth
for the running of welfare and different administrations to general society and to give
meeting-space for socially helpful exercises and capacities.
To advance, arrange, direct, secure, backing, keep up, and/ or stipend to any individual,
establishment or society or association at all having for its protests or altruistic purposes as
well as bring about consumption in association therewith.
To advance games and culture through foundation of Clubs for games, recreational and social
initiates and present honors, shields, awards and so forth furthermore sort out civil arguments
article and games rivalries to attain to this item.
To arrange gatherings, workshops, symposia and so forth to make mindfulness among the
individuals went for spreading and maintaining the standards, values and soul of the Banking
and related items and administrations.
To work as a team with different Trusts, Foundations, Associations and bodies having
exercises, projects, and ventures went for securing, spreading and maintaining the standards
of Sonali Bank Limited Foundation.